Shady Trade

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Shady Trade

PostMon Apr 22, 2024 9:24 am

At the trade deadline this trade was made:

SanOak Land SNCali Apaders traded:
Montgomery, Steve ($3,000,000)
Stanley, Mike ($3,690,000)
Clark, Will ($3,490,000)
Stairs, Matt ($6,230,000)

to Toronto, STL B.Jays, Cards for:
Perez, Yorkis ($1,250,000)
Delgado, Carlos ($6,500,000)
Green, Shawn ($10,010,000)
Belle, Albert ($6,490,000)

There is a 150M cap. SAnOak is a first place team. Toronto is the fourth place team in the same division. The Second place team complained. This was the only response made by SanOak (who happens to be the commish):

"Stayed active daily as transactions support. High cap and low penalty league advertised for many roster moves. Made numerous trades and tried others with all here. Last trade made early in day, had tried different options to pickup Green but roster restrictions prevented. Even dropped Mondesi as one of last transactions.

Manager on last trade consistently aggressive. Tries different players to shake up team and swept me yesterday."

That's it. Despite several complaints he won't respond further. One other team owner even thinks this alright.

If i lodge a complaint to SOM, do you think they'll do anything??


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Re: Shady Trade

PostTue Jun 18, 2024 1:15 pm

Curious - what ever became of this? Did you report it to SOM?

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