Garcia's Blog 2/27/18- 2017 season is almost here!

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Garcia's Blog 2/27/18- 2017 season is almost here!

PostTue Feb 27, 2018 11:47 am

Hey guys,

We're getting close to launching the new season. Right now I expect it will be ready on Friday this week but it's not set in stone yet. Early next week would be the latest we launch.

We are still working on the Unleashed list so although I had hoped to have it for you early I don't. However please remember that we would be very happy to create a custom league if you have certain players you want to be included or excluded that don't match our current regular or unleashed sets. Just shoot us an e-mail with the players you want to add/include and we can create a custom 2017 set for you. The only thing we cannot do is add players that don't appear in either of the 2017 sets. They need to be already included in Unleashed in order to have a Baseball 365 card at all.

Moving on to ATG, the Barnstomer's Tournament for 2018 is now taking sign-ups! Commissioner Mighty Moose does a fantastic job running the tournament and is the contact for everything that goes on with the tournament. The main page of the tournament is here: Rule and prize information can be found there. The sign-up list is found here. However make sure to e-mail if you have any questions!

That's all I have for today but I will be back in a few days to announce the launch of 2017! Any 365 questions should be sent to


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