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Pinch hitters and PLPHs

PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2023 1:47 pm
by jcanzo
I have a question about setting my default pinch hitters.

Let's say I'm platooning my DHs. My LH DH is sitting vs. lefties. If a righty comes in, he's going to be subbed in, but he's also my best LH on my bench. Should I set him as my LH pinch hitter and my PLPH, or go with my second best LH bat as my pinch hitter?

For example, if a righty comes on in the 9th inning, I'd like my #1 guy to hit. The PLPH spot might not come up in the 9th. I'd hate to leave him sitting on the bench and going with my #2 LH bat off the bench in that spot.

Thanks for your input. Good luck to all!


Re: Pinch hitters and PLPHs

PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2023 7:42 am
by ingoxs
If your LH DH is significantly better against right-handed pitchers, it makes sense to use him as the primary pinch hitter when a righty comes into the game. This way, you maximize the advantage of having your best LH bat facing a right-handed pitcher. If you anticipate a situation where the 9th inning is crucial and you want your #1 LH bat to have an opportunity to hit, consider setting him as your LH pinch hitter. This way, you prioritize his appearance in high-leverage situations. Evaluate the likelihood of the PLPH spot coming up in the 9th inning. If the situation is unlikely or if the game context suggests that another pinch hitter will be more valuable (e.g., runners on base, specific matchup advantages, Mybkexperience), you may consider going with your second-best LH bat as the pinch hitter in that spot.