Finals Live Draft Results

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Finals Live Draft Results

PostFri Aug 18, 2023 10:46 am

You can find the Mystery Finals live draft results here:


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Re: Finals Live Draft Results

PostSun Sep 10, 2023 6:28 pm

Howdy gentlemen, do you have a current link to the league?

One of our Mystery Set brethren started a 1990s, 24 team, FULL Keeper League...yep pretty big aspirations for sure. I am ALL in on this one having joined Franky35's 24 team, 2000s mystery card league with FULL Keeper. The drafts are CRAZY fun stuff guys, not kidding. Here is the link to our signup sheet.

We have a website too


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Re: Finals Live Draft Results

PostThu Oct 26, 2023 5:05 pm

The League just finished (congrats to gritch) and player's years are now revealed. Wow, did I have a bad draft. I'm not going to be writing a league summary. I have done an autopsy on my team - here's the results.

My draft was horrible. My only draft pick on his best year was Round 26 pick Scott Sanders. None of my picks in Rounds 1 through 24 was on his best year. The odds of 24 straight picks not having a best year are 1/211. In total, here is the distribution for my 25 picks:
1st best year: 1
2nd: 4
3rd: 2
4th: 7
5th: 11
So, for those of you who want to limit free agent moves, consider that draft. I kept ARod (3rd best yr), Kevin Brown (4th best year - should have cut), Gabe White (2nd best yr), and Scott Sanders (best yr). I made a small mistake cutting Randy Tomlin on his 2nd best yr as a lefty specialist. The other 20 players were correctly cut. I picked up a total of 14 players that other teams had cut - kept 6 (including Gooden and Liriano on their best yrs) and cut 8 (7 were good cuts - I should have kept Chipper (3rd best yr) and cut Boggs). Ten players that I cut were picked up by other teams and only 1 of those players had a good card (Antonio Osuna who was subsequently cut by the Hammers). Cutting Osuna was literally a mistake - I intended to cut Christensen but pressed the wrong button to cut Osuna, then just let it go because I needed the money. I picked up 18 fresh free agent pitchers - kept 4 (only 2 were good) and cut 14 (I should have kept 3 of these). I cut Tim Wakefield after just one game but he was on his best year and keeping him would almost certainly have made the difference on making the playoffs (ouch). I picked up 25 fresh free agent batters - kept 11 and cut 14 (3 cuts were mistakes). So, despite a poor draft, I could have made the playoffs if I made fewer mistakes on player cuts. Tough year - there has to be balance between cutting too quickly and holding on too long. I'm not sure that balance was off but there's no substitute for accuracy in cuts.
For posterity, here's my draft (followed by ranked year)
1. Alex Rodriguez - 3
2. Kevin Brown - 4
3. Rickey Henderson - 4
4. Steve Howe - 5
5. Wade Boggs - 4
6. Edgardo Alfonzo - 4
7. Len Dykstra - 4
8. Eddie Perez - 5
9. Randy Tomlin - 2
10. Chris Bosio - 5
11. Mark Guthrie - 5
12. Jose Oquendo - 2
13. Gabe White - 2
14. Reggie Jefferson - 5
15. Jason Schmidt - 5
16. Carl Willis - 5
17. Chris Stynes - 5
18. Terry Shumpert - 5
19. Paul Abbott - 5
20. Mike Shaperson - 5
21. Lenny Webster - 3
22. Tom Prince - 4
23. Greg Caderet - 2
24. Mark Smith - 4
25. Kaufman Stadium
26. Scott Sanders - 1


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Re: Finals Live Draft Results

PostThu Oct 26, 2023 7:34 pm

That is amazingly bad luck. Finishing only 3 games out of the playoffs was very impressive.

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