Garcia's Blog 6/29/17- ATG New Players

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Garcia's Blog 6/29/17- ATG New Players

PostThu Jun 29, 2017 1:13 pm

Hey guys,

I know it's been long awaited but the ATG New Players are finally in!

The new list of players added is listed below:

Williams, Ted 1949 $9.51
Lee, Derrek 2005 $9.40
Guerrero, Vladimir 2000 $9.13
Snider, Duke 1954 $9.03
Ramirez, Manny 1999 $8.91
Belle, Albert 1994 $8.35
Sheffield, Gary 1996 $8.01
Belle, Albert 1998 $7.20
Pena, Carlos 2007 $7.07
Hafner, Travis 2006 $7.06
Stargell, Willie 1973 $7.06
Maris, Roger 1960 $6.96
Lemon, Chet 1979 $6.30
Crawford, Carl 2010 $6.27
Teixeira, Mark 2005 $6.00
Wells, Vernon 2003 $5.97
Youkilis, Kevin 2007 $5.80
Sievers, Roy 1957 $5.75
Morneau, Justin 2006 $5.05
Polanco, Placido 2007 $4.99
Christensen, Cuckoo 1926 $4.63
Pierre, Juan 2004 $3.64
Vidro, Jose 2000 $3.33
Kipnis, Jason 2015 $3.32
Beckert, Glenn 1971 $3.06
Figgins, Chone 2014 $0.85

Kershaw, Clayton 2016 $9.77
Ryan, Nolan 1991 $7.13
Webb, Brandon 2006 $7.00
Martinez, Dennis 1990 $6.87
Jimenez, Ubaldo 2010 $6.69
Putz, J.J. 2007 $5.10
Ryan, B.J. 2006 $5.10
Dubose, Eric 2003 $4.93
Duren, Ryne 1958 $3.94

I am very much looking forward to some of these additions. Some very interesting players here!

The spreadsheet has also been updated to include these players. You can find that here:

As always, existing leagues won't see these players. Only leagues that have yet to draft will. If you have a team in a league that hasn't drafted yet, you can temporarily leave the league to change your draft card before re-joining if you wish.

Over the last couple weeks we made an improvement to the site with player position tabs on the Free Agents and draft lists. Also, when you go to drop a player you will automatically be taken to the position that the dropped player played rather than the generic hitters/pitchers list. Of course if you're not looking to replace a player at that specific position you can easily switch it by using the tabs (or the menu as before).

Sorting has also been improved for players with the same number/rating/salary/etc at the primary sort. Now the players will be listed alphabetically if the primary sort has two players at the same spot rather than random as before.

If anyone has any questions please let us know at Enjoy the new players!


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