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I've spent a good bit of time looking at card options, both players with No Card and improvements for current players (I usually consider improvements either true improvement on a player who is poorly represented, or a player's card that is different from the way the player is currently represented in the set.)
The stats are run through Diamonddope in Veterans 1975 (10,10,10,10).

I'm still working on Pitchers, mainly waiting to finish info on whether SPs get the * or not.


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1899 Jimmy Williams PIT Bats-R BAL-E 3b-2e65 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 4.1 3b-8.1 HR-1.4 BB-11 .413/.483/.670 OPS-1.153
RH--2b- 6.3 3b-4.7 HR-3.1 BB-11 .423/.492/.684 OPS-1.176
1906 Current Williams, Jimmy Bats-R BAL-E 2b-2e15
LH--2b- 5.8 3b-1.5 HR-0.2 BB-10 .304/.375/.401 OPS-.776
RH--2b- 5.65 3b-1.35 HR-0.2 BB-10 .298/.370/.391 OPS-.761
Led League in triples, much better offense. Maybe Strat will mitigate his errors……………..

1910 Nap Lajoie CLE Bats-R BAL-E 2b-1e28, 1b-3e30, SS-3e62 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 12.4 3b-0.9 HR-1.1 BB-11 .554/.603/.736 OPS-1.339
RH--2b- 12.0 3b-0.8 HR-1.1 BB-11 .540/.591/.716 OPS-1.306
1901 Current Lajoie, Nap Bats-R BAL-1L 2b-1e17 / ss-3e40
LH--2b- 13 3b-3.4 HR-4.25 BB-1 .570/.578/.877 OPS-1.455
RH--2b- 12.4 3b-3.3 HR-4.25 BB-1 .547/.555/.846 OPS-1.401
1910 was the season that Lajoie won the batting title (and the prize of a Chalmers Model 30 automobile) over Ty Cobb, and many people thought at the time that the Browns “helped” Lajoie win the title because nobody liked Cobb.
This card would have Lajoie’s best OBP of any of his cards……………..

1912 Johnny Evers CHC Bats-L BAL-E 2b-1e34 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 4.2 3b-2.5 HR-0.0 BB-19 .435/.540/.540 OPS-1.080
RH--2b- 4.3 3b-2.7 HR-0.0 BB-19 .451/.552/.560 OPS-1.113
1908 Current Evers, Johnny Bats-L BAL-1R 2b-1e14 lf-4(+5)e6 rf-4e6 cf-4e6
LH--2b- 4.15 3b-1.2 HR-0 BB-21 .338/.473/.415 OPS-.888
RH--2b- 4.95 3b-1.4 HR-0 BB-21 .410/.530/.500 OPS-1.030
Even better Evers card, better hitting and OBP

1924 Marty McManus SLB Bats-R BAL-1R 2b-2e26 INJ Risk-15(3)
LH--2b- 0.0 3b-1.8 HR-2.4 BB-20 .337/.466/.460 OPS-.926
RH--2b- 6.5 3b-0.8 HR-1.3 BB-12 .413/.483/.537 OPS-1.020
1930 Marty McManus DET Bats-R BAL-1L 3b-2e17, 1b-4e25, SS-4e48 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 8.6 3b-1.5 HR-0.4 BB-16 .426/.517/.567 OPS-1.084
RH--2b- 10.5 3b-0.0 HR-3.0 BB-15 .349/.444/.561 OPS-1.006
1928 Current McManus, Marty Bats-R BAL-E 3b-3e24 1b-4e14 ss-3e32
LH--2b- 8.4 3b-0.45 HR-2.2 BB-10 .316/.386/.480 OPS-.866
RH--2b- 8.2 3b-0.45 HR-2.2 BB-10 .308/.378/.470 OPS-.848
1924 plays 2b for Browns and is a better card.
1930 is much better offensively as well.

1925 Bucky Harris WAS Bats-R BAL-E 2b-2e27 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4.9 3b-0.0 HR-0.0 BB-12 .312/.395/.364 OPS-.759
RH--2b- 4.8 3b-0.0 HR-0.0 BB-12 .321/.403/.371 OPS-.774
1924 Current Harris, Bucky Bats-R BAL-4L 2b-2e17
LH--2b- 4.55 3b-3.9 HR-0.3 BB-13 .364/.458/.508 OPS-.966
RH--2b- 4.3 3b-1.1 HR-0 BB-10 .214/.308/.282 OPS-.590
Here’s a more balanced card for the Senators 1920s 2b.

1930 Joe Boley PHA Bats-R BAL-3L SS-2e22 INJ Risk-15
LH-2b- 10.5 3b-1.1 HR-1.2 BB-9 .362/.433/.531 OPS-.965
RH--2b- 3.4 3b-0.0 HR-0.4 BB-6 .253/.315/.298 OPS-.613
1927 Joe Boley PHA Bats-R BAL-2R SS-2e38 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0.0 3b-2.2 HR-0.0 BB-0 .318/.331/.358 OPS-.689
RH--2b- 6.0 3b-3.3 HR-0.0 BB-6 .371.418/.495 OPS-.913
1928 Current Boley, Joe Bats-R BAL-1L ss-2e22
LH--2b- 4.2 3b-0 HR-0 BB-5 .293/.332/.334 OPS-.666
RH--2b- 3.6 3b-0 HR-0 BB-5 .258/.300/.294 OPS-.594
SS for some mighty good A’s teams. Either card would be an improvement.

1930 Hugh Critz NYG Bats-R BAL-E 2b-1e26 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 0.0 3b-0.0 HR-1.4 BB-5 .264/.298/.305 OPS-.603
RH--2b- 0.6 3b-3.4 HR-1.3 BB-1 .218/.225/.323 OPS-.548
1926 Current Critz, Hughie Bats-R BAL-E 2b-2e11
LH--2b- 3 3b-3.3 HR-0 BB-4 .277/.311/.370 OPS-.681
RH--2b- 3 3b-3.2 HR-0 BB-4 .271/.305/.363 OPS-.668
Might be a nice cheap 2b backup………………opened a car dealership in my hometown after his baseball career.

1936 Jackie Hayes CWS Bats-R BAL-E 2b-2e25, SS-4e42, 3b-3e27 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 9.9 3b-0.2 HR-0.8 BB-5 .336/.373/.459 OPS-.832
RH--2b- 9.6 3b-0.2 HR-0.8 BB-5 .328/.366/.448 OPS-.814
1937 Current Hayes, Jackie Bats-R BAL-E 2b-2e10
LH--2b- 4 3b-0.2 HR-0 BB-3 .191/.221/.234 OPS-.455
RH--2b- 3.75 3b-0.2 HR-0 BB-3 .186/.216/.226 OPS-.442
1930s White Sox 2b, 1936 would be a much better card for him.

1938 Buddy Myer WAS Bats-L BAL-2R 2b-2e16 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 2.2 3b-1.4 HR-2.9 BB-26 .345/.503/.510 OPS-1.013
RH--2b- 4.3 3b-0.0 HR-0.5 BB-27 .480/.579/.557 OPS-1.136
1935 Current Myer, Buddy Bats-L BAL-E 2b-3e14
LH--2b- 5.25 3b-2.1 HR-1.5 BB-18 .456/.552/.613 OPS-1.165
RH--2b- 5.2 3b-2 HR-1.7 BB-18 .450/.547/.611 OPS-1.158
This Myer card is a 2, plus has great OBP and good hitting…………..

1940 Eddie Miller BSB Bats-R BAL-E SS-1e28 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 6.5 3b-0.2 HR-5.0 BB-5 .308/.347/.523 OPS-.869
RH--2b- 6.4 3b-0.2 HR-4.8 BB-5 .299/.338/.504 OPS-.842
1945 Current Miller, Eddie Bats-R BAL-E ss-1e17
LH--2b- 8 3b-0.25 HR-6.15 BB-0 .205/.212/.457 OPS-.669
RH--2b- 8 3b-0.25 HR-5.9 BB-0 .200/.208/.445 OPS-.653
1940 card belongs to the Braves and is a better offensive card with good injury rating. Prewar Braves could use the help.

1940 Luke Appling CWS Bats-R BAL-E SS-2e37 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4.0 3b-3.3 HR-0.0 BB-12 .465/.530/.577 OPS-1.106
RH--2b- 3.8 3b-3.3 HR-0.0 BB-12 .445/.512/.553 OPS-1.065
1935 Luke Appling CWS Bats-R BAL-E SS-2e38 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.8 3b-0.9 HR-0.0 BB-29 .374/.548/.446 OPS-.994
RH--2b- 3.8 3b-0.8 HR-0.0 BB-29 .366/.542/.434 OPS-.976
1939 Luke Appling CWS Bats-R BAL-E SS-2e40 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 0.8 3b-1.0 HR-0.0 BB-24 .401/.540/.434 OPS-.974
RH--2b- 0.8 3b-1.0 HR-0.0 BB-24 .395/.535/.428 OPS-.963
1936 Current Appling, Luke Bats-R BAL-1L ss-2e32
LH--2b- 5.3 3b-1.25 HR-0.4 BB-18 .520/.604/.621 OPS-1.225
RH-2b- 4.75 3b-1.2 HR-0.5 BB-18 .478/.570/.575 OPS-1.145
Don’t see much improvement here…..

1947 Pee Wee Reese BKN Bats-R BAL-E SS-2e26 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 4.2 3b-0.6 HR-2.4 BB-27 .324/.499/.481 OPS-.980
RH--2b- 4.3 3b-0.6 HR-2.2 BB-27 .318/.495/.469 OPS-.964
1953 Current Reese, Pee Wee Bats-R BAL-E ss-2e24
LH--2b- 4.5 3b-1.6 HR-1.9 BB-18 .303/.426/.454 OPS-.880
RH--2b- 4.25 3b-1.6 HR-1.55 BB-18 .283/.409/.419 OPS-.828
1954 Current Reese, Pee Wee Bats-R BAL-3L ss-2e29
LH--2b- 11.8 3b-1.55 HR-2.65 BB-16 .458/.543/.709 OPS-1.252
RH--2b- 6.7 3b-1.6 HR-0.45 BB-20 .348/.475/.477 OPS-.952
Led League in Walks in 1947, good OBP……………………

1950 Pete Suder PHA Bats-R BAL-3L 2b-2e19, 3b-3e14, 1b-4e25, SS-4e48 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 5.8 3b-0.0 HR-5.7 BB-9 .289/.348/.520 OPS-.868
RH--2b- 2.3 3b-0.0 HR-3.8 BB-5 .192/.229/.323 OPS-.552
1941 Current Suder, Pete Bats-R BAL-1R 3b-2e21 ss-4e35
LH-2b- 6.85 3b-4.75 HR-0 BB-2 .171/.187/.325 OPS-.512
RH--2b- 1.8 3b-1.8 HR-0.5 BB-0 .268/.268/.332 OPS-.600
Here’s a better Suder, plays a good 2b

1951 Gil McDougald NYY Bats-R BAL-2R 3b-2e26, 2b-2e17 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 6.4 3b-1.2 HR-1.4 BB-16 .366/.472/.511 OPS-.982
RH--2b- 5.5 3b-0.9 HR-9.0 BB-15 .395/.490/.771 OPS-1.261
1956 Current McDougald, Gil Bats-R BAL-1R ss-2e23 2b-2e13 3b-2e33
LH--2b- 0.45 3b-0.4 HR-2.5 BB-21 .382/.513/.485 OPS-.998
RH--2b- 1.2 3b-0.4 HR-3.25 BB-17 .399/.505/.531 OPS-1.036
Exciting Yankees infielder in the 1950s. INTERESTING card, good OBP, lots of HR vs RHP.

1954 Al Dark NYG Bats-R BAL-E SS-2e36 INJ Risk-0
LH--2b- 3.2 3b-0.0 HR-2.3 BB-1 .377/.394/.471 OPS-.865
RH--2b- 3.3 3b-1.8 HR-3.8 BB-0 .347/.359/.518 OPS-.878
1951 Al Dark NYG Bats-R BAL-4L SS-2e48 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 9.8 3b-1.3 HR-6.0 BB-5 .440/.476/.739 OPS-1.215
RH--2b- 7.8 3b-1.4 HR-1.8 BB-1 .339/.357/.491 OPS-.849
1952 Current Dark, Alvin Bats-R BAL-E ss-2e24
LH--2b- 5.4 3b-0.25 HR-1.4 BB-5 .356/.392/.455 OPS-.847
RH--2b- 5.25 3b-0.2 HR-1.25 BB-5 .339/.376/.431 OPS-.807
1950s Giants SS, 1951 is good vs LHP…………………..

1955 Joe Demaestri PHA Bats-R BAL-2L SS-2e30 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 3.4 3b-0.0 HR-2.0 BB-0 .334/.340/.421 OPS-.761
RH--2b- 2.0 3b-0.0 HR-0.8 BB-0 .245/.252/.286 OPS-.538
1956 Current Demaestri, Joe Bats-R BAL-4L ss-3e27 2b-4e37
LH--2b- 4.45 3b-0 HR-7.5 BB-1 .311/.331/.568 OPS-.899
RH--2b- 2.5 3b-0 HR-0.6 BB-0 .208/.223/.249 OPS-.472
Any little bit helps the postwar A’s…………..

1959 Charlie Neal LA Bats-R BAL-1R 2b-1e10, SS-4e44 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 11.1 3b-1.4 HR-1.8 BB-6 .305/.350/.495 OPS-.846
RH--2b- 3.9 3b-3.5 HR-4.3 BB-6 .345/.387/.577 OPS-.964
1960 Current Neal, Charlie Bats-R BAL-2L 2b-2e19 ss-4e40
LH--2b- 4.75 3b-0 HR-1.75 BB-20 .323/.448/.436 OPS-.884
RH--2b- 4.95 3b-0.15 HR-1.25 BB-9 .267/.328/.358 OPS-.686
Good defense, some pop vs RHP…………..

1959 Don Blasingame STL Bats-L BAL-2L 2b-2e19 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 2.8 3b-2.6 HR-1.0 BB-9 .382/.439/.493 OPS-.932
RH--2b- 3.8 3b-1.0 HR-0.0 BB-13 .321/.409/.383 OPS-.792
1962 Current Blasingame, Don Bats-L BAL-1R 2b-3e20
LH--2b- 2.4 3b-1.35 HR-0 BB-2 .294/.313/.342 OPS-.655
RH--2b- 0 3b-1.65 HR-0.8 BB-16 .312/.420/.374 OPS-.794
Improvement defensively and offensively

1959 Frank Bolling DET Bats-R BAL-2R 2b-1e11 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 3.2 3b-0.0 HR-1.0 BB-20 .232/.395/.305 OPS-.700
RH--2b- 3.1 3b-1.2 HR-3.3 BB-6 .330/.386/.484 OPS-.870
1960 Current Bolling, Frank Bats-R BAL-1R 2b-2e19
LH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-2 BB-3 .243/.271/.301 OPS-.572
RH--2b- 3.7 3b-1.2 HR-1.25 BB-5 .267/.307/.363 OPS-.670
Nice to have a 1 at 2b, improvement over current card

1960 Tony Kubek NYY Bats-L BAL-2R SS-2e26, LF-2(0)e8, CF-3(0)e8 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 3.8 3b-0.0 HR-2.0 BB-0 .213/.220/.304 OPS-.524
RH--2b- 4.7 3b-0.6 HR-2.3 BB-0 .317/.330/.436 OPS-.766
1961 Current Kubek, Tony Bats-L BAL-2R ss-2e32
LH--2b- 4.75 3b-0.2 HR-1 BB-0 .280/.280/.355 OPS-.635
RH--2b- 9.85 3b-1.4 HR-3.5 BB-0 .285/.285/.500 OPS-.785
1960 has better line vs RHP, good SS defense and plays OF as well……

1962 Jerry Adair BAL Bats-R BAL-1L 2b-2e23, SS-3e24, 3b-3e37 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 10.1 3b-0.4 HR-2.8 BB-0 .310/.317/.489 OPS-.806
RH--2b- 8.4 3b-1.0 HR-1.0 BB-2 .305/.325/.433 OPS-.757
1964 Current Adair, Jerry Bats-R BAL-E 2b-2e5
LH--2b- 2.4 3b-0.6 HR-2.5 BB-0 .248/.248/.350 OPS-.598
RH--2b- 3.3 3b-0.3 HR-0.75 BB-0 .256/.256/.313 OPS-.569
Orioles 2b, better offensively……

1965 Leo Cardenas CIN Bats-R BAL-1R SS-2e21 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 2.6 3b-4.3 HR-0.8 BB-9 .323/.380/.458 OPS-.837
RH--2b- 6.0 3b-2.9 HR-2.3 BB-4 .348/.372/.525 OPS-.898
1969 Leo Cardenas MIN Bats-R BAL-2R SS-2e33 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.2 3b-1.3 HR-0.0 BB-13 .272/.373/.333 OPS-.706
RH--2b- 1.4 3b-0.4 HR-3.3 BB-7 .328/.384/.448 OPS-.833
1970 Current Cardenas, Leo Bats-R BAL-E ss-2e17
LH--2b- 6 3b-0.6 HR-0.8 BB-11 .227/.320/.328 OPS-.648
RH--2b- 7.6 3b-0.75 HR-1.5 BB-3 .251/.286/.383 OPS-.669
1965 gives the postwar Reds a decent SS, 1969 gives Twins a decent SS

1969 Horace Clarke NYY Bats-S BAL-5L 2b-2e16 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 5.2 3b-3.4 HR-1.0 BB-4 .421/.443/.563 OPS-1.006
RH--2b- 2.6 3b-0.2 HR-0.0 BB-7 .223/.273/.251 OPS-.525
1966 Current Clarke, Horace Bats-S BAL-2L ss-4e23 / 2b-3e30 / 3b-4e65
LH--2b- 5.7 3b-5.55 HR-1.55 BB-0 .305/.312/.506 OPS-.818
RH--2b- 0.25 3b-0.2 HR-1.05 BB-9 .291/.357/.330 OPS-.687
Nice platoon option vs LHP…………

1969 Dick Green OAK Bats-R BAL-E 2b-2e13 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 5.9 3b-2.8 HR-3.5 BB-21 .235/.405/.496 OPS-.902
RH--2b- 6.0 3b-1.2 HR-2.3 BB-6 .326/.382/.479 OPS-.862
1973 Current Green, Dick Bats-R BAL-3R 2b-2e11 / ss-4e48
LH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-1.25 BB-3 .198/.228/.234 OPS-.462
RH--2b- 9.35 3b-0 HR-1 BB-5 .293/.332/.414 OPS-.746
Better offensive option for Green……….

1970 Ken Boswell NYM Bats-L BAL-5R 2b-2e4 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0.8 3b-0.0 HR-0.0 BB-9 .041/.130/.049 OPS-.179
RH--2b- 3.0 3b-0.2 HR-0.8 BB-8 .251/.313/.309 OPS-.622
1969 Current Boswell, Ken Bats-L BAL-5R 2b-3e39
LH--2b- 0 3b-2.5 HR-0 BB-1 .172/.187/.219 OPS-.406
RH--2b- 4 3b-3 HR-2 BB-9 .344/.405/.508 OPS-.913
Improvement defensively……………..

1972 Don Kessinger CHC Bats-S BAL-3L SS-2e31 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.3 3b-3.0 HR-0.0 BB-15 .358/.453/.480 OPS-.933
RH--2b- 1.6 3b-0.5 HR-0.3 BB-11 .268/.349/.304 OPS-.653
1970 Current Kessinger, Don Bats-S BAL-E ss-2e24
LH--2b- 4.45 3b-0 HR-0 BB-14 .295/.393/.343 OPS-.736
RH--2b- 1.2 3b-4.5 HR-0.4 BB-7 .271/.325/.385 OPS-.710
1972 Kessinger is balanced differently than other cards; towards LHP…….

1975 Chris Speier SF Bats-R BAL-1L SS-2e16, 3b-4e37 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 10.6 3b-1.4 HR-0.3 BB-22 .310/.450/.473 OPS-.924
RH--2b- 4.9 3b-1.4 HR-3.8 BB-12 .277/.357/.473 OPS-.830
1973 Current Speier, Chris Bats-R BAL-E ss-2e36 / 2b-3e41
LH--2b- 0.9 3b-1.65 HR-1.75 BB-19 .206/.353/.314 OPS-.667
RH--2b- 2.4 3b-0.45 HR-1.5 BB-12 .249/.340/.332 OPS-.672
Speier was a long-time Giants SS who needs a better representation, and this 1975 card is it.

1976 Bill Russell LA Bats-R BAL-2L SS-2e30 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 1.2 3b-2.0 HR-1.5 BB-0 .329/.336/.420 OPS-.756
RH--2b- 2.0 3b-0.0 HR-0.3 BB-0 .269/.275/.294 OPS-.570
1974 Bill Russell LA Bats-R BAL-2L SS-3e40, LF-2(-1)e4 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4.2 3b-0.5 HR-0.9 BB-4 .341/.378/.418 OPS-.796
RH--2b- 1.4 3b-1.8 HR-1.5 BB-1 .253/.274/.343 OPS-.617
1977 Current Russell, Bill Bats-R BAL-2R ss-2e32
LH--2b- 2.55 3b-1.65 HR-1.25 BB-0 .219/.226/.309 OPS-.535
RH--2b- 4.35 3b-0.75 HR-1.25 BB-1 .330/.342/.420 OPS-.762
Can’t find a good Russell, these are the best options……………

1977 Duane Kuiper CLE Bats-R BAL-3R 2b-2e13 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 0.0 3b-0.0 HR-0.0 BB-3 .226/.262/.226 OPS-.487
RH--2b- 1.4 3b-2.6 HR-0.5 BB-3 .311/.343/.388 OPS-.730
1979 Current Kuiper, Duane Bats- L BAL- E 2b-2e11
LH--2b- 0 3b-4.25 HR-0 BB-1 .204/.226/.285 OPS-.511
RH--2b- 0 3b-0.3 HR-0 BB-4 .237/.280/.243 OPS-.523
Nice line for a cheap platoon vs RHP

1977 Phil Garner PIT Bats-R BAL-3L 2b-2e22, 3b-2e17, SS-4e38 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 6.4 3b-0.0 HR-9.2 BB-5 .305/.344/.638 OPS-.982
RH--2b- 7.1 3b-3.0 HR-1.3 BB-11 .239/.323/.415 OPS-.738
1979 Current Garner, Phil Bats-R BAL-1R 2b-2e20 3b-2e34 ss-4e19
LH--2b- 5.8 3b-1.95 HR-3.1 BB-9 .268/.336/.462 OPS-.798
RH--2b- 7.9 3b-2.2 HR-1 BB-5 .349/.385/.499 OPS-.884
Improvement over current cards, HR power vs LHP

1978 Dave Concepcion CIN Bats-R BAL-4L SS-1e25 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 8.1 3b-0.2 HR-2.2 BB-14 .461/.531/.622 OPS-1.153
RH--2b- 5.8 3b-1.4 HR-0.6 BB-5 .279/.313/.380 OPS-.692
1976 Dave Concepcion CIN Bats-R BAL-6L SS-1e29 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 12.0 3b-1.2 HR-2.4 BB-8 .442/.483/.658 OPS-1.141
RH--2b- 2.1 3b-1.9 HR-1.0 BB-4 .229/.257/.314 OPS-.571
1979 Current Concepcion, Dave Bats-R BAL-1L ss-1e30
LH--2b- 4.15 3b-0 HR-4 BB-12 .322/.397/.490 OPS-.887
RH--2b- 3.4 3b-0.45 HR-2.9 BB-11 .291/.363/.425 OPS-.788
1981 Current Concepcion, Dave Bats-R BAL-3L ss-1e38
LH--2b- 5.3 3b-0 HR-2.25 BB-11 .467/.526/.593 OPS-1.119
RH--2b- 9.8 3b-0 HR-0 BB-9 .314/.378/.414 OPS-.792
1976 and 1978 are both better vs LHP than the 1981 card, and both also offer better defense and injury rating.

1979 Roy Smalley III MIN Bats-S BAL-2L SS-2e30, 1b-4e25 INJ Risk-0
LH--2b- 3.5 3b-0.0 HR-8.5 BB-7 .268/.322/.557 OPS-.879
RH--2b- 3.4 3b-0.6 HR-2.5 BB-16 .240/.359/.373 OPS-.732
1977 Current Smalley Jr., Roy Bats-S BAL-E ss-3e36
LH--2b- 3 3b-0.1 HR-0 BB-17 .176/.306/.212 OPS-.518
RH--2b- 1 3b-1.2 HR-1.45 BB-14 .180/.287/.263 OPS-.550
Fun power hitting SS for Twins……………..

1982 Rich Dauer BAL Bats-R BAL-2L 2b-2e10, 3b-2e5 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 7.0 3b-0.4 HR-2.3 BB-8 .341/.390/.487 OPS-.876
RH--2b- 2.0 3b-0.0 HR-2.0 BB-9 .273/.334/.354 OPS-.688
1980 Rich Dauer BAL Bats-R BAL-3R 2b-2e8, 3b-2e15 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 2.3 3b-0.0 HR-0.0 BB-5 .217/.261/.239 OPS-.500
RH--2b- 8.7 3b-0.0 HR-0.8 BB-10 .327/.396/.440 OPS-.836
1983 Current Dauer, Rich Bats-R BAL-1L 2b-2e12 3b-3e21
LH--2b- 1.75 3b-0 HR-2.2 BB-14 .253/.357/.343 OPS-.700
RH--2b- 3.6 3b-0 HR-2 BB-10 .202/.283/.301 OPS-.584
Both ’80 and ’82 cards are better than current one; one better vs LHP, one better vs RHP.

1983 Glenn Hubbard ATL Bats-R BAL-2L 2b-2e14 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 5.1 3b-3.4 HR-5.0 BB-13 .266/.368/.534 OPS-.922
RH--2b- 4.3 3b-0.9 HR-1.3 BB-12 .272/.367/.379 OPS-.785
1982 Current Hubbard, Glenn Bats-R BAL-2L 2b-2e19
LH--2b- 4.6 3b-0 HR-2.5 BB-8 .286/.346/.409 OPS-.755
RH--2b- 4.25 3b-0 HR-0.9 BB-14 .208/.318/.283 OPS-.601
Improvement for Hubbard…………

1985 Ron Oester CIN Bats-S BAL-1R 2b-2e10, SS-4e17 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 4.5 3b-0.8 HR-0.0 BB-1 .322/.329/.378 OPS-.707
RH--2b- 5.0 3b-0.2 HR-0.5 BB-6 .371/.406/.439 OPS-.845
1986 Current Oester, Ron Bats-S BAL-4R 2b-2e21
LH--2b- 2 3b-0 HR-1.4 BB-8 .101/.168/.163 OPS-.331
RH--2b- 4.75 3b-0.2 HR-1.5 BB-4 .311/.336/.403 OPS-.739
A more balanced Oester, good defense

1987 Jose Uribe SF Bats-S BAL-2R SS-1e24 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 5.1 3b-0.0 HR-3.3 BB-0 .267/.274/.406 OPS-.680
RH--2b- 5.2 3b-3.8 HR-2.0 BB-3 .349/.373/.529 OPS-.902
1986 Current Uribe, Jose Bats-S BAL-E ss-2e18
LH--2b- 4.35 3b-0 HR-1.9 BB-6 .164/.210/.262 OPS-.472
RH--2b- 0.1 3b-0 HR-0 BB-11 .187/.270/.188 OPS-.458
Good defense at SS for Uribe, plus better hitting. Might be pretty cheap………

1991 Ozzie Guillen CWS Bats-L BAL-4R SS-2e24 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0.0 3b-0.0 HR-1.3 BB-0 .177/.177/.212 OPS-.389
RH--2b- 4.4 3b-0.8 HR-1.3 BB-0 .333/.333/.423 OPS-.756
1988 Current Guillen, Ozzie Bats-L BAL-E ss-1e23
LH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-0 BB-0 .287/.294/.287 OPS-.581
RH--2b- 1 3b-3 HR-0 BB-0 .261/.268/.327 OPS-.595
1991 Ozzie hits RHP……………

1993 Jay Bell PIT Bats-R BAL-2L SS-1e12 INJ Risk-In Game ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 8.1 3b-1.4 HR-0.3 BB-21 .430/.551/.568 OPS-1.120
RH--2b- 3.4 3b-2.6 HR-0.2 BB-13 .348/.439/.445 OPS-.884
1995 Current Bell, Jay Bats-R BAL-4L ss-2e20 3b-4e37
LH--2b- 7.2 3b-0.6 HR-7 BB-15 .356/.457/.679 OPS-1.136
RH--2b- 4.2 3b-0.9 HR-0.25 BB-11 .250/.340/.321 OPS-.661
1993 is a 1 at SS , and better offensively than 1995…………….

1995 Barry Larkin CIN Bats-R BAL-1L SS-1e14 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 4.6 3b-0.9 HR-12.0 BB-14 .315/.410/.770 OPS-1.180
RH--2b- 6.4 3b-2.0 HR-0.6 BB-16 .404/.498/.538 OPS-1.036
1996 Current Larkin, Barry Bats-R BAL-1L ss-1e20
LH--2b- 5.65 3b-0.8 HR-10.8 BB-32 .362/.569/.905 OPS-1.474
RH--2b- 6.3 3b-0.9 HR-9.2 BB-22 .366/.513/.796 OPS-1.309
1995 NL MVP, lots of homers vs LHP, hitting & OBP vs RHP.

1996 Mark McLemore TEX Bats-S BAL-3R 2b-2e14, RF-4(+2)e5 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 0.0 3b-0.0 HR-1.0 BB-20 .207/.354/.241 OPS-.596
RH--2b- 4.1 3b-1.4 HR-2.0 BB-19 .338/.455/.483 OPS-.937
2001 Current McLemore, Mark Bats-S BAL-6R lf-2(0)e4 / ss-3e12 / 3b-3e41 / 2b-2e47 / cf-3e4 / rf-3e4
LH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-2.25 BB-29 .030/.291/.116 OPS-.407
RH--2b- 1.8 3b-4.2 HR-2 BB-21 .359/.483/.545 OPS-1.028
Plays a nice defensive 2b for Rangers……………………

1997 Roberto Alomar BAL Bats-S BAL-7R 2b-1e10 INJ Risk-15(2)
LH--2b- 3.0 3b-0.0 HR-0.0 BB-7 .240/.304/.271 OPS-.574
RH--2b- 5.7 3b-0.5 HR-5.9 BB-9 .462/.517/.713 OPS-1.230
1993 Roberto Alomar TOR Bats-S BAL-6R 2b-1e15 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4.1 3b-0.8 HR-1.7 BB-5 .212/.263/.318 OPS-.581
RH--2b- 6.6 3b-1.3 HR-3.5 BB-18 .453/.555/.674 OPS-1.228
1999 Current Alomar, Roberto Bats-S BAL-1L 2b-1e6
LH--2b- 7.1 3b-0.7 HR-4.7 BB-15 .386/.488/.637 OPS-1.125
RH--2b- 7.1 3b-0.2 HR-4.7 BB-22 .348/.499/.608 OPS-1.107
2001 Current Alomar, Roberto Bats-S BAL-3R 2b-1e5
LH--2b- 2.5 3b-1.7 HR-5.2 BB-13 .283/.382/.514 OPS-.896
RH--2b- 6.25 3b-3.65 HR-2.35 BB-17 .424/.525/.656 OPS-1.181
A couple of hard RH balanced Alomar’s,………………

1999 Nomar Garciaparra BOS Bats-R BAL-5L SS-2e21 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 16.8 3b-0.0 HR-13.3 BB-10 .521/.579/1.116 OPS-1.694
RH--2b- 7.9 3b-1.3 HR-5.7 BB-7 .419/.473/.699 OPS-1.173
1998 Nomar Garciaparra BOS Bats-R BAL-1R SS-2e29 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.4 3b-3.5 HR-6.4 BB-7 .362/.421/.685 OPS-1.106
RH--2b- 7.0 3b-1.8 HR-10.0 BB-1 .380/.403/.769 OPS-1.172
2000 Current Garciaparra, Nomar Bats-R BAL-E ss-2e22
LH--2b- 11.2 3b-0 HR-6.2 BB-4 .484/.508/.774 OPS-1.282
RH--2b- 14.4 3b-1.05 HR-5.05 BB-7 .464/.504/.781 OPS-1.285
1998 finished 2nd in MVP, lot of HR power vs RHP…….
1999 won Batting Title, MASSACRES LHP, not too bad against RHP either……………..

2002 Alfonso Soriano NYY Bats-R BAL-1L 2b-3e24 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 9.2 3b-0.0 HR-9.2 BB-0 .355/.379/.709 OPS-1.088
RH--2b- 9.0 3b-0.3 HR-8.6 BB-0 .383/.406/.722 OPS-1.128
2006 Current Soriano, Alfonso Bats-R BAL-1L lf-4(-2)e12
LH--2b- 5.5 3b-0.4 HR-11.2 BB-13 .333/.431/.766 OPS-1.197
RH--2b- 7 3b-0 HR-11.8 BB-6 .294/.353/.722 OPS-1.075
As a Yankee 2b, not much defensively, but can hit……

2003 Michael Young TEX Bats-R BAL-E 2b-1e10, SS-3e25 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 7.6 3b-1.6 HR-1.9 BB-0 .334/.334/.485 OPS-.819
RH--2b- 3.5 3b-2.7 HR-0.8 BB-4 .348/.372/.454 OPS-.827
2009 Michael Young TEX Bats-R BAL-2R 3b-3e11 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 9.7 3b-0.0 HR-3.3 BB-15 .334/.427/.545 OPS-.972
RH--2b- 6.8 3b-0.5 HR-5.7 BB-6 .410/.443/.654 OPS-1.097
2005 Michael Young TEX Bats-R BAL-E SS-3e19 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 12.1 3b-0.8 HR-0.9 BB-10 .412/.472/.581 OPS-1.054
RH--2b- 4.4 3b-1.1 HR-5.1 BB-10 .395/.456/.618 OPS-1.075
2002 Current Young, Michael Bats-R BAL-2L 2b-2e10 / ss-4e27 / 3b-4e37
LH--2b- 3.35 3b-2 HR-2.8 BB-1 .298/.305/.445 OPS-.750
RH--2b- 3.4 3b-2.4 HR-0.4 BB-8 .236/.293/.330 OPS-.623
Hard to find a Young who is usable on defense but still hits well. He NEEDS an improvement; you be the judge.

2016 Dustin Pedroia BOS Bats-R BAL-1R 2b-1e6 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 0.8 3b-0.0 HR-1.1 BB-20 .353/.473/.400 OPS-.873
RH--2b- 7.0 3b-0.0 HR-1.1 BB-8 .384/.430/.485 OPS-.915
2011 Dustin Pedroia BOS Bats-R BAL-3L 2b-1e8 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 5.3 3b-0.6 HR-4.3 BB-24 .399/.532/.628 OPS-1.160
RH--2b- 5.7 3b-0.2 HR-3.3 BB-13 .326/.407/.493 OPS-.900
2008 Current Pedroia, Dustin Bats-R BAL-E 2b-1e6
LH--2b- 9.3 3b-1.8 HR-4.9 BB-8 .359/.418/.640 OPS-1.058
RH--2b- 11.25 3b-0 HR-1.75 BB-6 .404/.448/.569 OPS-1.017
Don’t know if these are improvements, just checking out the stats………….
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1902 Charlie Hickman CLE Bats-R BAL-E 1b-3e30, 2b-4e50, LF/CF/RF-4(-3)e22 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 8.5 3b-3.6 HR-4.0 BB-0 .439/.444/.698 OPS-1.142
RH--2b- 8.5 3b-3.3 HR-3.8 BB-0 .437/.443/.684 OPS-1.126
1903 Current Hickman, Charlie Bats- R BAL- E 1b-3e14 2b-4e28
LH--2b- 7.4 3b-2.7 HR-5.5 BB-0 .329/.335/.603 OPS-.938
RH--2b- 7.15 3b-2.6 HR-5.2 BB-0 .317/.324/.579 OPS-.903
Hickman led the League in Hits and Total Bases in 1902. Would be a fine Improvement over his current card.

1904 Harry Davis PHA Bats-R BAL-E 1b-2e28 INJ Risk-15 (3)
LH--2b- 6.1 3b-3.8 HR-4.5 BB-5 .368/.403/.636 OPS-1.040
RH--2b- 6.1 3b-3.8 HR-4.5 BB-5 .362/.397/.628 OPS-1.026
1901 Current Davis, Harry Bats-R BAL-E 1b-2e14
LH--2b- 6.8 3b-2.25 HR-2.5 BB-2 .328/.347/.507 OPS-.854
RH--2b- 6.7 3b-2.25 HR-2.6 BB-2 .324/.343/.505 OPS-.848
Led the League in HR 4 times, including this 1904 card. Would be his best.

1909 Jake Stahl BOS Bats-R BAL-E 1b-3e24 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 4.9 3b-4.3 HR-1.1 BB-11 .362/.433/.536 OPS-.969
RH--2b- 4.8 3b-1.0 HR-1.0 BB-11 .352/.424/.516 OPS-.939
1903 Current Stahl, Jake Bats-R BAL-2L c-4(+5)e7,T-15(pb-6) lf-4(-3)e7 rf-4e7 cf-4e7
LH--2b- 2.7 3b-10.8 HR-2.05 BB-2 .255/.276/.545 OPS-.821
RH--2b- 2 3b-8 HR-1.5 BB-2 .190/.213/.405 OPS-.618
Would be an improvement for the Red Sox 1b and player-manager.

1912 Fred Merkle NYG Bats-R BAL-E 1b-1e30 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 4.4 3b-0.8 HR-3.3 BB-8 .367/.419/.525 OPS-.945
RH--2b- 4.4 3b-0.8 HR-3.3 BB-8 .363/.416/.521 OPS-.937
1911 Current Merkle, Fred Bats-R BAL-2R 1b-2e12
LH--2b- 5.6 3b-0.15 HR-0 BB-12 .309/.399/.372 OPS-.771
RH--2b- 4.3 3b-2.4 HR-4.5 BB-4 .320/.357.541 OPS-.898
More than a “bonehead” (play wasn’t really his fault), Merkle had an even better season in 1912 than our current one.

1913 Chick Gandil WAS Bats-R BAL-E 1b-1e16 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 5.0 3b-1.2 HR-0.0 BB-3 .394/.416/.465 OPS-.881
RH--2b- 5.0 3b-1.2 HR-0.0 BB-3 .387/.409/.458 OPS-.867
1919 Current Gandil, Chick Bats- R BAL- E 1b-1e3 INJ Risk-
LH--2b- 6.2 3b-1.75 HR-0 BB-0 .324/.330/.414 OPS-.744
RH--2b- 6.2 3b-1.75 HR-0 BB-0 .320/.326/.411 OPS-.737
Slick-fielding, Black Sox gambling leader, he’s better in 1913. (Except for the gambling)

1918 Wally Pipp NYY Bats-L BAL-2R 1b-2e24 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 3.8 3b-3.2 HR-0.2 BB-3 .307/.332/.410 OPS-.742
RH--2b- 4.8 3b-4.0 HR-0.3 BB-3 .386/.408/.517 OPS-.926
1919 Current Pipp, Wally Bats-L BAL-1R 1b-2e12
LH--2b- 3.6 3b-2.1 HR-1.1 BB-5 .277/.318/.386 OPS-.704
RH--2b- 4.15 3b-2.4 HR-1.1 BB-5 .320/.358/.440 OPS-.798
Was Yankees 1b from 1915 until his “headache” in 1925. This card would give db NYY a decant 1b.

1931 Charlie Grimm CHC Bats-L BAL-1R 1b-1e10 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 5.8 3b-2.6 HR-0.4 BB-11 .370/.440/.496 OPS-.936
RH--2b- 6.6 3b-3.0 HR-0.3 BB-11 .412/.478/.553 OPS-1.031
1923 Charlie Grimm PIT Bats-L BAL-E 1b-1e8 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.3 3b-3.3 HR-1.8 BB-6 .397/.436/.566 OPS-1.002
RH--2b- 5.3 3b-3.2 HR-1.8 BB-6 .389/.429/.556 OPS-.985
1929 Current Grimm, Charlie Bats-L BAL-E 1b-1e11
LH--2b- 5.95 3b-0 HR-2.35 BB-8 .309/.366/.440 OPS-.806
RH--2b- 6.1 3b-0 HR-2.35 BB-8 .318/.375/.451 OPS-.826
Batted .345 in 1923, .331 in 1931. Both are much better than his current card. Better representation needed for a 14 year starter in the NL at 1b.

1924 Joe Dugan NYY Bats-R BAL-1L 3b-2e18, 2b-4e71 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.6 3b-1.6 HR-1.0 BB-5 .339/.404/.459 OPS-.863
RH--2b- 5.4 3b-1.0 HR-0.0 BB-1 .339/.357/.410 OPS-.767
1920 Joe Dugan PHA Bats-R BAL-2L 3b-2e28, SS-4e72, 2b-3e41 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 14.8 3b-0.2 HR-2.8 BB-0 .362/.431/.647 OPS-1.078
RH--2b- 11.2 3b-0.9 HR-0.0 BB-0 .379/.384/.500 OPS-.884
1927 Current Dugan, Joe Bats-R BAL-3L 3b-2e26
LH--2b- 7.7 3b-1.8 HR-0.5 BB-3 .354/.384/.479 OPS-.863
RH--2b- 6.2 3b-0 HR-0.8 BB-5 .252/.301/.338 OPS-.639
Famous for being in the ’27 Murderer’s Row, his current cards couldn’t even be indicted for manslaughter. That 1920 A’s card has LOTS of doubles.
If you want a better Yankees card for Dugan, its 1924.

1913 Jake Daubert BKN BAL-E 1b-1e14 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-2.50 3b-1.20 HR-0.15 BB-8 .483/.526/.537 OPS-1.064
RH—2b-2.40 3b-1.25 HR-0.20 BB-8 .466/.510/.521 OPS-1.031
1922 Jake Daubert CIN Bats-L BAL-E 1b-1e11 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 0.4 3b-5.6 HR-3.3 BB-9 .418/.472/.636 OPS-1.108
RH--2b- 0.5 3b-5.5 HR-3.0 BB-9 .409/.464/.618 OPS-1.082
1920 Current Daubert, Jake Bats-L BAL-2L 1b-1e13 INJ Risk-
LH--2b- 3.55 3b-3.45 HR-0.75 BB-2 .430/.445/.550 OPS-.995
RH--2b- 6.65 3b-3 HR-0.6 BB-13 .309/.398/.462 OPS-.860
He led the League with a .350 AVG in 1913 as a Dodger. He also was better with the Reds in 1922.

1929 Pinky Whitney PHI Bats-R BAL-E 3b-1e17 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 7.8 3b-3.3 HR-0.3 BB-10 .376/.439/.532 OPS-.972
RH--2b- 7.6 3b-3.2 HR-0.3 BB-10 .369/.433/.521 OPS-.954
1930 Pinky Whitney PHI Bats-R BAL-E 3b-1e20 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 12.1 3b-0.0 HR-0.8 BB-8 .364/.411/.509 OPS-.920
RH--2b- 10.8 3b-0.8 HR-0.8 BB-4 .404/.426/.545 OPS-.971
1937 Pinky Whitney PHI Bats-R BAL-E 3b-1e8 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 3.0 3b-0.5 HR-1.1 BB-8 .418/.466/.491 OPS-.958
RH--2b- 3.0 3b-0.6 HR-1.0 BB-8 .409/.458/.482 OPS-.940
1932 Current Whitney, Pinky Bats-R BAL-E 3b-1e18 / 2b-4e40
LH--2b- 4.95 3b-2.4 HR-2 BB-5 .313/.345/.466 OPS-.811
RH--2b- 4.8 3b-2.4 HR-2 BB-4 .310/.342/.461 OPS-.803
Phillies star of the 1930’s, a whiz at the hit corner. That 1937 card is much better. If you don’t like injuries as much, 1930 looks good too.

1936 Buck Jordan BSB Bats-L BAL-E 1b-2e11 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4.6 3b-0.8 HR-0.3 BB-7 .375/.422/.445 OPS-.867
RH--2b- 4.4 3b-0.8 HR-0.3 BB-7 .366/.413/.434 OPS-.847
1934 Buck Jordan BSB Bats-L BAL-E 1b-2e18 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 9.5 3b-0.0 HR-0.0 BB-6 .380/.414/.473 OPS-.887
RH--2b- 4.3 3b-3.2 HR-1.1 BB-5 .337/.368/.471 OPS-.839
1935 Current Jordan, Buck Bats-L BAL-1R 1b-2e22 3b-4e25 lf-4(+5)e8
LH--2b- 4.75 3b-1.05 HR-1.1 BB-0 .279/.286/.374 OPS-.660
RH--2b- 5.4 3b-1.25 HR-1.4 BB-0 .315/.322/.429 OPS-.751
Braves 1930s 1b, either card is better than current one.

1936 Hal Trosky CLE Bats-L BAL-1R 1b-4e22 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 8.0 3b-1.7 HR-14.7 BB-0 .402/.408/.920 OPS-1.328
RH--2b- 8.4 3b-1.8 HR-15.3 BB-0 .418/.424/.958 OPS-1.382
1940 Current Trosky Sr., Hal Bats-L BAL-E 1b-4e10
LH--2b- 8 3b-0.2 HR-9 BB-17 .336/.446/.729 OPS-1.175
RH--2b- 8.25 3b-0.2 HR-9.25 BB-17 .347/.456/.751 OPS-1.207
True 1930s slugger who has been largely forgotten. Look at those power numbers. Would be his best card.
Led the League with 162 RBI and 405 Total Bases.

1937 Hank Greenberg DET Bats-R BAL-E 1b-4e13 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 9.0 3b-3.2 HR-12.0 BB-20 .419/.532/1.010 OPS-1.542
RH--2b- 8.8 3b-3.2 HR-11.7 BB-20 .411/.525/.988 OPS-1.513
1934 Hank Greenberg DET Bats-R BAL-4L 1b-4e16 INJ Risk-0
LH--2b- 26.4 3b-1.2 HR-9.2 BB-0 .516/.520/1.043 OPS-1.563
RH--2b- 11.5 3b-1.2 HR-8.6 BB-12 .396/.469/.814/ OPS-1.283
1938 Current Greenberg, Hank Bats-R BAL-2R 1b-3e12
LH--2b- 3 3b-0 HR-11.75 BB-31 .311/.515/.814 OPS-1.329
RH--2b- 2 3b-0.6 HR-16.3 BB-23 .379/.517/.999 OPS-1.516
1940 Current Greenberg, Hank Bats-R BAL-1L 1b-4e10 lf-4(+5)e15
LH--2b- 10.35 3b-1.5 HR-10.8 BB-19 .443/.546/.963 OPS-1.509
RH--2b- 9.9 3b-1.4 HR-10.25 BB-19 .420/.527.914 OPS-1.441
The original “Hammerin’ Hank” led League in 1934 with an astounding 63 doubles, 6th in MVP race.
His 1937 card produced an astonishing 184 RBI, finishing 3rd in MVP vote.
1937 is somewhat similar to 1940, but the LOOK at the doubles on that 1934 card.

1937 Dolph Camilli PHI Bats-L BAL-E 1b-1e9 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 3.8 3b-1.6 HR-7.1 BB-24 .433/.564/.773 OPS-1.338
RH--2b- 3.8 3b-1.7 HR-7.5 BB-24 .448/.576/.805 OPS-1.381
1941 Current Camilli, Dolph Bats-L BAL-2L 1b-1e15
LH--2b- 8.65 3b-1.5 HR-10.05 BB-22 .309/.463/.807 OPS-1.270
RH--2b- 3.2 3b-0.6 HR-9 BB-22 .280/.440/.654 OPS-1.094
1937 is his best AVG & OBP season, a little lower in power numbers.

1938 Red Rolfe NYY Bats-L BAL-1L 3b-1e20 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 5.6 3b-2.2 HR-1.2 BB-23 .377/.516/.539 OPS-1.055
RH--2b- 5.7 3b-0.8 HR-1.3 BB-7 .337/.386/.448 OPS-.834
1939 Current Rolfe, Red Bats-L BAL-1R 3b-2e16
LH--2b- 7.4 3b-1.75 HR-2.5 BB-12 .388/.462/.582 OPS-1.044
RH--2b- 8 3b-1.8 HR-2.5 BB-12 .415/.485/.616 OPS-1.101
Got some more walks in 1938, but our current 1939 is his best season.

1939 Cookie Lavagetto BKN Bats-R BAL-E 3b-2e24 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.8 3b-0.6 HR-2.0 BB-15 .341/.439/.461 OPS-.900
RH--2b- 3.0 3b-1.5 HR-2.0 BB-15 .337/.435/.497 OPS-.903
1938 Current Lavagetto, Cookie Bats-R BAL-2L 3b-3e30 / 2b-4e27
LH--2b- 8.9 3b-0.8 HR-3.5 BB-18 .339/.456/.575 OPS-1.031
RH--2b- 8.4 3b-1.4 HR-0.25 BB-17 .277/.398/.410 OPS-.808
Had 8 good seasons, then WW2 effectively ended his career. This card is more balanced for Cookie.

1948 Ken Keltner CLE Bats-R 2L Balance 3b-2e14 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH—2b-4.6 3b-3.5 HR-6.8 BB-15 .415/.496/.756 OPS-1.252
RH—2b-3.1 3b- 0 HR-10.0 BB-17 0 .313/.421/.677 OPS-1.098
1941 Current Keltner, Ken Bats-R BAL-2L 3b-1e15
LH--2b- 13.5 3b-3.5 HR-7.25 BB-6 .332/.375/.750 OPS-1.125
RH--2b- 2.6 3b-3 HR-7.75 BB-7 .299/.351/.618 OPS-.969
Best season for guy who ended DiMaggio’s streak. Star Indians 3b for a decade.

1939 Buddy Lewis WAS Bats-L BAL-E 3b-4e36 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.1 3b-4.5 HR-3.7 BB-14 .397/.481/.644 OPS-1.125
RH--2b- 2.9 3b-4.6 HR-3.0 BB-38 .382/.486/.609 OPS-1.077
1938 Current Lewis, Buddy Bats-L BAL-E 3b-4e43
LH--2b- 6.4 3b-3.6 HR-1 BB-4 .306/.331/.465 OPS-.796
RH--2b- 4.8 3b-0.45 HR-3.5 BB-8 .318/.369/.480 OPS-.849
1939 is best card for prewar Senators star.

1947 Jackie Robinson BKN Bats-R BAL-E 1b-3e16 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.3 3b-0.8 HR-1.8 13 .377/.475/.510 OPS-.985
RH--2b- 5.1 3b-0.8 HR-1.8 13 .373/.454/.500 OPS-.954
1952 Jackie Robinson BKN Bats-R BAL-E 2b-3e21 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 1.8 3b-0.3 HR-4.8 BB-26 .394/.545/.601 OPS-1.147
RH--2b- 1.8 3b-0.3 HR-4.6 BB-26 .379/.534/.579 OPS-1.113
1949 Current Robinson, Jackie Bats-R BAL-E 2b-3e13
LH--2b- 7 3b-3 HR-3 BB-16 .434/.523/.676 OPS-1.199
RH--2b- 7 3b-3 HR-3 BB-16 .430/.519/.671 OPS-1.190
1951 Current Robinson, Jackie Bats-R BAL-2R 2b-2e8 / 1b-3e25
LH--2b- 12.85 3b-0.8 HR-0.45 BB-17 .378/.494/.558 OPS-1.052
RH--2b- 5.65 3b-1.75 HR-4.35 BB-15 .457/.547/.703 OPS-1.250
1947 was the year Jackie broke color barrier, played 1b, led league in steals, and was Rookie of the Year.
His 1952 card led the League in OBP, if you don’t mind a 3 at 2b.

1948 Bob Elliott BSB Bats-R BAL-E 3b-2e27 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.0 3b-0.2 HR-3.5 BB-30 .384/.555/.587 OPS-1.142
RH--2b- 2.4 3b-1.3 HR-8.8 BB-28 .318/.494/.707 OPS-1.201
1942 Bob Elliott PIT Bats-R BAL-E LF/CF/RF-2(-2)e7, 3b-4e38 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4.7 3b-1.8 HR-3.0 BB-8 .331/.387/.505 OPS-.892
RH--2b- 4.6 3b-1.8 HR-3.0 BB-8 .325/.381/.498 OPS-.880
1947 Current Elliott, Bob Bats-R BAL-E 3b-4e20
LH--2b-6.8 3b-0.75 HR-7.5 BB-18 .389/.497/.735 OPS-1.232
RH--2b- 6.6 3b-0.75 HR-7.5 BB-18 .384/.492/.728 OPS-1.220
That 1942 card enables him to play any outfield position.
Led the League in OBP in 1948 for the Braves.

1948 Hank Majeski PHA Bats-R BAL-2L 3b-2e12, SS-4e21 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 11.5 3b-1.4 HR-2.2 BB-3 .420/.447/.623 OPS-1.071
RH--2b- 9.3 3b-0.0 HR-2.5 BB-4 .340/.377/.504 OPS-.881
1947 Current Majeski, Hank Bats-R BAL-E 3b-4e6 ss-4e24 2b-4e14 INJ Risk-
LH--2b- 5.95 3b-1.05 HR-1.3 BB-10 .312/.382/.436 OPS-.818
RH--2b- 5.8 3b-1 HR-1.25 BB-10 .305/.375/.424 OPS-.799
Finished 9th in MVP vote for A’s. Would be a better card. And postwar A’s stink.

1948 Bobby Brown NYY Bats-L BAL-3R 3b-4e27, SS-4e52, 2b-4e41, LF/RF-4(+3)e16 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0.0 3b-0.0 HR-0.0 BB-20 .193/.350/.193 OPS-.542
RH--2b- 5.7 3b-1.8 HR-0.0 BB-12 .350/.428/.446 OPS-.875
1950 Current Brown, Bobby W. Bats-L BAL-E 3b-3e19 2b-4e38
LH--2b- 0 3b-3.5 HR-0 BB-10 .226/.305/.298 OPS-.603
RH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-0.9 BB-13 .238/.337/.267 OPS-.604
Nice platoon player for 1940s-1950s Yankees. Became a doctor, then president of the American League.

1950 Sid Gordon BSB Bats-R BAL-2R 3b-4e16, LF-3(-1)e4 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 4.6 3b-0.0 HR-5.0 BB-24 .326/.482/.562 OPS-1.044
RH--2b- 9.9 3b-1.5 HR-9.1 BB-19 .366/.483/.820 OPS-1.304
1949 Sid Gordon NYG Bats-R BAL-1L 3b-4e19, LF/RF-3(-1)e3 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 7.2 3b-0.0 HR-9.1 BB-21 .314/.454/.715 OPS-1.168
RH--2b- 4.0 3b-0.2 HR-5.5 BB-25 .313/.479/.568 OPS-1.047
1952 Current Gordon, Sid Bats-R BAL-E lf-3(-1)e1 cf-4e1 3b-4e23 rf-4e1
LH--2b- 3.5 3b-0 HR-9.75 BB-17 .355/.463/.719 OPS-1.182
RH--2b- 3.5 3b-0 HR-9.5 BB-17 .349/.457/.704 OPS-1.161
Guy who can play multiple positions, hits with power and OBP.

1950 Billy Goodman BOS Bats-L BAL-2R 3b-3e22, 1b-2e8, 2b-3e30, SS-4e48, LF-3(+1)e4 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 1.0 3b-0.0 HR-1.0 BB-12 .395/.468/.437 OPS-.904
RH--2b- 9.3 3b-1.0 HR-1.4 BB-10 .427/.486/.587 OPS-1.073
1953 Current Goodman, Billy Bats-L BAL-E 2b-4e18 / 1b-3e25
LH--2b- 7.25 3b-1.2 HR-0 BB-10 .383/.446/.482 OPS-.928
RH--2b- 7.5 3b-1.2 HR-0 BB-10 .395/.457/.497 OPS-.954
We have some less than stellar cards for this guy, but in 1950 he led the League with a .350 AVG and finished 2nd in the MVP Voting.

1957 Vic Wertz CLE Bats-L BAL-7R 1b-4e19 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 1.4 3b-0.0 HR-3.3 BB-0 .179/.186/.284 OPS-.470
RH--2b- 4.4 3b-0.0 HR-10.8 BB-23 .365/.506/.804 OPS-1.310
1950 Vic Wertz DET Bats-L BAL-3R RF-3(-2)e12 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.7 3b-0.0 HR-5.8 BB-4 .271/.311/.495 OPS-.806
RH--2b- 3.2 3b-0.6 HR-7.5 BB-18 .368/.485/.673 OPS-1.158
1953 Current Wertz, Vic Bats-L BAL-1R rf-4(-2)e9 lf-4e9
LH--2b- 2.7 3b-1.5 HR-4.55 BB-19 .241/.382/.461 OPS-.843
RH--2b- 3.3 3b-1.75 HR-5.35 BB-19 .289/.420/.548 OPS-.968
A couple of fun cards for Wertz; 1957 is a nice platoon card with a good line vs RHP. 1950 he’s a Tiger, though no too different than current 1953.

1950 Earl Torgeson BSB Bats-L BAL-1R 1b-4e22 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 6.1 3b-0.2 HR-5.0 BB-15 .272/.373/.502 OPS-.875
RH--2b- 3.9 3b-0.0 HR-5.4 BB-25 .322/.479/.564 OPS-1.092
1948 Current Torgeson, Earl Bats-L BAL-4R 1b-3e9
LH--2b- 0.6 3b-0.75 HR-0 BB-14 .165/.281/.187 OPS-.468
RH--2b- 6 3b-0.9 HR-4 BB-24 .257/.429/.496 OPS-.925
The Earl of Snohomish, good OBP and speed………………………….

1952 Luke Easter CLE Bats-L BAL-E 1b-4e23 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0.5 3b-0.6 HR-12.5 BB-8 .287/.346/.683 OPS-1.029
RH--2b- 0.5 3b-0.6 HR-12.5 BB-8 .287/.346/.683 OPS-1.029
1950 Current Easter, Luke Bats-L BAL-1L 1b-4e12 / rf-4(+1)e15
LH--2b- 2.1 3b-0 HR-11.2 BB-10 .266/.362/.646 OPS-1.008
RH--2b- 2.2 3b-1.2 HR-4.9 BB-10 .298/.389/.504 OPS-.893
1952 has more power against LH & RH….maybe good cheap 1b/DH

1952 Bobby Adams CIN Bats-R BAL-E 3b-3e19 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 3.6 3b-0.5 HR-0.0 BB-5 .332/.369/.377 OPS-.747
RH--2b- 3.5 3b-0.4 HR-0.0 BB-5 .325/.362/.367 OPS-.729
1954 Bobby Adams CIN Bats-R BAL-3R 3b-3e27, 2b-4e27 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 3.6 3b-4.0 HR-0.0 BB-13 .204/.314/.328 OPS-.643
RH--2b- 6.0 3b-1.0 HR-2.0 BB-18 .349/.470/.509 OPS-.978
1955 Current Adams, Bobby Bats-R BAL-1L 3b-3e15 2b-4e38
LH--2b- 8.8 3b-2.55 HR-2.25 BB-19 .300/.449/.543 OPS-.992
RH--2b- 9.25 3b-1.05 HR-1 BB-13 .286/.398/.443 OPS-.841
Not much improvement here, unless you like 1954’s line vs RHP.

1960 Joe Adcock MIL Bats-R BAL-5R 1b-3e11 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0.5 3b-3.3 HR-4.7 BB-7 .216/.267/.426 OPS-.692
RH--2b- 5.0 3b-0.0 HR-9.0 BB-8 .415/.458/.735 OPS-1.193
1954 Joe Adcock MIL Bats-R BAL-5R 1b-3e8 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 6.7 3b-1.0 HR-1.6 BB-8 .240/.303/.376 OPS-.679
RH--2b- 5.9 3b-0.9 HR-9.4 BB-7 .419/.462/.777 OPS-1.240
1956 Current Adcock, Joe Bats-RR BAL-3L 1b-4e9
LH—2b-11.6 3b-1.2 HR-18.25 BB-12 .425/.489/1.141 OPS-1.630
RH—2b-4.6 3b-0 HR-15.75 BB-2 .362/.374/.851 OPS-1.225
These two cards aren’t better than current 1956, but different. Both are good against RHP…..

1962 Clete Boyer NYY Bats-R BAL-1L 3b-1e23 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 6.6 3b-0.3 HR-6.8 BB-4 .320/.352/.586 OPS-.938
RH--2b- 3.2 3b-0.0 HR-4.0 BB-7 .288/.341/.440 OPS-.780
1961 Current Boyer, Clete Bats-R BAL-1R 3b-1e21 / ss-3e26
LH--2b- 4.65 3b-2 HR-2 BB-20 .117/.289/.286 OPS-.575
RH--2b- 1.8 3b-0.8 HR-2.2 BB-10 .225/.304/.328 OPS-.632
Must’ve been a great defensive 3b, with some of those weak offensive stats. This 1962 card is his best hitting card, let’s let him have it.

1967 Orlando Cepeda STL Bats-R BAL-4L 1b-2e11 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 10.5 3b-0.0 HR-8.8 BB-13 .481/.563/.886 OPS-1.449
RH--2b- 7.6 3b-0.0 HR-5.7 BB-4 .357/.405/.604 OPS-1.009
1964 Orlando Cepeda SF Bats-R BAL-E 1b-2e22, LF-4(+2)e16 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 6.0 3b-0.6 HR-11.8 BB-7 .338/.399/.771 OPS-1.170
RH--2b- 5.8 3b-0.0 HR-9.0 BB-7 .370/.429/.705 OPS-1.133
1963 Orlando Cepeda SF Bats-R BAL-1L 1b-2e25, LF-4(+2)e16 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 12.0 3b-1.5 HR-11.8 BB-3 .390/.429/.887 OPS-1.316
RH--2b- 5.3 3b-0.3 HR-10.2 BB-2 .419/.451/.776 OPS-1.227
1961 Current Cepeda, Orlando Bats-R BAL-3L 1b-3e3 / lf-4(+2)e6 / rf-4e6
LH--2b- 9.45 3b-0.2 HR-16.6 BB-0 .398/.414/.966 OPS-1.380
RH--2b- 3 3b-0.6 HR-12.25 BB-3 .339/.375/.740 OPS-1.115
1962 Current Cepeda, Orlando Bats-R BAL-1R 1b-3e13 lf-4(+2)e17
LH--2b- 2 3b-0 HR-13.2 BB-2 .348/.372/.748 OPS-1.120
RH--2b- 4.8 3b-0 HR-10.75 BB-1 .402/.419/.755 OPS-1.174
The Baby Bull has some good cards already. 63 & 64 are good, and his 1967 card is the season he won the MVP for the Cardinals.

1966 Donn Clendenon PIT Bats-R BAL-1L 1b-2e26 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 1.1 3b-3.6 HR-10.1 BB-6 .400/.438/.782 OPS-1.220
RH--2b- 4.2 3b-2.3 HR-8.8 BB-12 .349/.421/.713 OPS-1.134
1963 Current Clendenon, Donn Bats-R BAL-E 1b-2e14 INJ Risk-
LH--2b- 5.5 3b-1.75 HR-7.75 BB-13 .278/.379/.625 OPS-1.004
RH--2b- 6.2 3b-1.6 HR-2.5 BB-3 .332/.363/.496 OPS-.859
1966 is a real good card for Clendenon, would be a good improvement, got some power.

1969 Sal Bando OAK Bats-R BAL-3L 3b-2e24 INJ Risk-0
LH--2b- 3.2 3b-1.8 HR-8.4 BB-22 .407/.550/.796 OPS-1.346
RH--2b- 3.7 3b-0.0 HR-6.6 BB-23 .274/.435/.553 OPS-.988
1973 Current Bando, Sal Bats-R BAL-E 3b-2e24
LH--2b- 4.8 3b-0.25 HR-6.4 BB-14 .369/.456/.632 OPS-1.088
RH--2b- 6.1 3b-0.25 HR-7.7 BB-17 .318/.431/.648 OPS-1.079
Nice card, especially vs LHP.

1970 Bob Robertson PIT Bats-R BAL-4R 1b-4e8, 3b-4e62, LF-4(+2)e25 INJ Risk-15 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 1.7 3b-1.8 HR-8.3 BB-18 .212 .350 .549 OPS-.899
RH--2b- 6.2 3b-0.8 HR-12.0 BB-15 .374 .467 .848 OPS-1.315
1971 Current Robertson, Bob Bats- R BAL- 1R 1b-2e11
LH--2b- 0 3b-0.6 HR-10.2 BB-13 .292 .391 .634 OPS-1.025
RH--2b- 5.6 3b-0 HR-9.4 BB-14 .315 .417 .683 OPS-1.100
Good numbers vs RHP……

1970 Frank Howard WAS Bats-R BAL-2L 1b-3e22, LF/RF-4(+3)e9 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 3.3 3b-0.0 HR-11.1 BB-36 .407/.610/.922 OPS-1.532
RH--2b- 0.0 3b-0.0 HR-12.3 BB-18 .279/.406/.693 OPS-1.099
1969 Current Howard, Frank Bats-R BAL-3L lf-4(+3)e7 1b-4e30 rf-4e7
LH--2b- 0.5 3b-1.6 HR-16 BB-20 .435/.550/1.036 OPS-1.586
RH--2b- 2.25 3b-0 HR-12.25 BB-15 .335/.440/.764 OPS-1.204
The Capital Punisher Led League in HR & RBI, 4th in MVP vote.

1970 Denis Menke HOU Bats-R BAL-1L 1b-4e5, 2b-3e8, SS-3e40, 3b-3e65, LF/RF-4(+2)e16 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 8.7 3b-1.5 HR-2.4 BB-13 .376/.462/.579 OPS-1.042
RH--2b- 2.5 3b-1.0 HR-2.4 BB-17 .340/.456/.472 OPS-.928
1968 Current Menke, Denis Bats-R BAL-E 2b-3e15 ss-4e28 1b-4e17 3b-3e13
LH--2b- 6.75 3b-1.8 HR-0 BB-20 .248/.401/.368 OPS-.769
RH--2b- 3.2 3b-1.35 HR-1.55 BB-11 .272/.360/.383 OPS-.743
Plays a bunch of spots, good OBP. 1970 hits better too.

1971 Lee May CIN Bats-R BAL-E 1b-3e9 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 1.5 3b-2.5 HR-15.0 BB-4 .272/.312/.776 OPS-1.089
RH--2b- 2.1 3b-0.0 HR-11.5 BB-8 .326/.388/.699 OPS-1.088
1976 Lee May BAL Bats-R BAL-E 1b-4e6 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0.0 3b-0.0 HR-11.3 BB-11 .221/.308/.573 OPS-.881
RH--2b- 3.5 3b-1.3 HR-6.8 BB-2 .263/.290.516 OPS-.806
1970 Current May, Lee Bats-R BAL-6L 1b-3e11
LH--2b- 14.4 3b-0 HR-12 BB-4 .392/.420/.882 OPS-1.302
RH--2b- 4.2 3b-0 HR-8.15 BB-3 .213/.242/.488 OPS-.730
Here’s a better Reds card in 1971 that’s much more balanced, and an Orioles card in ’76 when he led the AL in RBI.

1977 Bob Watson HOU Bats-R BAL-2L 1b-3e10 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.9 3b-0.4 HR-9.6 BB-6 .393/.444/.752 OPS-1.195
RH--2b- 9.2 3b-1.7 HR-5.6 BB-9 .314/.390/.623 OPS-1.013
1975 Bob Watson HOU Bats-R BAL-3L 1b-4e11, LF-4(+3)e6 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 13.0 3b-0.7 HR-4.6 BB-6 .474/.508/.750 OPS-1.258
RH--2b- 4.0 3b-0.0 HR-7.3 BB-3 .362/.385/.610 OPS-.995
1973 Bob Watson HOU Bats-R BAL-2L 1b-4e19, LF-5(+3)e11 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 7.8 3b-1.0 HR-3.8 BB-21 .441/.560/.688 OPS-1.248
RH--2b- 2.4 3b-0.2 HR-2.8 BB-17 .374/.494/.499 OPS-.983
1978 Current Watson, Bob Bats-R BAL-2L 1b-3e12
LH--2b- 5.05 3b-2.2 HR-5.5 BB-5 .390/.429/.647 OPS-1.076
RH--2b- 6.5 3b-1 HR-4.75 BB-9 .308/.378/.542 OPS-.920
Watson just passed away recently, would be nice to see an improvement for him. Any of these cards would be an improvement.

1975 George Scott MIL Bats-R BAL-4R 1b-1e17, 3b-4e44 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.1 3b-0.6 HR-4.9 BB-3 .243/.271/.425 OPS-.696
RH--2b- 4.5 3b-0.6 HR-11.8 BB-7 .347/.396/.757 OPS-1.153
1977 George Scott BOS Bats-R BAL-6L 1b-2e25 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 7.5 3b-0.5 HR-9.7 BB-11 .427/.496/.823 OPS-1.318
RH--2b- 2.9 3b-0.9 HR-6.5 BB-9 .208/.296/.459 OPS-.755
1967 Current Scott, George Bats-R BAL-1R 1b-1e20 INJ Risk-
LH--2b- 7.45 3b-1.2 HR-1.35 BB-14 .346/.443/.497 OPS-.940
RH--2b- 2 3b-1.9 HR-4.7 BB-10 .366/.437/.573 OPS-1.010
Two fun Boomer cards; 1975 he led league in HR, RBI, and Total Bases, and has a strong line against RHP.
The 1977 card is good vs LHP….

1980 Chris Chambliss ATL Bats-L BAL-4R 1b-2e12 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.4 3b-0.0 HR-2.7 BB-0 .202/.217/.308 OPS-.525
RH--2b- 8.8 3b-0.0 HR-4.5 BB-10 .332/.406/.564 OPS.971
1976 Chris Chambliss NYY Bats-L BAL-1L 1b-3e9 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.0 3b-0.6 HR-7.5 BB-0 .315/.322/.565 OPS-.887
RH--2b- 8.9 3b-1.8 HR-0.8 BB-2 .327/.346/.468 OPS-.813
1979 Current Chambliss, Chris Bats-L BAL-3R 1b-2e9
LH--2b- 3.5 3b-0.2 HR-3.3 BB-0 .242/.256/.373 OPS-.629
RH--2b- 6.4 3b-0.25 HR-5.2 BB-6 .352/.400/.577 OPS-.977
1982 Current Chambliss, Chris Bats-L BAL-E 1b-2e13
LH--2b- 7.6 3b-0 HR-0.75 BB-0 .295/.295/.386 OPS-.681
RH--2b- 3.9 3b-0 HR-6.3 BB-10 .244/.314/.477 OPS-.791
1976 is better than his current Yankee card, good power vs LHP.
1980 is better than his current Braves card.

1977 Dan Driessen CIN Bats-L BAL-3R 1b-3e8 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.2 3b-0.0 HR-2.8 BB-9 .226/.358/.409 OPS-.767
RH--2b- 8.1 3b-1.2 HR-5.3 BB-13 .393/.471/.671 OPS-1.143
1975 Current Driessen, Dan Bats-L BAL-2R 1b-2e24 rf-4(+2)e9 lf-4e9
LH--2b- 3.6 3b-0 HR-3.5 BB-16 .159/.299/.316 OPS-.615
RH--2b- 2.1 3b-0 HR-4.25 BB-20 .276/.423/.448 OPS-.871
Give Driessen an improvement. Good vs RHP

1977 Eric Soderholm CWS Bats-R BAL-3L 3b-2e11 INJ Risk-15 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 2.5 3b-1.6 HR-12.9 BB-12 .359/.442.831 OPS-1.273
RH--2b- 4.3 3b-0.0 HR-7.8 BB-3 .296/.361/.577 OPS-.938
1974 Current Soderholm, Eric Bats-R BAL-2R 3b-2e21 ss-4e48
LH--2b- 0.8 3b-1.5 HR-1.25 BB-8 .251/.320/.328 OPS-.648
RH--2b- 4.6 3b-0.2 HR-2.75 BB-14 .327/.426/.471 OPS-.897
Soderholm has a good 1977 card, much better than current one.

1977 Andre Thornton CLE Bats-R BAL-6R 1b-2e9 INJ Risk-15 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 0.0 3b-0.4 HR-3.5 BB-21 .141/.348/.279 OPS-.626
RH--2b- 6.0 3b-1.6 HR-11.5 BB-22 .332/.499/.860 OPS-1.359
1979 Current Thornton, Andre Bats-R BAL-2L 1b-2e9
LH--2b- 12.6 3b-0.5 HR-4.55 BB-27 .272/.467/.616 OPS-1.083
RH--2b- 3.8 3b-0 HR-7.7 BB-22 .177/.360/.498 OPS-.858
I like this Thornton 1977 card as a cheaper alternative in RH power parks. Check out those power stats vs RHP. Would be a good add.

1980 Buddy Bell TEX Bats-R BAL-3R 3b-1e11, SS-4e16 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH--2b- 0.8 3b-0.4 HR-2.5 BB-8 .340/.389/.431 OPS-.819
RH--2b- 7.8 3b-1.3 HR-6.2 BB-3 .402/.419/.671 OPS-1.089
1979 Current Bell, Buddy Bats-R BAL-1L 3b-1e17 / ss-4e16
LH--2b- 3.2 3b-0 HR-6.8 BB-6 .342/.384.575 OPS-.959
RH--2b- 9.7 3b-0.6 HR-2 BB-0 .323/.329/.481 OPS-.810
Better offensively, though the injury risk is bigger.

1982 Toby Harrah CLE Bats-R BAL-2L 3b-3e13, 2b-4e8, SS-4e28 INJ Risk-0
LH--2b- 5.0 3b-1.0 HR-5.5 BB-15 .403/.508/.667 OPS-1.176
RH--2b- 3.4 3b-0.2 HR-5.6 BB-16 .314/.441/.548 OPS-.988
1974 Current Harrah, Toby Bats-R BAL-5L ss-3e32 3b-3e27
LH--2b- 3.2 3b-0.3 HR-11.4 BB-7 .374/.420/.754 OPS-1.174
RH--2b- 3.75 3b-0 HR-3.5 BB-9 .216/.288/.361 OPS-.649
1977 Current Harrah, Toby Bats-R BAL-1L 3b-3e16 / ss-4e38
LH--2b- 3.85 3b-1.5 HR-5.25 BB-27 .305/.505/.599 OPS-1.104
RH--2b- 3.6 3b-0.6 HR-7.5 BB-26 .249/.457/.599 OPS-1.056
Hits better than current ’77 card……….Bulletproof

1982 Eddie Murray BAL Bats-S BAL-3L 1b-1e5 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.4 3b-0.2 HR-10.8 BB-3 .469/.483/.832 OPS- 1.316
RH--2b- 6.0 3b-0.0 HR-7.8 BB-12 .290/.369/.596 OPS- .965
1990 Eddie Murray LA Bats-S BAL-2R 1b-3e11 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 1.4 3b-0.0 HR-6.0 BB-10 .380/.437/.578 OPS- 1.015
RH--2b- 3.1 3b-1.3 HR-8.8 BB-14 .425/.500/.765 OPS- 1.265
1983 Current Murray, Eddie Bats-S BAL-1R 1b-1e12
LH--2b- 2 3b-0 HR-9 BB-18 .324/.443/.649 OPS- 1.092
RH--2b- 5.8 3b-0.75 HR-8.75 BB-13 .370/.452/.727 OPS- 1.179
1984 Current Murray, Eddie Bats-S BAL-4R 1b-1e13
LH--2b- 0.75 3b-0.6 HR-4.4 BB-20 .272/.413/.446 OPS- .859
RH--2b- 4.3 3b-0.15 HR-9.3 BB-17 .394/.495/.756 OPS- 1.251
1982 was 2nd in MVP vote, 5th in 1990 as a Dodger. That 1982 is better vs LHP than other Murray cards, which are usually tilted toward RHP.

1983 Bob Horner ATL Bats-R BAL-2L 3b-4e17, 1b-4e25 INJ Risk-15 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 14.5 3b-0.0 HR-9.5 BB-2 .377/.394/.787 OPS-1.181
RH--2b- 5.4 3b-0.3 HR-7.2 BB-21 .346/.479/.666 OPS-1.145
1982 Current Horner, Bob Bats-R BAL-1L 3b-3e12
LH--2b- 1.2 3b-0 HR-11.2 BB-20 .272/.420/.677 OPS-1.097
RH--2b- 5.3 3b-0 HR-9.2 BB-16 .247/.372/.612 OPS-.984
1983 can play 1b & 3b, better OBP, nice doubles

1984 Hubie Brooks NYM Bats-R BAL-1L 3b-3e28, SS-4e48 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.9 3b-0.0 HR-5.5 BB-5 .306/.344/.525 OPS-.870
RH--2b- 2.2 3b-0.5 HR-3.0 BB-4 .306/.338/.424 OPS-.762
1986 Current Brooks, Hubie Bats-R BAL-3L ss-3e32
LH--2b- 8.4 3b-6.1 HR-10.5 BB-16 .505/.583/1.078 OPS-1.661
RH--2b- 6.3 3b-1.4 HR-7.3 BB-2 .439/.455/.734 OPS-1.189
Here’s Hubie at 3b, not near to 1986 offensively though.

1987 Will Clark SF Bats-L BAL-E 1b-2e16 INJ Risk-15 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 13.4 3b-1.6 HR-6.3 BB-0 .389/.398/.720 OPS-1.118
RH--2b- 1.8 3b-0.8 HR-13.2 BB-9 .340/.407/.782 OPS-1.189
1989 Current Clark, Will Bats-L BAL-1R 1b-1e11
LH--2b- 5.55 3b-2.05 HR-6.2 BB-4 .396/.430/.673 OPS-1.103
RH--2b- 8.6 3b-2.1 HR-5.9 BB-14 .421/.507/.753 OPS-1.260
1991 Current Clark, Will Bats-L BAL-4R 1b-1e5
LH--2b- 6.95 3b-1.25 HR-8 BB-3 .239/.267/.561 OPS-.828
RH--2b- 6.55 3b-1.85 HR-9.4 BB-5 .400/.434/.777 OPS-1.211
1987 Clark card has some really strong HR numbers vs RHP, which is different than other Clark cards.

1988 Wade Boggs BOS Bats-L BAL-2R 3b-2e12 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 6.3 3b-1.5 HR-0.9 BB-29 .442/.597/.596 OPS-1.193
RH--2b- 10.2 3b-1.3 HR-1.2 BB-22 .511/.615/.702 OPS-1.317
1986 Current Boggs, Wade Bats-L BAL-1R 3b-2e21
LH--2b- 8.35 3b-1.25 HR-1.1 BB-15 .444/.521.596 OPS-1.117
RH--2b- 11.3 3b-0 HR-2.2 BB-22 .448/.560/.656 OPS-1.216
1987 Current Boggs, Wade Bats-L BAL-1R 3b-2e15 1b-4e26
LH--2b- 8.05 3b-1.95 HR-6.8 BB-12 .419/.489/.760 OPS-1.249
RH--2b- 8.7 3b-1.1 HR-6.4 BB-23 .507/.616/.865 OPS-1.481
Better than 86 card, better vs LHP than 87 card.

1995 Rafael Palmeiro BAL Bats-L BAL-1R 1b-2e5 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4.2 3b-0.0 HR-11.5 BB-6 .323/.367/.706 OPS-1.073
RH--2b- 6.1 3b-0.3 HR-10.8 BB-12 .366/.442/.777 OPS-1.219
1994 Rafael Palmeiro BAL Bats-L BAL-4L 1b-3e6 15
LH--2b- 10.5 3b-0.0 HR-9.8 BB-15 .426/.511/.859 OPS-1.370
RH--2b- 7.9 3b-0.0 HR-5.4 BB-12 .317/.400/.569 OPS-.969
1999 Current Palmeiro, Rafael Bats-L BAL-3R 1b-2e6
LH--2b- 6 3b-0 HR-11.5 BB-8 .269/.330/.678 OPS-1.008
RH--2b- 4.1 3b-0 HR-12.5 BB-19 .391/.504/.864 OPS-1.368
95 not quite as good as 99, but 1994 is balanced more towards LHP, which would be different for Palmeiro.

1995 Tino Martinez SEA Bats-L BAL-3L 1b-3e10 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 8.9 3b-0.9 HR-9.2 BB-12 .367.449.774 OPS-1.224
RH--2b- 7.5 3b-0.2 HR-7.8 BB-6 .275/.329/.588 OPS-.917
1997Current Martinez, Tino Bats-L BAL-3R 1b-2e9
LH--2b- 3.45 3b-1.2 HR-7.25 BB-9 .268/.336/.550 OPS-.886
RH--2b- 5.3 3b-0 HR-13.8 BB-11 .341/.414/.828 OPS-1.242
Here’s Tino as a Mariner, and opposite of 97 card, he’s balanced towards LHP.

1996 Ed Sprague TOR Bats-R BAL-4L 3b-3e17 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 6.5 3b-0.0 HR-13.1 BB-10 .315/.404/.801 OPS-1.205
RH--2b- 5.5 3b-0.4 HR-7.9 BB-9 .203/.299/.518 OPS-.817
2001 Current Sprague, Ed Bats-R BAL-3L 1b-4e24 / 3b-4e27 / lf-4(+1)e15
LH--2b- 11.25 3b-0 HR-2.75 BB-12 .366/.449/.574 OPS-1.023
RH--2b- 1.4 3b-0 HR-4.75 BB-13 .247/.351/.415 OPS-.766
1990s Blue Jays 3b, good power vs LHP

1996 Mo Vaughn BOS Bats-L BAL-2R 1b-4e17 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 1.5 3b-0.3 HR-7.1 BB-17 .373/.501/.644 OPS-1.145
RH--2b- 3.9 3b-0.0 HR-11.9 BB-10 .378/.464/.804 OPS-1.268
1993 Current Vaughn, Mo Bats-L BAL-E 1b-4e24
LH--2b- 5.7 3b-0 HR-13 BB-7 .263/.331/.719 OPS-1.050
RH--2b- 7.4 3b-0 HR-6.6 BB-12 .323/.417/.615 OPS-1.032
1995Current Vaughn, Mo Bats-L BAL-5R 1b-4e13
LH--2b- 4.3 3b-0 HR-5 BB-5 .238/.308/.435 OPS-.743
RH--2b- 4.7 3b-0.6 HR-14.95 BB-9 .359/.442.898 OPS-1.340
Best OBP for Mo, who should’ve stayed in Fenway.

1997 Jeff Bagwell HOU Bats-R BAL-3R 1b-2e12 INJ Risk-0
LH--2b- 8.6 3b-0.0 HR-5.2 BB-29 .280.513/.611 OPS-1.124
RH--2b- 6.6 3b-0.3 HR-14.0 BB-22 .369/.532/.984 OPS-1.516
1999 Jeff Bagwell HOU Bats-R BAL-1L 1b-2e8 INJ Risk-0
LH--2b- 5.3 3b-0.0 HR-9.6 BB-26 .469/.617/.906 OPS-1.523
RH--2b- 5.5 3b-0.0 HR-10.6 BB-33 .356/.576/.881 OPS-1.457
1994 Current Bagwell, Jeff Bats-R BAL-9L 1b-1e14 / rf-4(+2)e16
LH--2b- 13.15 3b-1.25 HR-28.2 BB-23 .694/.765/1.902 OPS-2.667
RH--2b- 8.1 3b-0 HR-11.5 BB-14 .436/.519/.899 OPS-1.418
1996 Current Bagwell, Jeff Bats-R BAL-1L 1b-1e18
LH--2b- 13.95 3b-0 HR-2.05 BB-35 .522/.690/.809 OPS-1.499
RH--2b- 8.75 3b-0.25 HR-9.4 BB-26 .404/.564/.878 OPS-1.442
1997 would be fun vs RHP, which would be different for Bagwell.
1999 he led League in Runs and Walks.

1998 Scott Rolen PHI Bats-R BAL-2L 3b-1e14 INJ Risk-In Game ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 5.2 3b-1.0 HR-11.6 BB-29 .302/.515/.861 OPS-1.377
RH--2b- 9.7 3b-0.6 HR-5.3 BB-15 .329/.447/.628 OPS-1.074
2004 Current Rolen, Scott Bats-R BAL-2L 3b-1e12
LH--2b- 8.9 3b-1.2 HR-8.4 BB-37 .510/.700/1.063 OPS-1.763
RH--2b- 5.2 3b-0.8 HR-10.8 BB-12 .356/.457/.787 OPS-1.244
Here’s Rolen as a Phil………

2000 Mike Sweeney KC Bats-R BAL-2L 1b-4e13 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 9.2 3b-0.0 HR-5.4 BB-10 .471/.544/.742 OPS-1.286
RH--2b- 2.6 3b-0.0 HR-5.4 BB-12 .384/.481/.588 OPS-1.068
2002 Current Sweeney, Mike Bats-R BAL-E 1b-4e15
LH--2b- 4.75 3b-0 HR-7 BB-4 .420/.457/.675 OPS-1.132
RH--2b- 7.45 3b-0 HR-6.3 BB-16 .406/.510/.702 OPS-1.212
Less injury-prone Sweeney, hits well.

2006 Albert Pujols STL Bats-R BAL-2R 1b-1e7 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 6.1 3b-0.0 HR-11.8 BB-14 .405/.494/.854 OPS-1.348
RH--2b- 5.6 3b-0.0 HR-16.9 BB-15 .414/.501/1.026 OPS-1.527
2004 Albert Pujols STL Bats-R BAL-3L 1b-3e11 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 15.3 3b-1.2 HR-12.3 BB-17 .534/.616/1.146 OPS-1.761
RH--2b- 9.4 3b-0.0 HR-12.8 BB-15 .403/.497/.926 OPS-1.424
2001 Albert Pujols STL Bats-R BAL-2R 1b-3e25, 3b-4e33, LF-3(0)e12, RF-4(0)e12 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 6.6 3b-0.9 HR-9.2 BB-14 .309/.418/.704 OPS-1.122
RH--2b- 10.3 3b-0.6 HR-8.6 BB-12 .417/.498/.818 OPS-1.316
2005 Current Pujols, Albert Bats-R BAL-3R 1b-2e15
LH--2b- 5.9 3b-0.75 HR-7.3 BB-18 .345/.473/.682 OPS-1.155
RH--2b- 6.05 3b-0 HR-11.75 BB-14 .440/.528/.894 OPS-1.422
2008 Current Pujols, Albert Bats- R BAL- 3L 1b-1e7 / 2b-5e41
LH--2b- 11.55 3b-0 HR-11.25 BB-15 .577/.644/1.075 OPS-1.719
RH--2b- 9.3 3b-0 HR-11.5 BB-17 .434/.533/.926 OPS-1.459
2001 Pujols can also play 3b and corner OF, Rookie of the Year, 4th in MVP.
2004 led League in Runs and Total Bases, 3rd in MVP, awesome form both sides, especially vs LHP, though similar to ’08.
2006 led League in SLG and OPS, 2nd in MVP. These are the BEST Pujols power numbers vs RHP……

2003 Wil Cordero MON Bats-R BAL-3L 1b-4e7, LF-5(+3)e13 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 11.8 3b-0.0 HR-3.8 BB-12 .359/.442/.603 OPS-1.045
RH--2b- 4.4 3b-0.0 HR-3.8 BB-12 .265/.360/.431 OPS-.791
1994 Current Cordero, Wil Bats-R BAL-4L ss-3e33
LH--2b- 9 3b-0 HR-7.1 BB-14 .464/.549/.797 OPS-1.346
RH--2b- 8.3 3b-1.25 HR-3.95 BB-9 .300/.378/.536 OPS-.914
Cordero still hits LHP, but now you can play him in the field.

2003 Todd Helton COL Bats- L BAL- 2L 1b-1e4 INJ Risk- 3
LH--2b- 10.8 3b-1.0 HR-5.8 BB-20 .528/.619/.875 OPS-1.494
RH--2b- 10.3 3b-0.5 HR-7.3 BB-18 .411/.514/.784 OPS-1.298
2000 Current Helton, Todd Bats- L BAL- 3R 1b-2e7 INJ Risk-
LH--2b- 13.75 3b-0.75 HR-5.2 BB-25 .391/.544/.772 OPS-1.316
RH--2b- 13.4 3b-0 HR-10.4 BB-12 .474/.543/.949 OPS-1.492
This Helton is strong vs LHP, which is different than his current cards.

2004 Lance Berkman HOU Bats-S BAL-4R 1b-4e25, LF-3(-1)e3, RF/CF-4(-10)e3 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.8 3b-0.0 HR-2.5 BB-23 .279/.459/.443 OPS-.902
RH--2b- 7.7 3b-0.6 HR-8.4 BB-27 .422/.588/.865 OPS-1.453
2001 Current Berkman, Lance Bats-S BAL-3R lf-3(0)e6 / cf-4e6 / rf-3e6
LH--2b- 11 3b-0.75 HR-0 BB-17 .357/.488/.502 OPS-.990
RH--2b- 11.25 3b-0.75 HR-7.9 BB-18 .389/.519/.818 OPS-1.337
2006 Current Berkman, Lance Bats-S BAL-7R 1b-2e10 / rf-3(0)e13 / lf-3e13
LH--2b- 3.35 3b-0 HR-2.65 BB-18 .243/.383/.371 OPS-.754
RH--2b- 4.4 3b-0 HR-15.5 BB-16 .369/.474/.934 OPS-1.408
Not much different……..

2006 Carlos Delgado NYM Bats-L BAL-3R 1b-4e9 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.8 3b-1.8 HR-7.0 BB-10 .211/.313/.534 OPS-.846
RH--2b- 5.0 3b-0.0 HR-13.8 BB-14 .289/.407/.804 OPS-1.212
2000 Current Delgado, Carlos Bats-L BAL-4R 1b-4e13
LH--2b- 15.05 3b-0.4 HR-3.45 BB-13 .367/.473/.658 OPS-1.131
RH--2b- 10.5 3b-0 HR-12.75 BB-26 .457/.613/1.090 OPS-1.703
Delgado as a Met, power vs RHP

2012 David Wright NYM Bats-R BAL-E 3b-2e11, SS-4e48 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4.7 3b-0.4 HR-3.5 BB-17 .384/.487/.560 OPS-1.047
RH--2b- 9.5 3b-0.0 HR-4.3 BB-13 .348/.433/.585 OPS-1.018
2008 David Wright NYM Bats-R BAL-5L 3b-2e16 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 13.8 3b-0.5 HR-7.3 BB-28 .526/.653/.991 OPS-1.644
RH--2b- 4.2 3b-0.0 HR-7.3 BB-15 .301/.404/.584 OPS-.988
2007 Current Wright, David Bats-R BAL-3L 3b-2e22
LH--2b- 11.7 3b-0 HR-9.4 BB-17 .452/.548/.900 OPS-1.448
RH--2b- 5.3 3b-0 HR-5.6 BB-20 .377/.504/.634 OPS-1.138
Looking for another Wright card, that ’08 card vs LHP is interesting.

2011 David Ortiz BOS Bats-L BAL-2L 1b-5e18 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 13.9 3b-0.0 HR-7.8 BB-20 .449/.551/.873 OPS-1.424
RH--2b- 6.8 3b-0.0 HR-10.4 BB-13 .351/.429/.751 OPS-1.180
2016 David Ortiz BOS Bats-L BAL-3R 1b-5e24 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 7.1 3b-0.0 HR-6.0 BB-15 .402/.491/.675 OPS-1.166
RH--2b- 13.4 3b-0.0 HR-14.0 BB-14 .402/.485/.998 OPS-1.483
2006 David Ortiz BOS Bats-L BAL-E 1b-5e30 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 7.1 3b-0.3 HR-14.8 BB-17 .321/.441/.904 OPS-1.345
RH--2b- 2.2 3b-0.0 HR-16.1 BB-25 .315/.486/.936 OPS-1.422
2007 Current Ortiz, David Bats-L BAL-4R 1b-5e25
LH--2b- 8.45 3b-0 HR-3.3 BB-14 .362/.456/.561 OPS-1.017
RH--2b- 12.55 3b-0 HR-13.25 BB-27 .437/.588/1.099 OPS-1.687
Another card for Big Papi, his swan song in 2016 was fun and would be a nice addition, lots of doubles & HR. Led League in doubles, RBI, SLG, & OPS.
2011 is balanced and actually stronger vs LHP.
2006 has a LOT of power, though not as much OBP as current, led League in HR, RBI, BB, and Total Bases.

2007 Prince Fielder MIL Bats-L BAL-4R 1b4e15 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 6.0 3b-0.0 HR-7.5 BB-8 .276/.363/.576 OPS-.940
RH--2b- 5.8 3b-0.1 HR-15.8 BB-15 .327/.452/.932 OPS-1.384
2009 Current Fielder, Prince Bats-L BAL-E 1b-4e7
LH--2b- 7.7 3b-0.5 HR-11.4 BB-5 .345/.394/.774 OPS-1.168
RH--2b- 4.5 3b-0 HR-11 BB-23 .341/.500/.798 OPS-1.298
Good vs RHP, more power………………

2014 Victor Martinez DET Bats-S BAL-4L 1b-4e15, C-5(+2)e16 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 8.3 3b-0.0 HR-14.5 BB-3 .460/.485/.963 OPS-1.448
RH--2b- 5.5 3b-0.0 HR-7.0 BB-7 .403/.453/.671 OPS-1.123
2007 Current Martinez, Victor Bats-S BAL-2R c-4(0)e5,T-1(pb-5) / 1b-4e7
LH--2b- 5.3 3b-0 HR-3.95 BB-8 .279/.359/.457 OPS-.816
RH--2b- 9 3b-0 HR-7.1 BB-7 .325/.394/.637 OPS-1.031
VMart as a Tiger, finished 2nd in MVP race. This card is MUCH BETTER than current card, though can’t catch.

2017 Joey Votto CIN Bats-L BAL-E 1b-2e4 INJ Risk-0
LH--2b- 6.1 3b-0.0 HR-8.3 BB-29 .357/.547/.764 OPS-1.312
RH--2b- 4.8 3b-0.0 HR-7.2 BB-25 .412/.565/.743 OPS-1.307
2010 Current Votto, Joey Bats-L BAL-4R 1b-2e6
LH--2b- 7 3b-0 HR-4.25 BB-21 .310/.463/.545 OPS-1.008
RH--2b- 6.55 3b-0.3 HR-12.25 BB-17 .425/.531/.924 OPS-1.455
Here’s an even balanced Votto, led League in Walks, OBP, & OPS. And he’s Bulletproof.
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Corner infielders

1974 Mike Jorgensen, LHB, Expos, .310 .444 .488 .931 in 131 games & 366 PA, a 1 at 1B and a 3(0)e6 corner OFer. The grown up version of Ken Smith, Jorgensen can actually hit lefties and righties equally well, knock in some runs with positive clutch hitting and has a crazy high, for the expansion era, .444 OBP. No ATG card.

1974 Mike Jorgensen, MON, Bats-L, E Balance, 1b-1e3, LF/RF-3(0)e6, CF-4(0)e6
LH--6.1 2b, 0 3b, 5 HR, 25 BB 346/509/606, 1.115 OPS
RH--4.8 2b, 0 3b, 4.3 HR, 32 BB 355/558/591, 1.149 OPS

1925 Jim Bottomley, Cardinals, 1B, bats L. .367 21 128 .413 .992. Led NL in games played, HITS and DO. Career highs in HITS and DO. Near career highs in games played, BA, OBP & OPS.

1981 Carney Lansford, Red Sox 3B .336 4 52 .389 .439 .828 AL batting champ & Silver Slugger in strike shortened season. Career highs in BA, OPS. 2nd career high in OBP.

1989 Carney Lansford, A's 3B .336 2 52 .398 .405 .803 Career high in OBP, tied career high in BA. Highest BA for an A's player in the 50+ seasons playing in spacious Oakland Coliseum dating back to 1968.

1987 Brook Jacoby, Indians .300 32 69 .387 .541 .928 Career highs in BA, HR, SLG, OPS & OPS+. 2nd career high in DO.

1990 Kelly Gruber, Blue Jays .274 31 118 .330 .512 .842 Career highs in every major offensive category except BA, where it was his 2nd career high. Gold Glove, Silver Slugger.

1991 Terry Pendleton, Braves .319 22 86 .363 .517.880 NL MVP Led league in BA, HITS & TB. Switch hitter. Career highs in BA, HR, SLG, OBP, OPS & OPS+. 2nd career high in RUNS, HITS & DO. 2e27

Middle IFers

2010 Alexei Ramirez RHB, SS, White Sox .282 18 70 .313 .431 .744. Career highs in RUNS. Near career highs in HITS, BA, HR, SLG, OPS & OPS+. Silver Slugger. SS 1e21. No ATG card.


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Sent Jorgensen and Ramirez to Hitters with NO CARD thread.

1925 Jim Bottomley STL Bats-L BAL-E 1b-2e21 INJ Risk-3
LH—2b-8.5 3b-2.4 HR-5.9 BB-6 .467/.502/.774 OPS-1.276
RH—2b-8.3 3b-2.4 HR-5.9 BB-6 .459/.494/.763 OPS-1.257
1928 Bottomley, Jim STL Bats-L BAL-E 1b-2e16 INJ Risk-3
LH—2b-8 3b-5.4 HR-9.6 BB-14 .389/.474/.900 OPS-1.374
RH—2b-8.3 3b-5.5 HR-9.9 BB-14 .402/.485/.928 OPS-1.413
Little more AVG, different because of that, 1928 is better overall.

1981 Carney Lansford BOS Bats-R BAL-1L 3b-3e24, 1b-3e5 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-5.80 3b-1.5 HR-2.0 BB-11 .451/.512/.605 OPS-1.116
RH—2b-11.8 3b-0.5 HR-1.2 BB-6 .394/.433/.556 OPS-.989
1989 Carney Lansford OAK Bats-R BAL-4L 3b-2e17, 1b-3e5 INJ Risk-3
LH—2b-7.3 3b-1.8 HR-1.2 BB-17 .537/.623/.700 OPS-1.323
HR—2b-4.4 3b-0.0 HR-0.4 BB-6 .395/.445/.451 OPS-.896
1979 Current Lansford, Carney CAL Bats-R BAL-E 3b-2e8 INJ Risk-In Game
LH—2b-6 3b-1.5 HR-0.8 BB-2 .337/.356/.446 OPS-.802
RH—2b-3.6 3b-0.5 HR-4.8 BB-4 .295/.327/.478 OPS-.805
A couple of good improvements here. I think I like the more balanced 1981 card when he won Batting Title.

1987 Brook Jacoby CLE Bats-R BAL-4R 3b-4e25, 1b-4e25 INJ Risk-3
LH—2b-6.1 3b-1.5 HR-2.8 BB-26 .264/.448/.480 OPS-.927
RH—2b-3.5 3b-0.9 HR-9.8 BB-13 .377/.458/.744 OPS-1.202
1985 Current Jacoby, Brook CLE Bats-R BAL-1L 3b-2e19, 2b-4e47 INJ Risk-3
LH—2b-2 3b-0 HR-6.1 BB-8 .270/.324/.473 OPS-.797
RH—2b-4.4 3b-0.8 HR-2.2 BB-6 .284/.324/.406 OPS-.730
I remember as a kid thinking the Braves had some prospects with cool names: Brett Butler & Brook Jacoby. Then they were the players to be named later in the Len Barker deal. Dumb.

1990 Kelly Gruber TOR Bats-R BAL-1L 3b-2e22, RF-4(+2)e7 INJ Risk-3
LH—2b-7.3 3b-4.2 HR-6.0 BB-9 .308/.385/.659 OPS-1.045
RH—2b-6.7 3b-0.8 HR-7.5 BB-10 .281/.368/.605 OPS-.973
1991 Current Gruber, Kelly TOR Bats-R BAL-3L 3b-1e18 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-1.8 3b-0 HR-10.2 BB-5 .273/.327/.598 OPS-.925
LH—2b-3.8 3b-0.6 HR-4.5 BB-3 .231/.274/.412 OPS-.686

1991 Terry Pendleton ATL Bats-S BAL-2R 3b-2e27 INJ Risk-3
LH—2b-6.0 3b-2.8 HR-2.2 BB-5 .333/.364/.510 OPS-.874
RH—2b-7.3 3b-1.5 HR-6.8 BB-2 .390/.401/.680 OPS-1.081
1987 Current Pendleton, Terry STL Bats-S BAL-2L 3b-1e28 INJ Risk-3
LH—2b-3.4 3b-0.4 HR-1.3 BB-5 .390/.424/.468 OPS-.892
RH—2b-4.8 3b-0.6 HR-2.3 BB-15 .232/.345/.370 OPS-.715
Good improvement, would be good to have the 1991 NL MVP and Batting Champ.


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One more obscure and long forgotten middle infielder:

1949 Cass Michaels, White Sox, RHB, 2B .308 6 83 .417 .421 Career highs in G (all 154), PA, R, H, 2B, 3B, RBI, BB, BA, OBP, SLG, OPS & OPS+. The first of 2 straight years as an All-Star. Sox traded him to make way for future HOFer Nellie Fox. Not sure about his D, but would be a big improvement over his 1951 card.


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PostFri Jun 05, 2020 8:34 pm

BDWard wrote:One more obscure and long forgotten middle infielder:

1949 Cass Michaels, White Sox, RHB, 2B .308 6 83 .417 .421 Career highs in G (all 154), PA, R, H, 2B, 3B, RBI, BB, BA, OBP, SLG, OPS & OPS+. The first of 2 straight years as an All-Star. Sox traded him to make way for future HOFer Nellie Fox. Not sure about his D, but would be a big improvement over his 1951 card.

1949 Cass Michaels CWS Bats-R BAL-E 2b-3e22 INJ Risk-0
LH—2b-1.5 3b-2.8 HR-2.2 BB-17 .376/.480/.528 OPS-1.007
RH—2b-5.5 3b-1.9 HR-1.2 BB-19 .366/.483/.513 OPS-.996


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PostSat Jun 06, 2020 3:32 pm

Wouldn't 1948 be a better Ken Keltner? 31 HRs .917 OPS


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PostThu Jul 23, 2020 3:26 pm

Utility Infielder 2000 Minnesota Denny Hocking played 7 positions 10 games or more in this season

433 ab .298 avg .373 obp switch hitter 4hr 4 triple 24 double 47 rbi 48 bb 7of 12 sb


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PostThu Jul 23, 2020 3:44 pm

1986 mike schmidt

160 games 552 ab 652 pa .290 ba 37 hr 119 rbi 1 triple 29 doubles 89 bb 1 sb 2cs

1 def third 2 at first awesome against lhp

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