Garcia's Blog 8/3/17- I'm back!

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Garcia's Blog 8/3/17- I'm back!

PostThu Aug 03, 2017 3:54 pm

Hey guys,

Obviously it's been a little while since I've posted but I have a few things to talk about today.

First- we're running a limited time sale on credits! Get 3 teams for $44.99 or 5 teams for $69.99!!

There is only about 20 hours to go before it expires on Friday at noon ET so make sure to go here and get your purchase in now!

Second, now that we're in August the Baseball Daily season is almost winding down. The MLB season ends on October 1st this year meaning that the last card update will be October 2nd. Any leagues that have filled in the last two weeks may not see cards update if their playoffs go past that October 2nd date.

We do have a final cutoff date where we will remove the Daily Game player set from the site. We're going to do this when cards will no longer be changing at the Transaction Deadline of Game 142. That league start date will be August 21st. So the last date a league can fill a team by is August 18th, only two weeks from today. We'll put reminders on the site starting next week to make sure everyone is aware of it as we get closer to the date. Make sure to get your team created and league full by then! Any teams that are not able to enter a league before that date will need to change their player set as they will not be able to use the 2017 Daily game at that point.

Lastly for today, July's lottery has run! Five more users have won a free credit just for playing Baseball 365! The winners are...

Blake Gliwa

Enjoy guys!


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