Garcia's Blog 2/9/17- Updates!

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Garcia's Blog 2/9/17- Updates!

PostThu Feb 09, 2017 9:42 pm

Hey guys,

First- thanks to everyone who downloaded the Strat-O-Matic 365 app, especially those who gave us some feedback on it. We have already made updates to it to make your experience a little easier. Any bugs that have been reported to us have also been fixed.

If you haven't downloaded it you can get it at the following links:


Make sure to leave a review if you try it out!

Next, the 2016 player set is still currently being worked on but I do have a better sense of when we'll have it. Right now, I expect March 2nd to be an early estimate with the following week a more likely launch. We'll push as best as we can to have at that earlier date though.

The ATG additions are also being worked on but are still a few weeks out with the 2016 set the priority now. I'll have a better update on the ATG players next week.

Last for today, the monthly lottery! Five users have been given a free credit, just for playing Baseball 365. Congrats to the following users:


Hope everyone in the Northeast stayed safe and warm with today's blizzard! If anyone has any questions, as always please e-mail Talk to everyone next week!


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