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PostMon Jun 01, 2020 12:50 am

I've spent a good bit of time looking at card options, both players with No Card and improvements for current players (I usually consider improvements either true improvement on a player who is poorly represented, or a player's card that is different from the way the player is currently represented in the set.)
The stats are run through Diamonddope in Veterans 1975 (10,10,10,10).

I'm still working on Pitchers, mainly waiting to finish info on whether SPs get the * or not.


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PostMon Jun 01, 2020 12:50 am


1910 Rube Oldring PHA Bats-L BAL-E CF/LF/RF-1(+2)e7 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 6.3 3b-3.9 HR-1.0 BB-0 .390/.395/.549 OPS-.944
RH--2b- 6.3 3b-3.6 HR-1.0 BB-0 .383/.388/.536 OPS-.925
1911 Current Oldring, Rube Bats-R BAL-1R cf-2(0)e4
LH--2b- 0.6 3b-5.05 HR-1.5 BB-0 .275/.288/.418 OPS-.706
RH--2b- 0.2 3b-3.9 HR-0.5 BB-1 .358/.375/.448 OPS-.823
Connie Mack’s first CF for those early 1900s teams. Slight improvement.

1916 Amos Strunk PHA Bats-L BAL-1R CF-2(-1)e7, RF-2(-1)e7, 1b-4e21 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 5.9 3b-1.6 HR-0.5 BB-13 .396/.475/.509 OPS-.983
RH--2b- 6.2 3b-1.8 HR-0.6 BB-13 .432/.511/.555 OPS-1.066
1913 Current Strunk, Amos Bats-L BAL-2R cf-2(-1)e8 / rf-2e8 / lf-2e8
LH--2b- 2.8 3b-5.4 HR-0 BB-9 .316/.379/.455 OPS-.834
RH--2b- 3.4 3b-6.5 HR-0 BB-9 .382/.439/.549 OPS-.988
Oldring’s CF replacement, this is much better offensive card than current one, play multiple positions.

1920 Hy Myers BKN Bats-R BAL-2L CF-2(-1)e9, 3b-4e33 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 13.2 3b-4.8 HR-2.8 BB-8 .387/.433/.699 OPS-1.132
RH--2b- 6.9 3b-6.5 HR-0.2 BB-3 .338/.356/.530 OPS-.886
1921 Current Myers, Hy Bats-R BAL-E cf-3(-3)e7 rf-3e7 2b-4e19 lf-3e7 3b-4e28
LH--2b- 0.8 3b-0 HR-0.5 BB-1 .303/.316/.325 OPS-.641
RH--2b- 0.75 3b-0 HR-0.4 BB-1 .296/.309/.315 OPS-.624
Led League in Triples in 1920. Dodgers CF from 1915-1923, and this card is much better than his scrub card.

1923 Edd Roush CIN Bats-L BAL-E CF/LF/RF-1(-2)e12 INJ Risk-15 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 9.6 3b-5.3 HR-1.0 BB-8 .400/.450/.634 OPS-1.084
RH--2b- 10.0 3b-5.6 HR-1.3 BB-8 .415/.464/.667 OPS-1.131
1925 Current Roush, Edd Bats-L BAL-E cf-1(-2)e6 rf-1e6 lf-1e6
LH--2b- 4.95 3b-4.75 HR-2.2 BB-4 .410/.437/.614 OPS-1.051
RH--2b- 4.95 3b-4.5 HR-2.2 BB-4 .401/.429/.601 OPS-1.030
There are lots of good Roush seasons. I like 1923 because he has more XBH. Led League in doubles.

1929 Earle Combs NYY Bats-L BAL-E CF/RF-1(+3)e14, LF-2(+3)e14 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.3 3b-3.5 HR-0.0 BB-12 .445/.512/.575 OPS-1.087
RH--2b- 5.3 3b-3.5 HR-0.0 BB-12 .445/.512/.575 OPS-1.087
1927 Current Combs, Earle Bats-L BAL-3R cf-1(+3)e10
LH--2b- 7.7 3b-0.8 HR-0 BB-3 .389/.412/.478 OPS-.890
RH--2b- 4.45 3b-7.05 HR-0.7 BB-10 .467/.521/.680 OPS-1.201
1930 Current Combs, Earle Bats-L BAL-1R lf-2(+3)e9 rf-2e9 cf-3e9 INJ Risk-
LH--2b- 3 3b-2.5 HR-0 BB-18 .416/.513/.504 OPS-1.017
RH--2b- 4.9 3b-7 HR-1.4 BB-15 .404/.487/.652 OPS-1.139
Don’t know that 1929 is in any way an improvement. Like ’23, the ’29 card could play LF instead of CF with that noodle arm.

1931 Sam West WAS Bats-L BAL-E CF-1(-1)e5, LF/RF-3(-1)e5 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 9.8 3b-3.8 HR-0.3 BB-2 .377/.394/.551 OPS-.944
RH--2b- 10.3 3b-3.9 HR-0.3 BB-2 .361/.379/.540 OPS-.919
1935 Current West, Sam Bats-L BALE cf-1(-1)e5 rf-3e5 lf-3e5
LH--2b- 7.45 3b-0.2 HR-1.5 BB-15 .344/.441/.478 OPS-.919
RH--2b- 7.3 3b-0.2 HR-1.5 BB-15 .337/.435/.470 OPS-.905
Trade off OBP for more XBH………

1939 Terry Moore STL Bats-R BAL-E CF/LF/RF-1(0)e2 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 6.2 3b-0.0 HR-7.3 BB-10 .332/.400/.622 OPS-1.022
RH--2b- 6.2 3b-0.0 HR-7.3 BB-10 .328/.397/.616 OPS-1.013
1941 Current Moore Terry Bats-R BAL-1L cf-1(-4)e6
LH--2b- 7.25 3b-1.8 HR-3.25 BB-8 .329/.385/.537 OPS-.922
RH--2b- 5 3b-0.4 HR-0.8 BB-13 .333/.419/.419 OPS-.838
Cardinals CF during their 1930s-early 40’s golden age. This ’39 Moore has home run power, which would be new for Terry Moore.

1950 Dom DiMaggio BOS Bats-R BAL-2L CF-1(-3)e8 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 7.7 3b-1.6 HR-1.8 BB-12 .439/.512/.611 OPS- 1.123
RH--2b- 3.5 3b-3.0 HR-0.5 BB-17 .351/.465/.475 OPS- .940
1946 Current DiMaggio, Dom Bats-R BAL-E cf-1(-3)e5
LH--2b- 3.8 3b-1.5 HR-1.1 BB-13 .388/.468/.496 OPS- .964
RH--2b- 3.9 3b-1.6 HR-1 BB-13 .381/.461/.488 OPS- .949
Led League in Runs, triples, and steals. Nice OBP for an iconic Red Sox CF, would improve the post-war Red Sox CF situation.

1952 Larry Doby CLE Bats-L BAL-E CF-1(-2)e7 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 4.5 3b-2.1 HR-9.6 BB-20 .309/.444/.740 OPS-1.184
RH--2b- 4.8 3b-2.1 HR-9.8 BB-20 .319/.451/.760 OPS-1.211
1956 Larry Doby CLE Bats-L BAL-3R CF-1(-4)6 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 0.0 3b-0.0 HR-5.4 BB-9 .287/.359/.454 OPS-.813
RH--2b- 8.0 3b-0.3 HR-7.2 BB-34 .309/.539/.727 OPS-1.266
1950 Current Doby, Larry Bats-L BAL-4R cf-2(-2)e6
LH--2b- 3.4 3b-0 HR-2.5 BB-14 .342/.446/.462 OPS-.908
RH--2b- 5.2 3b-1.2 HR-10.2 BB-20 .415/.540/.865 OPS-1.405
1953 Current Doby, Larry Bats-L BAL-E cf-1(-2)e6 rf-1e6
LH--2b- 2.1 3b-1 HR-8.8 BB-22 .269/.425/.628 OPS-1.053
RH--2b- 2.1 3b-1 HR-8.75 BB-22 .269/.425/.626 OPS-1.051
1952 card is better than the ’53 balance and good D Doby. He led League in Runs, HR, and Slugging.

1953 Jim Busby WAS Bats-R BAL-2R CF-1(-2)e6 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4.3 3b-1.4 HR-0.0 BB-12 .287/.379/.361 OPS-.740
RH--2b- 5.3 3b-1.8 HR-0.2 BB-0 .393/.405/.482 OPS-.886
1955 Current Busby, Jim Bats-R BAL-E cf-1(-1)e6 rf-1e6
LH--2b- 3.15 3b-2 HR-1.6 BB-9 .231/.295/.352 OPS-.647
RH--2b- 2.95 3b-1.2 HR-0.8 BB-2 .246/.260/.319 OPS-.579
Better representation for Busby, at least not a scrub card.

1956 Jimmy Piersall BOS Bats-R BAL-3L CF-1(-1)e4 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 16.2 3b-1.6 HR-3.0 BB-14 .372/.454/.674 OPS-1.128
RH--2b- 6.3 3b-1.0 HR-1.8 BB-7 .329/.372/.462 OPS-.835
1954 Current Piersall, Jim Bats-R BAL-1L rf-1(0)e6 cf-1e6
LH--2b- 8.85 3b-1 HR-2.65 BB-2 .345/.363/.524 OPS-.887
RH--2b- 5.2 3b-0 HR-1.2 BB-6 .341/.384/.428 OPS-.812
Piersall led League in doubles in 1956, and his card represents that stat well. Good defense, not a big injury risk as current card.

1956 Bill Virdon PIT Bats-L BAL-3R CF-1(-2)e6 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 2.4 3b-0.5 HR-2.2 BB-1 .315/.328/.409 OPS-.737
RH--2b- 4.9 3b-3.5 HR-1.2 BB-2 .421/.437/.569 OPS-1.006
1960 Current Virdon, Bill Bats-L BAL-5R cf-1(-2)e8
LH--2b- 0 3b-2.8 HR-0 BB-5 .118/.159/.173 OPS-.332
RH--2b- 4.25 3b-3.4 HR-2.4 BB-9 .310/.368/.494 OPS-.862
Virdon needs a better card, was Pirates CF from 1956-1965. Not a bad line vs RHP, and good D.

1960 Mickey Mantle NYY Bats-S BAL-6L CF-1(-3)e3 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.3 3b-1.5 HR-17.8 BB-16 .471/.550/1.140 OPS-1.689
RH--2b- 0.0 3b-1.0 HR-8.5 BB-29 .229/ .436/ .577 OPS-1.013
1962 Mickey Mantle NYY Bats-S BAL-3R CF/RF-1(-3)e8 INJ Risk-15(2) ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 5.4 3b-0.6 HR-4.3 BB-29 .371/.540/.616 OPS-1.156
RH--2b- 0.3 3b-0.0 HR-12.0 BB-44 .386/.636/.952 OPS-1.588
1956 Current Mantle, Mickey Bats-S BAL-2R cf-2(-3)e5
LH--2b- 1.5 3b-0 HR-8.75 BB-10 .539/.586/.825 OPS-1.411
RH--2b- 3.6 3b-1.5 HR-19.3 BB-33 .461/.631/1.333 OPS-1.964
1957 Current Mantle, Mickey Bats-S BAL-2L cf-2(-3)e9
LH--2b- 10.7 3b-4.1 HR-9 BB-12 .611/.655/1.090 OPS-1.745
RH--2b- 3.9 3b-0.25 HR-11.25 BB-43 .503/.701/1.090 OPS-1.791
1961 Current Mantle, Mickey Bats-S BAL-1L cf-1(-3)e7
LH--2b- 6.15 3b-3.6 HR-11.25 BB-22 .516/.615/1.064 OPS-1.679
RH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-18.1 BB-33 .318/.526/1.042 OPS-1.568
1960 Mantle finished 2nd in MVP, led League in Runs, HR, Total Bases. DESTROYS LHP.
1962 Mantle was his last MVP Award, led League in BB, OBP, SLG, and OPS. Balanced towards RHP.

1961 Jim Landis CWS Bats-R BAL-E CF-1(-1)e6 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 2.0 3b-0.0 HR-7.5 BB-9 .345/.412/.598 OPS-1.010
RH--2b- 1.0 3b-2.0 HR-3.0 6 .321/.428/.614 OPS-1.043
1959 Current Landis, Jim Bats-R BAL-1R cf-1(-1)e3
LH--2b- 3.05 3b-2.6 HR-0.25 BB-18 .298/.435/.402 OPS-.837
RH--2b- 5.3 3b-2 HR-1.5 BB-17 .320/.446/.477 OPS-.923
1962 Current Landis, Jim Bats-R BAL-7L cf-1(-1)e2
LH--2b- 12 3b-1.95 HR-8 BB-13 .393/.483/.827 OPS-1.310
RH--2b- 0.3 3b-1 HR-1.5 BB-19 .163/.334/.242 OPS-.576
White Sox CF for 7 seasons, this card is better than the current balanced Landis card, more power.

1963 Vada Pinson CIN Bats-L BAL-4R CF/RF-1(-2)e9 INJ Risk-0
LH--2b- 11.5 3b-2.8 HR-4.3 BB-4 .239/.268/.525 OPS-.793
RH--2b- 5.3 3b-3.5 HR-6.7 BB-1 .436/.441/.738 OPS-1.179
1959 Current Pinson, Vada Bats-L BAL-E cf-1(-2)e7
LH--2b- 12.05 3b-1.6 HR-0.45 BB-10 .427/.480/.596 OPS-1.076
RH--2b- 9 3b-2.4 HR-5 BB-6 .374/.409/.656 OPS-1.065
1961 Current Pinson, Vada Bats-L BAL-E cf-1(-2)e10
LH--2b- 8.1 3b-1.15 HR-3.75 BB-5 .412/.439/.622 OPS-1.061
RH--2b- 6.1 3b-1.9 HR-2.5 BB-2 .423/.433/.587 OPS-1.020
1963 is Pinson’s first year in a 10-year run as a smooth Reds CF. He led the League in Runs and Doubles.

1967 Curt Flood STL Bats-R BAL-1R CF-1(0)e5 INJ Risk-15 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 1.0 3b-0.2 HR-2.1 BB-8 .406/.455/.482 OPS-.937
RH--2b- 7.4 3b-0.0 HR-0.6 BB-7 .433/.475/.525 OPS-1.000
1964 Current Flood, Curt Bats-R BAL-2L cf-1(-1)e5
LH--2b- 7.25 3b-0.2 HR-1.05 BB-2 .449/.469/.552 OPS-1.021
RH--2b- 1.4 3b-0 HR-1.65 BB-7 .344/.399/.409 OPS-.808
This is his best card. He deserves to get it in.

1972 Willie Davis LA Bats-L BAL-4R CF-1(-1)e6 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 1.5 3b-2.3 HR-0.6 BB-0 .257/.257/.330 OPS-.587
RH--2b- 4.0 3b-1.2 HR-6.3 BB-1 .355/.361/.590 OPS-.951
1971 Willie Davis LA Bats-L BAL-E CF-1(-1)e8 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 11.2 3b-3.5 HR-1.0 BB-0 .336/.336/.530 OPS-.866
RH--2b- 6.9 3b-1.6 HR-3.3 BB-0 .369/.369/.554 OPS-.924
1964 Current Davis, Willie Bats-L BAL-1R cf-2(0)e8
LH--2b- 0.5 3b-0.4 HR-2.7 BB-0 .324/.324/.411 OPS-.735
RH--2b- 4.85 3b-2.2 HR-2.2 BB-1 .336/.343/.485 OPS-.828
Willie Davis needs a “1” card in CF for those THIRTEEN Seasons he patrolled center in Dodger Stadium.
Pick between the balanced ’71 and ’72 weighted more towards RHP.

1973 Dave May MIL Bats-L BAL-1R CF-2(-2)e10 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 2.1 3b-1.0 HR-6.4 BB-0 .308/.321/.528 OPS-.849
RH--2b- 3.9 3b-0.3 HR-6.4 BB-7 .381/.432/.619 OPS-1.052
1974 Current May, Dave Bats-L BAL-1R rf-4(-1)e4 cf-4e4
LH--2b- 0.5 3b-1 HR-1.55 BB-0 .185/.185/.251 OPS-.436
RH--2b- 2.25 3b-0 HR-2.8 BB-3 .203/.225/.305 OPS-.530
Much Better card for early 70’s Brewers CF.

1976 Garry Maddox PHI Bats-R BAL-E CF-1(-2)e6 INJ Risk-15 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 11.8 3b-0.8 HR-1.6 BB-6 .388/.433/.568 OPS-1.001
RH--2b- 8.8 3b-1.5 HR-0.8 BB-4 .400/.433/.539 OPS-.972
1977 Current Maddox, Garry Bats-R BAL-1R cf-1(-2)e11
LH--2b- 5.3 3b-3 HR-1.5 BB-0 .306/.319/.455 OPS-.774
RH--2b- 4.8 3b-2.8 HR-3 BB-0 .334/.346/.517 OPS-.863
Best card for Phillies long-time CF. As a broadcaster, Ralph Kiner said, “Two-thirds of the earth is covered by water. The other third is covered by Garry Maddox.”

1988 Joe Carter CLE Bats-R BAL-3L CF-1(-1)e7 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 8.5 3b-1.0 HR-8.8 BB-1 .355/.373/.707 OPS-1.080
RH--2b- 6.2 3b-1.5 HR-6.3 BB-1 .264/.284/.531 OPS-.816
1986 Joe Carter CLE Bats-R BAL-E LF/RF-2(-1)e10, CF-3(-1)e10, 1b-3e10 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 5.8 3b-3.7 HR-4.6 BB-3 .349/.379/.610 OPS-.989
RH--2b- 6.1 3b-1.6 HR-6.2 BB-0 .327/.340/.589 OPS-.929
1991 Current Carter, Joe Bats-R BAL-3L rf-3(0)e9 / lf-3e9 / 1b-5e17 INJ Risk-
LH--2b- 7.45 3b-0.3 HR-7.25 BB-0 .383/.400/.667 OPS-1.067
RH--2b- 8.1 3b-0.15 HR-6.5 BB-5 .231/.288/.510 OPS-.798
Interesting cards for Joe Carter. Believe it or not, 1988 is a 1 in CF, and is better than his current best card.
In 1986 he led League in RBI and was 9th in MVP Voting, can play all OF spots and is balanced.

1989 Eric Davis CIN Bats-R BAL-3R CF/RF/LF-1(-3)e7 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH--2b- 0.0 3b-0.5 HR-9.1 BB-20 .222/.366/.542 OPS-.908
RH--2b- 1.6 3b-0.2 HR-12.0 BB-14 .354/.438/.758 OPS-1.195
1987 Current Davis, Eric Bats-R BAL-5L cf-1(-3)e5 / lf-1e5
LH--2b- 4.9 3b-0 HR-18.1 BB-19 .397/.503/1.062 OPS-1.565
RH--2b- 4 3b-1.5 HR-7.5 BB-23 .278/.432/.625 OPS-1.057
Meteoric rise before the fall, Davis finished 9th in MVP voting, and this card is different than his other cards with its stronger balance towards RHP. Plays all OF spots.

1991 Devon White TOR Bats-S BAL-2L CF-1(-3)e1 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 9.5 3b-1.3 HR-4.7 BB-5 .333/.376/.592 OPS-.968
RH--2b- 5.5 3b-2.8 HR-1.7 BB-8 .284/.350/.449 OPS-.800
1989 Current White, Devon Bats-S BAL-E cf-1(-3)e6
LH--2b- 3 3b-3 HR-2 BB-2 .234/.256/.377 OPS-.633
RH--2b- 0 3b-3.6 HR-2.4 BB-0 .232/.239/.366 OPS-.605
White was a better player than his scrub card represents. Much better offensively and defensively a great card.

1992 Andy Van Slyke PIT Bats-L BAL-3R CF-1(-3)e5 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 11.8 3b-2.2 HR-1.3 BB-4 .328/.359/.521 OPS-.881
RH--2b- 8.2 3b-3.7 HR-4.6 BB-11 .437/.500/.741 OPS-1.241
1988 Current Van Slyke, Andy Bats-L BAL-8R cf-1(-3)e4
LH--2b- 0.9 3b-4.9 HR-1.1 BB-6 .140/.188/.277 OPS-.465
RH--2b- 4.25 3b-3.55 HR-9.75 BB-12 .422/.486/.845 OPS-1.331
Pirates CF of the 1990s, this card is more balanced than his other PIT card.

1992 Ray Lankford STL Bats-L BAL-4R CF-1(-1)e2 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.6 3b-0.9 HR-1.8 BB-14 .250/.361/.387 OPS-.748
RH--2b- 9.9 3b-1.2 HR-6.8 BB-10 .370/.440/.708 OPS-1.148
1997 Current Lankford, Ray Bats-L BAL-2L cf-2(+2)e11
LH--2b- 10.65 3b-0.6 HR-15. 5 BB-12 .334/.408/.934 OPS-1.342
RH--2b- 7.85 3b-0.25 HR-8.2 BB-28 .326/.500/.738 OPS-1.238
Here’s a Lankford you can play in CF, good platoon numbers vs RHP.

1993 Kenny Lofton CLE Bats-L BAL-2R CF-1(-2)e10 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.6 3b-0.5 HR-0.0 BB-18 .346/.455/.395 OPS-.850
RH--2b- 4.4 3b-2.8 HR-0.6 BB-14 .426/.500/.551 OPS-1.051
1994 Current Lofton, Kenny Bats-L BAL-1R cf-1(-2)e3
LH--2b- 5.85 3b-5.1 HR-0.3 BB-15 .403/.491/.587 OPS-1.078
RH--2b- 9.5 3b-2.05 HR-2.95 BB-7 .445/.486/.670 OPS-1.156
Not that much different than his other cards………..

1993 Lance Johnson CWS Bats-L BAL-2R CF-1(+1)e11 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 1.8 3b-2.3 HR-0.0 BB-5 .282/.315/.342 OPS-.657
RH--2b- 1.3 3b-5.4 HR-0.0 BB-3 .365/.382/.480 OPS-.862
1991 Current Johnson, Lance Bats- L BAL- 2R cf-2(+1)e2
LH--2b- 0 3b-0.5 HR-0 BB-4 .238/.266/.248 OPS-.514
RH--2b- 0 3b-5 HR-0 BB-0 .301/.301/.394 OPS-.695
White Sox CF for seven seasons, led League in triples. He needs a card that’s better than our current scrub cards.

1996 Jim Edmonds CAL Bats-L BAL-6R CF-2(-2)e2 INJ Risk-15(3 Rating)
LH--2b- 2.8 3b-2.4 HR-1.7 BB-14 .207/.325/.345 OPS-.669
RH--2b- 8.7 3b-0.0 HR-11.5 BB-8 .387/.444/.828 OPS-1.271
2000 Jim Edmonds STL Bats-L BAL-2R CF-1(-1)e5, 1b4e10 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 0.0 3b-0.0 HR-9.8 BB-22 .314/.467/.664 OPS-1.131
RH--2b- 2.3 3b-0.0 HR-11.0 BB-24 .324/.487/.754 OPS-1.240
2001 Jim Edmonds, STL, Bats-L, 5R BAL, CF-1(-1)e7, 1b-4e10, 15 Game INJ Risk
LH—2b- 5.9 3b-0 HR-1.3 BB-23 .218/.399/.334 OPS-.733
RH—2b- 8.8 3b-0 HR-9.2 BB-19 .370/.493/.789 OPS-1.281
2002 Jim Edmonds, STL, Bats-L, 3R BAL, CF-1(-1)e6, 3 Game INJ Risk
LH—2b- 4.7 3b-0 HR-7.3 BB-14 .284/.396/.576, OPS-.972
RH—2b- 6.6 3b-0.5 HR-8.1 BB-20 .415/.540/.791, OPS-1.330
2003 Jim Edmonds, STL, Bats-L, 3R BAL, CF-1(-2)e7, LF-1(-2)e7, 15 Game INJ Risk
LH—2b- 1.9 3b-0 HR-14.1 BB-16 .192/.327/.683, OPS-1.010
RH—2b- 9.2 3b-0.3 HR-12.9 BB-21 .314/.460/.884, OPS-1.344
2004 Current Edmonds, Jim Bats-L BAL-E cf-1(-2)e5 / 1b-4e25
LH--2b- 21.75 3b-0 HR-6.25 BB-14 .365/.459/.805 OPS-1.264
RH--2b- 4.6 3b-0.75 HR-13.9 BB-25 .336/.502/.926 OPS-1.428
Here’s Edmonds as an Angel in 1996, platoon card vs RHP, but injury may be a problem.
2000 Edmonds finished 4th in MVP voting, better injury rating than 2004……..

2000 Ken Griffey Jr CIN Bats-L BAL-1R CF-1(-2)e6 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 1.5 3b-0.0 HR-11.1 BB-9 .274/.362/.641 OPS-1.002
RH--2b- 2.8 3b-0.6 HR-11.0 BB-19 .274/.428/.706 OPS-1.135
1994Current Griffey Jr., Ken Bats-L BAL-1R cf-1(-4)e7 / rf-1e7
LH--2b- 2 3b-1.75 HR-17.5 BB-6 .329/.373/.903 OPS-1.276
RH--2b- 7.65 3b-0.6 HR-15.25 BB-8 .413/.462/.965 OPS-1.427
Here’s Griffey in his best Reds season. The grass ain’t always greener, Kid.
2005 Ken Griffey Jr CIN Bats-L BAL-1R CF-3(-1)e4 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-7.6 3b-0.0 HR-5.4 BB-13 .244/.342/.497 OPS-.838
RH—2b-5.7 3b-0.0 HR-7.3 BB-9 .302/.367/.582 OPS-.948
This card was requested, but it's not as good as 2000.

2003 Preston Wilson COL Bats-R BAL-4R CF-2(-2)e8 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 1.6 3b-0.0 HR-2.0 BB-15 .269/.377/.352 OPS-.729
RH--2b- 12.0 3b-0.0 HR-10.8 BB-6 .305/.350/.745 OPS-1.095
1999 Current Wilson, Preston Bats-R BAL-2L cf-4(0)e12 / lf-3e12 / rf-3e12
LH--2b- 3.6 3b-2.25 HR-11.55 BB-12 .321/.422/.786 OPS-1.208
RH--2b- 3.1 3b-0.6 HR-7 BB-7 .326/.394/.587 OPS-.981
We have a Preston Wilson as a Marlin, here’s his best Rockies card. Might be nice in a lower cap RH Park.

2004 Johnny Damon BOS Bats-L BAL-2R CF-2(+2)e6 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 8.0 3b-1.3 HR-2.6 BB-7 .291/.344/.472 OPS-.816
RH--2b- 3.9 3b-1.2 HR-5.9 BB-16 .375/.473/.636 OPS-1.109
1999 Current Damon, Johnny Bats-L BAL-E lf-2(+2)e5 / cf-2e5 / rf-2e5
LH--2b- 6.5 3b-0 HR-1.5 BB-4 .367/.396/.473 OPS-.869
RH--2b- 7.6 3b-3.05 HR-2.35 BB-12 .327/.408/.546 OPS-.954
Damon as an Idiot. Not an improvement, but it’d be nice to see him added to the curse-breakers…..

2006 Torii Hunter MIN Bats-R BAL-2L CF-1(-3)e5 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4.8 3b-0.7 HR-8.3 BB-11 .382/.456/.708 OPS-1.164
RH--2b- 0.2 3b-0.2 HR-9.4 BB-6 .270/.324/.557 OPS-.882
2012 Torii Hunter CAL Bats-R BAL-1L RF-1(-2)e5 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 2.6 3b-0.0 HR-2.7 BB-10 .422/.491/.534 OPS-1.025
RH--2b- 3.9 3b-0.2 HR-4.1 BB-5 .361/.408/.527 OPS-.935
2007 Current Hunter, Torii Bats-R BAL-1L cf-1(-3)e2
LH--2b- 5.5 3b-0 HR-10 BB-0 .347/.359/.682 OPS-1.041
RH--2b- 10.8 3b-0 HR-6.6 BB-4 .293/.332/.593 OPS-.925
2006 is a better Hunter than our current one.
2012 is an Angels card, plays RF.

2006 Andruw Jones ATL Bats-R BAL-E CF-1(-3)e2 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 2.7 3b-0.0 HR-11.1 BB-18 .239/.401/.662 OPS-1.063
RH--2b- 3.9 3b-0.0 HR-10.5 BB-16 .257/.402/.664 OPS-1.066
2005 Current Jones, Andruw Bats-R BAL-2R cf-1(-4)e2
LH--2b- 4.25 3b-0 HR-11 BB-11 .242/.354/.647 OPS-1.001
RH--2b- 1.5 3b-0.9 HR-14.85 BB-9 .276/.370/.785 OPS-1.155
Better OBP than current 2005 card………

2006 Ichiro Suzuki SEA Bats-L BAL-2L CF/RF-1(-5)e3 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 0.8 3b-2.8 HR-2.3 BB-1 .464/.479/.588 OPS-1.066
RH--2b- 0.3 3b-1.7 HR-2.7 BB-0 .360/.372/.471 OPS-.843
2007 Ichiro Suzuki SEA Bats-L BAL-1R CF-1(-5)e1 INJ Risk-In Game ADDED TO SET
LH--2b-1.8 3b-1.6 HR-1.2 BB-2 .364/.382/.446 OPS-.828
RH--2b- 0.5 3b-1.3 HR-2.1 BB-1 .430/.441/.519 OPS-.960
2009 Ichiro Suzuki SEA Bats-L BAL-E RF-1(-5)e5 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 8.4 3b-0.2 HR-0.0 BB-0 .431/.437/.512 OPS-.949
RH--2b- 2.3 3b-0.6 HR-0.6 BB-0 .451/.456/.500 OPS-.956
2001 Current Suzuki, Ichiro Bats-L BAL-2R rf-1(-5)e1
LH--2b- 1 3b-2.75 HR-1.05 BB-0 .369/.381/.460 OPS-.841
RH--2b- 5.3 3b-1.2 HR-3 BB-0 .437/.447/.594 OPS-1.041
2004 Current Suzuki, Ichiro Bats-L BAL-3L rf-1(-5)e3
LH--2b- 3.2 3b-0.6 HR-2.05 BB-3 .544/.561/.646 OPS-1.207
RH--2b- 0.75 3b-1 HR-1.2 BB-0 .447/.452/.506 OPS-.958
These cards aren’t better offensively than what we have, but he plays CF.
Take your pick.

2015 Mike Trout CAL Bats-R BAL-E CF-1(-1)e0 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.9 3b-0.8 HR-10.0 BB-24 .397/.548/.858 OPS-1.406
RH--2b- 5.0 3b-1.8 HR-11.3 BB-16 .370/.481/.846 OPS-1.327
2013 Current Trout, Mike Bats-R BAL-2R cf-1(+1)e2 / lf-1e2
LH--2b- 8.5 3b-0 HR-4.25 BB-33 .385/.590.680 OPS-1.270
RH--2b- 6.05 3b-3.25 HR-7.1 BB-19 .433/.548/.826 OPS-1.374
2018 Current Trout, Mike Bats-R BAL-2R cf-1(-2)e0
LH--2b- 3.5 3b-2.5 HR-5.9 BB-29 .365/.559/.714 OPS-1.273
RH--2b- 3.5 3b-0.5 HR-12.5 BB-28 .427/.597/.980 OPS-1.577
More power in total than our other Trout cards, though OBP is lower. Finished 2nd in MVP vote to Josh Donaldson.
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1899 Chick Stahl BSB Bats-L BAL-2R RF-2(-1)e11), CF-4(-1)e11, RF-4(-1)e11, INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 2.5 3b-5.0 HR-1.0 BB-15 .355/.450/.522 OPS-.972
RH--2b- 3.2 3b-5.6 HR-1.6 BB-15 .417/.504/.624 OPS-1.128
1904 Current Stahl, Chick Bats-L BAL-E cf-4(+1)e5 lf-4e5 rf-4e5
LH--2b- 4.75 3b-4.6 HR-0.25 BB-14 .332/.425/.490 OPS-.915
RH--2b- 4.75 3b-4.6 HR-0.25 BB-14 .326/.420/.484 OPS-.904
Here’s a good db hitter, improvement.

1910 Solly Hofman CHC Bats-R BAL-E LF/CF/RF-3(0)e10, 1b-3e30, 3b-4e35 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 5.4 3b-5.0 HR-0.6 BB-15 .418/.505/.605 OPS-1.110
RH--2b- 5.1 3b-4.8 HR-0.6 BB-15 .397/.487/.576 OPS-1.062
1909 Current Hofman, Solly Bats-R BAL-1L cf-3(0)e6 rf-3e6 lf-3e6
LH--2b- 4.2 3b-0.25 HR-0.3 BB-10 .356/.422/.414 OPS-.836
RH--2b- 3.8 3b-0.25 HR-0.3 BB-10 .328/.397/.382 OPS-.779
This card is an improvement and has some really nice OBP, plays a lot of spots.

1910 Sherry Magee PHI Bats-R BAL-E LF/CF/RF-2(+2)e8 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 9.0 3b-4.5 HR-1.1 BB-22 .422/.545/.672 OPS-1.217
RH--2b- 9.0 3b-4.5 HR-1.1 BB-22 .416/.540/.666 OPS-1.207
1911 Current Magee, Sherry Bats-R BAL-1L lf-1(0)e3
LH--2b- 17.2 3b-0 HR-9 BB-0 .288/.308/.709 OPS-1.017
RH--2b- 8.8 3b-0.95 HR-4.85 BB-12 .313/.409/.585 OPS-.994
Led League in Runs, RBI, AVG, OBP, SLG, and OPS, missing on the Triple Crown because he didn’t hit homers.

1913 Sam Crawford DET Bats-L BAL-E CF/LF/RF-2(+1)e9, 1b-4e30 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 6.1 3b-5.8 HR-2.2 BB-7 .403/.447/.645 OPS-1.092
RH--2b- 6.0 3b-5.6 HR-2.3 BB-7 .395/.440/.634 OPS-1.075
1911 Current Crawford, Sam Bats-L BAL-3R rf-2(-3)e2
LH--2b- 2.5 3b-1.8 HR-3.1 BB-8 .413/.456/.567 OPS-1.023
RH--2b- 10.4 3b-3.55 HR-1.55 BB-10 .507/.553/.733 OPS-1.286
Not really an improvement here…….

1923 Charlie Jamieson CLE Bats-L BAL-E LF/CF/RF-2(0)e10 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.3 3b-2.3 HR-0.0 BB-13 .456.526/.560 OPS-1.086
RH--2b- 5.3 3b-2.3 HR-0.0 BB-13 .447/.519/.552 OPS-1.071
1925 Current Jamieson, Charlie Bats-L BAL-E lf-2(0)e12 cf-2e12 rf-2e12
LH--2b- 2.7 3b-0.4 HR-0.5 BB-14 .332/.425/.386 OPS-.811
RH--2b- 2.85 3b-0.4 HR-0.5 BB-14 .342/.434/.398 OPS-.832
Here’s a better Jamieson, more balance, Led the League in HITS.

1924 Ross Youngs NYG Bats-L BAL-4R RF-1(-4)e15, 2b-4e41 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.3 3b-1.6 HR-0.6 BB-19 .315/.442/.432 OPS-.875
RH--2b- 7.2 3b-3.0 HR-2.7 BB-18 .487/.577/.722 OPS-1.299
1920 Current Youngs, Ross Bats-L BAL-5R rf-2(-4)e13
LH--2b- 4.8 3b-0 HR-0.6 BB-14 .310/.406/.381 OPS-.787
RH--2b- 4.65 3b-4.55 HR-1.55 BB-16 .497/.576/.699 OPS-1.275
Career highs in Hits, AVG, OBP, and SLG. 5th in MVP vote.
No telling what kind of career he’d have hadn’t been diagnosed with Bright’s disease at age 29. He died a year later.

1928 Heinie Manush SLB Bats-L BAL-E LF-2(+2)e3, RF/LF-3(+2)e3 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 8.5 3b-4.8 HR-3.0 BB-3 .484/.503/.745 OPS-1.248
RH--2b- 8.9 3b-4.8 HR-2.6 BB-3 .494/.513/.746 OPS-1.258
1929 Current Manush, Heinie Bats-L BAL-E lf-2(+2)e3 rf-3e3 cf-3e3
LH--2b- 9.5 3b-2.25 HR-0.4 BB-5 .448/.478/.597 OPS-1.075
RH--2b- 9.2 3b-2 HR-0.4 BB-5 .436/.468/.577 OPS-1.045
How do you bat /378 and not win the batting title? Led League in Hits and doubles. Would be a NICE improvement.

1931 Ethan Allen NYG Bats-R BAL-2L LF/CF/RF-3(0)e10 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 7.4 3b-0.3 HR-2.0 BB-2 .438/.453/.570 OPS-1.023
RH--2b- 6.0 3b-0.3 HR-1.7 BB-2 .368/.385/.478 OPS-.863
1930 Ethan Allen NYG Bats-R BAL-4L LF/CF/RF-3(0)e7 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0.0 3b-0.3 HR-11.1 BB-6 .328/.366/.660 OPS-1.026
RH--2b- 3.3 3b-0.0 HR-1.7 BB-2 .264/.278/.343 OPS-.621
1929 Current Allen, Ethan Bats-R BAL-E cf-3(0)e3 lf-3e3 rf-3e3
LH--2b- 4.6 3b-2.85 HR-0.6 BB-0 .311/.318/.424 OPS-.742
RH--2b- 4.6 3b-2.85 HR-0.6 BB-0 .307/.313/.420 OPS-.733
Check out either ’30 or ’31 Allen as a nice platoon OF vs LHP.

1931 Ben Chapman NYY Bats-R BAL-E LF/CF/RF-3(0)e13, 2b-3e30 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.4 3b-2.4 HR-4.5 BB-14 .366/.454/.599 OPS-1.054
RH--2b- 3.2 3b-2.3 HR-4.5 BB-14 .357/.446/.585 OPS-1.031
1938 Ben Chapman BOS Bats-R BAL-1R RF/LF/CF-3(-1)e13, 2b-3e30 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 1.4 3b-0.0 HR-0.0 BB-12 .448/.510/.463 OPS-.972
RH--2b- 12.1 3b-2.6 HR-0.6 BB-14 .419/.494/.622 OPS-1.116
1939 Current Chapman, Ben Bats-R BAL-E cf-3(0)e9 lf-3e9 rf-3e9
LH--2b- 5.2 3b-1.95 HR-0.6 BB-18 .314/.435/.437 OPS-.872
RH--2b- 5.2 3b-1.95 HR-0.6 BB-18 .314/.435/.437 OPS-.872
Led league in steals in 1931. Either card would be an improvement for forgotten 1930’s star who could do it all.

1933 Wally Berger BSB Bats-R BAL-E LF-3(-1)e10, RF/CF-4(-1)e10 INJ Risk-15 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 8.8 3b-2.0 HR-12.0 BB-6 .374/.414/.856 OPS-1.271
RH--2b- 8.5 3b-2.0 HR-11.8 BB-8 .373/.425/.854 OPS-1.280
1931 Current Berger, Wally Bats-R BAL-E cf-4(-1)e8 lf-3e8 rf-4e8 1b-4e14
LH--2b- 8.2 3b-1.25 HR-7 BB-9 .405/.460/.729 OPS-1.189
RH--2b- 8 3b-1.25 HR-6.75 BB-9 .395/.451/.709 OPS-1.160
Love this ’33 Berger card’s HR power. Would be a nice add.

1934 Johnny Moore PHI Bats-L BAL-1L RF/LF-3(-2)e6 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 11.9 3b-0.0 HR-7.5 BB-5 .342/.372/.676 OPS-1.048
RH--2b- 7.6 3b-2.2 HR-1.6 BB-9 .384/.435/.551 OPS-.986
1935 Johnny Moore PHI Bats-L BAL-E RF/LF/CF-3(-2)e7 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.6 3b-0.0 HR-3.9 BB-7 .379/.425/.552 OPS-.977
RH--2b- 5.6 3b-0.0 HR-3.8 BB-7 .379/.425/.547 OPS-.972
1939 Terry Moore STL Bats-R BAL-E CF/LF/RF-1(0)e2 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 6.2 3b-0.0 HR-7.3 BB-10 .332/.400/.622 OPS-1.022
RH--2b- 6.2 3b-0.0 HR-7.3 BB-10 .328/.397/.616 OPS-1.013
1929 Current Moore, Johnny Bats-L BAL-2R cf-2(-2)e7 rf-3e7 lf-3e7
LH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-3.95 BB-3 .250/.277/.363 OPS-.640
RH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-5.35 BB-3 .333/.358/.488 OPS-.846
Any card would be an improvement…………..

1935 Woody Jensen PIT Bats-L BAL-E RF/LF-2(+2)e8, CF-3(+2)e8 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4.3 3b-1.2 HR-1.5 BB-0 .390/.395/.494 OPS-.889
RH--2b- 1.3 3b-1.4 HR-0.0 BB-1 .378/.384/.476 OPS-.860
1937Current Jensen, Woody Bats- LBAL-1R lf-2(+2)e10 cf-3e10 rf-2e10
LH--2b- 4.05 3b-2.4 HR-1 BB-0 .287/.294/.398 OPS-.692
RH--2b- 4.45 3b-2.7 HR-1.1 BB-0 .311/.317/.434 OPS-.751
Better offensive card…..

1935 Joe Vosmik CLE Bats-R BAL-E LF/CF/RF-3(0)e5 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 9.0 3b-5.3 HR-2.5 BB-8 .443/.490/.717 OPS-1.207
RH--2b- 8.7 3b-5.0 HR-2.5 BB-8 .438/.485/.703 OPS-1.188
1934 Current Vosmik, Joe Bats- R BAL- E lf-3(0)e5
LH--2b- 8.7 3b-0.9 HR-6.9 BB-6 .365/.400/.671 OPS-1.071
RH--2b- 11.45 3b-0 HR-0.3 BB-7 .435/.472/.557 OPS-1.029
1935 was a great year for Vosmik, leading League in Hits, Doubles, and Triples. 3rd in MVP Vote. Improvement.

1935 Doc Cramer PHA Bats-L BAL-E CF-3(-1)e11, RF/LF-3(-1)e11 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 5.9 3b-0.3 HR-0.0 BB-1 .400/.412/.461 OPS-.872
RH--2b- 5.9 3b-0.3 HR-0.0 BB-1 .382/.393/.442 OPS-.835
1934 Current Cramer, Doc Bats-L BAL-6R cf-2(-1)e5
LH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-0 BB-3 .151/.182/.151 OPS-.333
RH--2b- 3.95 3b-2 HR-0.3 BB-1 .383/.394/.466 OPS-.860
1944 Current Cramer, Doc Bats-L BAL-E cf-3(-1)e7 lf-4e7 rf-4e7
LH--2b- 2.55 3b-2.1 HR0 BB-3 .313/.338/.378 OPS-.716
RH--2b- 2.7 3b-2.2 HR-0 BB-3 .324/.349/.392 OPS-.741
Better card for 1930s A’s player……….

1935 Pete Fox DET Bats-R BAL-E RF-2(-1)e4, LF/CF-3(-1)e4 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 8.6 3b-2.0 HR-4.7 BB-6 .394/.433/.658 OPS-1.092
RH--2b- 8.5 3b-1.8 HR-5.2 BB-6 .396/.435/.670 OPS-1.105
1939 Current Fox, Pete Bats-R BAL-E rf-2(-1)e9 lf-3e9 cf-3e9
LH--2b- 4.05 3b-1.2 HR-0.5 BB-2 .326/.345/.402 OPS-.747
RH--2b- 4.05 3b-1.2 HR-0.5 BB-2 .320/.339/.396 OPS-.735
Better card for 1930s Tigers RF, has more power than current.

1936 Wally Moses PHA Bats-L BAL-E RF-2(0)e11, CF-3(0)e11, LF-4(0)e11 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.6 3b-2.5 HR-0.4 BB-9 .424/.478/.545 OPS-1.023
RH--2b- 5.6 3b-2.5 HR-0.4 BB-9 .424/.478/.545 OPS-1.023
1937 Wally Moses PHA Bats-L BAL-E RF-2(0)e15, CF-3(0)e15, LF-4(0)e15 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 8.4 3b-2.8 HR-5.5 BB-5 .381/.416/.679 OPS-1.095
RH--2b- 8.7 3b-2.8 HR-5.5 BB-5 .392/.425/.693 OPS-1.119
1945 Current Moses, Wally Bats-L BAL-E rf-2(0)e9 cf-3e9 lf-3e9
LH--2b- 7 3b-4.2 HR-0 BB-13 .328/.415/.491 OPS-.906
RH--2b- 7 3b-4.2 HR-0 BB-13 .324/.412/.488 OPS-.900
Two improvements for Wally Moses. 1936 has much better hitting and OBP, 1937 has a good power year for Moses.

1937 Gee Walker DET Bats-L BAL-E LF/CF/RF-3(0)e15 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 7.5 3b-0.3 HR-4.8 BB-2 .404/.421/.617 OPS-1.038
RH--2b- 7.3 3b-0.3 HR-4.8 BB-2 .396/.413/.607 OPS-1.020
1933 Current Walker, Gee Bats-R BAL-E lf-3(0)e15 cf-3e15 rf-3e15
LH--2b- 6.8 3b-1.8 HR-2.65 BB-0 .304/.311/.476 OPS-.787
RH--2b- 6.6 3b-1.65 HR-2.6 BB-0 .298/.304/.463 OPS-.767
Improvement for Tigers OF

1938 Ival Goodman CIN Bats-L BAL-1R RF-2(-2)e4 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.1 3b-0.0 HR-12.6 BB-8 .287/.373/.738 OPS-1.111
RH--2b- 5.3 3b-2.8 HR-9.8 BB-7 .353/.425/.773 OPS-1.198
1937 Current Goodman, Ival Bats-L BAL-1R rf-2(0)e7 lf-2e7 cf-3e7
LH--2b- 3.75 3b-3 HR-3.3 BB-10 .284/.357/.487 OPS-.844
RH--2b- 4.15 3b-3.4 HR-3.5 BB-10 .307/.378/.528 OPS-.906
Check out Goodman’s HR numbers in ’38. Would be a nice ass for prewar Reds.

1939 Max West BSB Bats-L BAL-E LF-3(-1)e10, RF/CF-4(-1)e10 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 5.7 3b-1.5 HR-9.2 BB-12 .309/.393/.692 OPS-1.084
RH--2b- 5.7 3b-1.8 HR-9.3 BB-12 .313/.395/.702 OPS-1.090
1940 Current West, Max Bats-L BAL-1R rf-4(-1)e8 1b-4e18 lf-3e8 cf-4e8
LH--2b- 4.5 3b-0.8 HR-1.4 BB-14 .244/.349/.355 OPS-.704
RH--2b- 5.05 3b-0.9 HR-1.5 BB-14 .274/.375/.396 OPS-.771
1939 would be an imprvemt over his scrub card, and really good HR power.

1939 Bob Johnson PHA Bats-R BAL-E LF/CF/RF-4(+5)e13, 2b-4e30 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4.8 3b-2.0 HR-5.5 BB-21 .430/.546/.722 OPS-1.268
RH--2b- 4.8 3b-2.0 HR-5.5 BB-21 .424/.541/.716 OPS-1.257
1934 Current Johnson, Bob Bats-R BAL-3R lf-3(-3)e10
LH--2b- 8 3b-0 HR-7 BB-2 .293/.306/.567 OPS-.873
RH-2b- 3.4 3b-1.5 HR-10.4 BB-12 .382/.451/.774 OPS-1.225
1936 Current Johnson, Bob Bats-R BAL-E lf-4(+5)e11 2b-4e32 rf-4e11 1b-4e11
LH--2b- 4 3b-3.6 HR-6.4 BB-17 .320/.433/.658 OPS-1.091
RH--2b- 3.6 3b-3.25 HR-6.15 BB-17 .303/.419/.620 OPS-1.039
This guy was a GREAT hitter in the 1930s, just couldn’t play defense at all.

1940 Taffy Wright CWS Bats-L BAL-E LF/RF-3(-1)e11, CF-4(-1)e11 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b-5.3 3b-2.1 HR-0.0 BB-4 .407/.435/.499 OPS-.934
RH--2b- 5.3 3b-2.1 HR-0.0 BB-4 .407/.435/.499 OPS-.934
1939 Current Wright, Taffy Bats-L BAL-E lf-3(-1)e13 cf-4e13 rf-3e13
LH--2b- 6.2 3b-3.25 HR-0.8 BB-4 .349/.379/.496 OPS-.875
RH--2b- 5.95 3b-3.2 HR-0.5 BB-4 .336/.367/.471 OPS-.838
Better hitting card for Wright, and White Sox need all the help they can get

1940 Rip Radcliff SLB Bats-L BAL-1R 1b-4e30, LF/CF/RF-4)+1) e9 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.4 3b-1.8 HR-0.3 BB-5 .399/.432/.495 OPS-.927
RH--2b- 5.8 3b-2.1 HR-0.3 BB-5 .428/.460/.533 OPS-.994
1935 Current Radcliff, Rip Bats-L BAL-E lf-4(+1)e6 rf-4e6 cf-4e6
LH--2b- 3.6 3b-1.35 HR-2.2 BB-6 .321/.365/.449 OPS-.814
RH--2b- 3.4 3b-1.35 HR-2.2 BB-6 .316/.361/.442 OPS-.803
Led League in Hits, better hitting card……….

1941 Charlie Keller NYY Bats-L BAL-2L LF-2(+1)e8 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 0.5 3b-2.7 HR-11.3 BB-26 .360/.514/.844 OPS-1.358
RH--2b- 4.7 3b-2.1 HR-8.1 BB-23 .304/.452/.694 OPS-1.145
1939 Current Keller, Charlie Bats-L BAL-E rf-4(+1)e8 lf-2e8 cf-4e8
LH--2b- 4.15 3b-1.6 HR-3.5 BB-24 .404/.542/.619 OPS-1.161
RH--2b- 4.3 3b-1.65 HR-3.5 BB-24 .415/.550/.633 OPS-1.183
1942 Current Keller, Charlie Bats-L BAL-E lf-2(+1)e4 rf-4e4 cf-4e4
LH--2b- 3.25 3b-2 HR-8 BB-26 .320/.490/.706 OPS-1.196
RH--2b- 3.3 3b-2 HR-8 BB-26 .322/.491/.708 OPS-1.199
King Kong finished 5th in MVP Vote. Balance towards LHP, got more HR power.

1942 George Case WAS Bats-R BAL-E LF-1(+2)e18, RF-2(+2)e18, CF-3(+2)e18 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 5.2 3b-0.0 HR-1.5 BB-6 .385/.425/.481 OPS-.906
RH--2b- 5.3 3b-0.0 HR-1.7 BB-6 .382/.422/.484 OPS-.906
1940 Current Case, George Bats-R BAL-E cf-3(+2)e10 lf-2e10 rf-2e10
LH--2b- 3.6 3b-0.25 HR-0.3 BB-5 .340/.377/.389 OPS-.766
RH--2b- 3.4 3b-0.25 HR-0.3 BB-5 .332/.369/.379 OPS-.748
Led League in Steal 5 straight years, Senators speedster needs a better card.

1944 Dixie Walker BKN Bats-L BAL-1R RF/CF/LF-2(0)e12 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 7.4 3b-1.8 HR-3.0 BB-15 .416/.502/.632 OPS-1.134
RH--2b- 8.0 3b-2.1 HR-3.3 BB-15 .448/.530/.687 OPS-1.217
1945 Current Walker, Dixie Bats-L BAL-E rf-2(0)e3 cf-2e3 lf-2e3
LH--2b- 8.2 3b-2.1 HR-1.4 BB-13 .307/.397/.484 OPS-.881
RH--2b- 8 3b-2.1 HR-1.25 BB-13 .297/.388/.467 OPS-.855
“The People’s Cherce” led League with a .357 AVG, finished 5th in MVP vote. That’s a BIG improvement.

1944 Bill Nicholson CHC Bats-L BAL-E CF/LF/RF-4(0)e8 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 6.2 3b-1.8 HR-9.5 BB-19 .302/.431/.736 OPS-1.167
RH--2b- 6.2 3b-1.8 HR-9.4 BB-19 .301/.430/.731 OPS-1.161
1941 Current Nicholson, Bill Bats- L BAL- 1R rf-4(-1)e9 lf-4e9
LH--2b- 0.25 3b-0 HR-9.2 BB-11 .276/.356/.566 OPS-.922
RH--2b- 5.6 3b-0 HR-9.4 BB-17 .258/.382/.634 OPS-1.016
Cubs slugger, 1944 card has more OBP to go along with the power.

1948 Tommy Henrich NYY Bats-L BAL-2L RF/LF-1(-2)e8, 1b-3e24 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 11.3 3b-2.1 HR-4.6 BB-18 .424/.525/.750 OPS-1.275
RH--2b- 7.8 3b-3.5 HR-6.5 BB-10 .319/.388/.673 OPS-1.061
1949 Tommy Henrich NYY Bats-L BAL-E RF-2(-2)e13, 1b-3e6 INJ Risk-15(2)
LH--2b- 4.8 3b-1.2 HR-4.3 BB-21 .369/.504/.604 OPS-1.107
RH--2b- 3.8 3b-0.0 HR-10.0 BB-23 .285/.450/.692 OPS-1.142
1940 Tommy Henrich NYY Bats-L BAL-2R RF-2(-2)e5 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 9.8 3b-1.8 HR-4.1 BB-19 .309/.437/.600 OPS-1.037
RH--2b- 11.8 3b-2.1 HR-4.8 BB-19 .369/.486/.714 OPS-1.200
1947 Current Henrich, Tommy Bats- BAL-E rf-1(0)e6 1b-4e13 lf-2e6 cf-4e6
LH--2b- 7.4 3b-3.6 HR-4.5 BB-13 .332/.419/.631 OPS-1.050
RH--2b- 7.2 3b-3.6 HR-4.5 BB-13 .327/.414/.623 OPS-1.037
“Old Reliable” was the glue of the late 30’s and 1940’s Yankees dynasty.
1948 is a nice 2L balanced card with great AVG & OBP.
1949 has good power vs RHP.
1940 is a little better than current.

1948 Al Zarilla SLB Bats-L BAL-1R LF/RF-3(-2)e15/CF-4(-2)e15 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 7.3 3b-3.0 HR-6.3 BB-19 .398/.509/.761 OPS-1.270
RH--2b- 10.4 3b-0.0 HR-3.8 BB-4 .400/.433/.612 OPS-1.045
1951 Current Zarilla, Al Bats-L BAL-3R rf-3(+2)e6 lf-3e6
LH--2b- 4.4 3b-1.8 HR-0 BB-6 .164/.226/.245 OPS-.471
RH--2b- 6 3b-0 HR-4 BB-18 .266/.402/.470 OPS-.872
Improvement for Zarilla………….

1949 Carl Furillo BKN Bats-R BAL-E RF-1(-5)e12, CF-2(-5)e12 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 4.9 3b-1.6 HR-2.0 BB-3 .430/.451/.565 OPS-1.016
RH--2b- 5.4 3b-3.7 HR-5.4 BB-4 .355/.385/.637 OPS-1.022
1953 Current Furillo, Carl Bats-R BAL-1L rf-1(-4)e3 cf-3e3 INJ Risk-
LH--2b- 11.25 3b-1.8 HR-6.6 BB-4 .450/.476/.787 OPS-1.263
RH--2b- 10.2 3b-1.5 HR-6 BB-4 .412/.439/.715 OPS-1.154
The Reading Rifle has a -5 in RF and can play CF as well…………………..

1951 Elmer Valo PHA Bats-L BAL-1L RF/LF-2(-1)e7, CF-4(-1)e7 INJ Risk-15(2)
LH--2b- 3.9 3b-1.2 HR-2.9 BB-29 .399/.582/.597 OPS-1.179
RH--2b- 7.2 3b-2.4 HR-0.2 BB-16 .340/.462/.481 OPS-.943
1948 Elmer Valo PHA Bats-L BAL-1R RF-2(0)e6 INJ Risk-15(3)
LH--2b- 0.2 3b-0.0 HR-1.3 BB-26 .364/.529/.413 OPS-.942
RH--2b- 4.3 3b-1.2 HR-1.2 BB-21 .368/.503/.489 OPS-.992
1949 Current Valo, Elmer Bats-L BAL-1R lf-3(0)e8 rf-3e8 cf-4e8 INJ Risk-
LH--2b- 4 3b-2.8 HR-0 BB-24 .289/.454/.405 OPS-.859
RH--2b- 4.5 3b-3.2 HR-0 BB-24 .325/.481/.457 OPS-.938
Valo has better options, with good OBP, though both have injury issues.

1952 Gene Woodling NYY Bats-L BAL-E LF/RF-3(+1)e1, CF-4(+1)e1 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 4.3 3b-2.0 HR-4.3 BB-15 .375/.468/.603 OPS-1.070
RH-- 2b-4.3 3b-2.0 HR-4.3 BB-15 .375/.468/.603 OPS-1.070
1953 Gene Woodling NYY Bats-L BAL-3R LF-2(+1)e1 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 10.4 3b-0.6 HR-3.2 BB-21 .244/.405/.491 OPS-.895
RH--2b- 5.9 3b-1.0 HR-2.4 BB-24 .448/.581/.630 OPS-1.210
1950 Current Woodling, Gene Bats-L BAL-2R lf-2(+1)e3
LH--2b- 1.25 3b-1.8 HR-0.8 BB-19 .205/.345/.287 OPS-.632
RH--2b- 4.75 3b-3.6 HR-0 BB-15 .309/.405/.438 OPS-.843
1958 Current Woodling, Gene Bats-L BAL-4R rf-4(+1)e8 / lf-4e8
LH--2b- 6.6 3b-0 HR-0 BB-25 .088/.308/.169 OPS-.477
RH--2b- 3 3b-0 HR-6.9 BB-18 .326/.445/.593 OPS-1.038
1953 card is a good platoon option vs RHP.
1952 card is his best, most balanced card.

1954 Don Mueller NYG Bats-L BAL-1R RF-3(-2)e6 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 1.6 3b-0.0 HR-1.1 BB-0 .414/.419/.458 OPS-.878
RH--2b- 8.8 3b-2.0 HR-0.5 BB-0 .427/.432/.559 OPS-.991
1955 Current Mueller, Don Bats-L BAL-1R rf-3(-2)e8 cf-4e8
LH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-0.75 BB-0 .349/.355/.370 OPS-.725
RH--2b- 4.15 3b-0.4 HR-2.1 BB-0 .340/.346/.445 OPS-.791
Mueller was RF for some good 1950s Giants teams. Led League in Hits in 1954. This would be a nice improvement.

1955 Al E. Smith CLE Bats-R BAL-1R RF/LF-2(-1)e8, CF-3(-1)e8, 3b-4e35 INJ Risk-0
LH--2b- 4.3 3b-1.0 HR-2.7 BB-14 .365/.477/.526 OPS-1.003
RH--2b- 3.7 3b-5.0 HR-5.2 BB-21 .404/.547/.639 OPS-1.186
1954 Current Smith, Al E. Bats-R BAL-E lf-2(-1)e6 3b-4e59 rf-3e6 ss-4e44
LH--2b- 4.8 3b-3.2 HR-3.25 BB-19 .258/.409/.502 OPS-.911
RH--2b- 7.65 3b-0.4 HR-1.75 BB-24 .321/.491/.490 OPS-.981
Best card for Smith, check out his OBP, and he is Bulletproof.

1956 Charlie Maxwell DET Bats-L BAL-2R LF-3(+1)e5, RF-4(+1)e5 INJ Risk-15 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 1.0 3b-0.0 HR-5.6 BB-21 .376/.503/.583 OPS-1.086
RH--2b- 1.5 3b-0.6 HR-9.5 BB-16 .427/.518/.770 OPS-1.288
1958 Current Maxwell, Charlie Bats-L BAL-5R lf-4(+1)e5 / 1b-4e13 / rf-5e5
LH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-0 BB-23 .131/.316/.131 OPS-.447
RH--2b- 2.95 3b-1.05 HR-4.25 BB-18 .317/.431/.514 OPS-.945
Here’s Maxwell’s best season……….

1958 Jackie Jensen BOS Bats-R BAL-5L RF-1(-3)e16 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 11.2 3b-0.0 HR-13.3 BB-40 .452/.660/1.215 OPS-1.875
RH--2b- 5.5 3b-0.0 HR-8.3 BB-19 .324/.449//.668 OPS-1.117
1957 Current Jensen, Jackie Bats-R BAL-1L rf-1(-3)e14 lf-1e14
LH--2b- 8.3 3b-0.65 HR-5.05 BB-19 .340/.462/ .621 OPS-1.083
RH--2b- 5.3 3b-0 HR-5.7 BB-16 .298/.409/ .545 OPS-.954
MVP, Led League in RBI, CHECK OUT THAT LINE VS LHP. Fear of flying finally drove him from the game.
Played in the Rose Bowl, World Series and MLB All Star Game.

1959 Wally Moon LA Bats-L BAL-3L LF/RF-3(+1)e6, CF-4(+1)e6, 1b-4e27 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.4 3b-7.6 HR-5.9 BB-10 .438/.495/.812 OPS-1.307
RH--2b- 4.1 3b-2.5 HR-3.5 BB-20 .340/.469/.563 OPS-1.031
1954 Current Moon, Wally Bats-L BAL-3R cf-3(+1)e10 lf-2e10 INJ Risk-
LH--2b- 4.2 3b-0 HR-1.7 BB-11 .264/.339/.360 OPS-.699
RH--2b- 4.25 3b-3.4 HR-1.1 BB-9 .390/.441/.535 OPS-.976
Improvement over current card

1959 Hector Lopez NYY Bats-R BAL-2L LF-3(+2)e15, 3b-4e39, 2b-4e59 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 3.5 3b-2.4 HR-9.6 BB-3 .364/.399/.727 OPS-1.127
RH--2b- 5.5 3b-1.0 HR-5.3 BB-5 .323/.373/.555 OPS-.928
1961 Current Lopez, Hector Bats-R BAL-1L lf-3(+2)e8 / rf-4e8
LH--2b- 0 3b-1.2 HR-1.8 BB-12 .207/.303/.289 OPS-.592
RH--2b- 2.7 3b-0.8 HR-0.4 BB-6 .169/.223/.224 OPS-.447
1960s Yankees utility man, good line vs LHP.

1962 Leon Wagner CAL Bats-L BAL-3R LF/RF-3(-2)e9 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.5 3b-0.4 HR-3.8 BB-5 .272/.319/.446 OPS-.765
RH--2b- 1.0 3b-1.0 HR-13.8 BB-5 .288/.334/.726 OPS-1.060
1965 Leon Wagner CLE Bats-L BAL-1R LF-4(0)e13 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 5.5 3b-0.0 HR-6.8 BB-15 .322/.423/.603 OPS-1.026
RH--2b- 1.3 3b-0.0 HR-9.0 BB-9 .372/.431/.661 OPS-1.091
1966 Current Wagner, Leon Bats-L BAL-1R lf-4(0)e3
LH--2b- 2.15 3b-0 HR-5.35 BB-3 .311/.331/.485 OPS-.816
RH--2b- 3.75 3b-0 HR-6.2 BB-6 .343/.380/.562 OPS-.942
1962 Daddy Wags has some strong power vs RHP, 1965 has more OBP but not as much power.

1967 Tony Gonzalez PHI Bats-L BAL-4R LF-2(0)e3, RF-3(0)e3, CF-4(0)e3 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0.4 3b-0.8 HR-1.5 BB-4 .336/.373/.355 OPS-.728
RH--2b- 5.9 3b-3.1 HR-3.0 BB-6 .456/.496/.667 OPS-1.163
1964 Current Gonzalez, Tony Bats-L BAL-6R cf-3(-1)e2 lf-2e2
LH--2b- 1 3b-0 HR-0 BB-9 .083/.185/.093 OPS-.278
RH--2b- 8.85 3b-0.8 HR-0.25 BB-10 .355/.432/.473 OPS-.905
1969 Current Gonzalez, Tony Bats-L BAL-3R cf-3(0)e7 lf-2e7
LH--2b- 2.7 3b-0 HR-1.5 BB-1 .157/.196.227 OPS-.423
RH--2b- 3 3b-0 HR-2.4 BB-7 .282/.356/.388 OPS-.744
Best card, batted .336.

1969 Jim Northrup DET Bats-L BAL-3L RF/LF-2(-1)e6, CF-3(-1)e6 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 11.0 3b-1.0 HR-6.1 BB-12 .404/.476/.734 OPS-1.210
RH--2b- 5.4 3b-1.0 HR-5.9 BB-6 .300/.346/.549 OPS-.895
1968 Current Northrup, Jim Bats-L BAL-3R rf-2(-1)e8 lf-2e8 cf-3e8
LH--2b- 5.6 3b-0.45 HR-2.9 BB-8 .225/.289/.378 OPS-.667
RH--2b- 6.2 3b-2.1 HR-5.6 BB-6 .308/.353/.577 OPS-.930
Nice card that’s different for Northrup. It’s balance towards LHP when other cards are balanced towards RHP.

1970 Alex Johnson CAL Bats-R BAL-3R LF/RF-4(+2)e13 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 7.9 3b-1.0 HR-0.4 BB-3 .355/.391/.464 OPS-.855
RH--2b- 2.3 3b-1.5 HR-3.2 BB-0 .415/.431/.557 OPS-.988
1969 Alex Johnson CIN Bats-R BAL-4L LF-4(+2)e25 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 11.4 3b-0.0 HR-6.6 BB-9 .468/.532/.797 OPS-1.329
RH--2b- 1.3 3b-1.2 HR-3.8 BB-0 .399/.421/.541 OPS-.963
1964 Current Johnson, Alex Bats-R BAL-5L lf-4(+2)e6 rf-4e6
LH--2b- 10.95 3b-1.25 HR-7 BB-4 .367/.402/.705 OPS-1.107
RH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-0 BB-0 .285/.298/.285 OPS-.583
Good DH, either card would be an improvement.

1972 Pete Rose CIN Bats-S BAL-E LF-1(-1)e2 INJ Risk-0
LH--2b- 2.5 3b-0.0 HR-1.0 BB-11 .387/.461/.445 OPS-.905
RH--2b- 6.0 3b-4.1 HR-0.0 BB-14 .342/.440/.495 OPS-.935
1973 Pete Rose CIN Bats-S BAL-4R LF-1(-1)e3 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 4.7 3b-2.1 HR-0.0 BB-3 .326/.357/.412 OPS-.769
RH--2b- 6.6 3b-1.3 HR-2.1 BB-10 .483/.541/.645 OPS-1.186
1969 Current Rose, Pete Bats-S BAL-2R rf-1(-2)e4 cf-3e4 2b-4e37
LH--2b- 9.25 3b-0 HR-1.8 BB-9 .372/.436/.523 OPS-.959
RH--2b- 5 3b-3 HR-3.75 BB-12 .445/.517/.682 OPS-1.199
1976 Current Rose, Pete Bats-S BAL-2R 3b-3e14 rf-3(0)e6
LH--2b- 4.3 3b-2.25 HR-2.6 BB-8 .318/.381/.487 OPS-.868
RH--2b- 8.8 3b-0.5 HR-1.1 BB-17 .446/.544/.593 OPS-1.137
Led League in Hits in 1972.
Won his only MVP in 1973, led League in Hits and AVG. His best card vs RHP.

1972 Joe Rudi OAK Bats-R BAL-E LF-1(0)e2, 3b-4e37 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 7.0 3b-2.7 HR-5.0 BB-0 .364/.370/.621 OPS-.991
RH--2b- 6.8 3b-2.4 HR-4.8 BB-4 .356/.389/.610 OPS-.999
1976 Current Rudi, Joe Bats-R BAL-2L lf-1(+1)e4 1b-3e15 cf-3e4
LH--2b- 10.95 3b-0 HR-6.25 BB-2 .328/.346/.610 OPS-.956
RH--2b- 8 3b-0.75 HR-3.9 BB-5 .269/.310/.477 OPS-.787
Led League in Hits in 1972, would be an improvement.

1969 Matty Alou SF Bats-L BAL-3R LF-2(+2)e8, CF-2(+2)e8 INJ Risk-0 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 7.1 3b-1.2 HR-0.0 BB-0 .302/.309/.391 OPS-.699
RH--2b- 8.0 3b-0.6 HR-0.5 BB-1 .435/.445/.534 OPS-.979
1970 Current Alou, Matty Bats-L BAL-2R cf-2(+2)e10
LH--2b- 2.4 3b-1.5 HR-0 BB-0 .279/.285/.329 OPS-.614
RH--2b- 1.5 3b-1.5 HR-0.5 BB-0 .370/.376/.426 OPS-.802
Led League in Hits and Doubles, would be an improvement for him.

1977 Al Bumbry BAL Bats-L BAL-2R LF-3(+1)e4, CF-4(+1)e4 INJ Risk-15 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 0.0 3b-2.0 HR-0.8 BB-11 .310/.387/.376 OPS-.763
RH--2b- 10.7 3b-0.0 HR-1.1 BB-4 .416/.449/.552 OPS-1.001
1982 Current Bumbry, Al Bats-L BAL-2R cf-4(+2)e8 lf-4e8
LH--2b- 0 3b-1 HR-1.6 BB-7 .205/.256/.272 OPS-.528
RH--2b- 3.8 3b-0.45 HR-1.95 BB-5 .283/.317/.386 OPS-.703
The 1977 card would make a great cheap small-ball platoon hitter. 1977 can play a decent LF, making him more playable and an improvement.

1978 Jack Clark SF Bats-R BAL-2L RF/LF-3(-2)e7 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.7 3b-2.7 HR-10.4 BB-10 .390/.452/.825 OPS-1.277
RH--2b- 13.2 3b-2.0 HR-5.9 BB-4 .350/.380/.686 OPS-1.066
1982 Current Clark, Jack Bats-R BAL-2L rf-1(-3)e8
LH--2b- 11.2 3b-0.45 HR-6.4 BB-25 .362/.510/.739 OPS-1.249
RH--2b- 3 3b-0.5 HR-8.5 BB-19 .289/.414/.621 OPS-1.035
1987 Current Clark, Jack Bats-R BAL-2R 1b-4e21 rf-3(0)e3
LH--2b- 5.05 3b-0 HR-9.75 BB-48 .255/.586/.827 OPS-1.413
RH--2b- 3.85 3b-0.15 HR-13.3 BB-38 .384/.601/1.014 OPS-1.615
Finished 5th in MVP Vote, good power….

1979 Jim Rice BOS Bats-R BAL-2L LF/RF-4(0)e5 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.5 3b-1.7 HR-14.7 BB-13 .371/.452/.912 OPS-1.365
RH--2b- 8.3 3b-0.9 HR-8.3 BB-8 .372/.424/.723 OPS-1.147
1977 Current Rice, Jim Bats-R BAL-1R rf-3(0)e15 / lf-3e15
LH--2b- 0.25 3b-1.8 HR-3.4 BB-14 .425/.516/.580 OPS-1.096
RH--2b- 5.7 3b-4.1 HR-9.7 BB-2 .326/.357/.743 OPS-1.100
1978 Current Rice, Jim Bats-R BAL-2R lf-3(0)e4 rf-3e4 cf-4e4
LH--2b- 1.75 3b-5.3 HR-8.5 BB-8 .324/.387/.711 OPS-1.098
RH--2b- 2.9 3b-3.6 HR-11.25 BB-6 .368/.414/.806 OPS-1.220
1986 Current Rice, Jim Bats-R BAL-2L lf-3(0)e8
LH--2b- 10.75 3b-0 HR-5 BB-11 .434/.497/.702 OPS-1.199
RH--2b- 6 3b-0.2 HR-2.5 BB-9 .367/.426/.509 OPS-.935
Led League in Total Bases, and has great power vs LHP……………

1983 Alan Wiggins SD Bats-S BAL-1L LF/RF-1(0)e4, CF-2(0)e4, 1b-3e25 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 3.5 3b-0.0 HR-0.0 BB-9 .316/.373/.351 OPS-.724
RH--2b- 2.5 3b-0.2 HR-0.0 BB-17 .262/.378/.293 OPS-.671
1984 Current Wiggins, Alan Bats-S BAL-4L 2b-3e41
LH--2b- 9.8 3b-0 HR-0.75 BB-15 .389/.480/.520 OPS-1.000
RH--2b- 0 3b-2.25 HR-0 BB-15 .224/.339/.273 OPS-.612
Good speed, good defense, would make a nice cheap small ball player………………..

1984 Dave Winfield NYY Bats-R BAL-2R RF/LF-1(-5)e2, Cf-3(-5)e2 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 2.8 3b-1.6 HR-3.0 BB-13 .366/.442/.523 OPS-.965
RH--2b- 8.9 3b-0.4 HR-4.5 BB-6 .425/.457/.652 OPS-1.110
1988 Dave Winfield NYY Bats-R BAL-2L RF-1(-4)e3 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 6.8 3b-0.6 HR-9.3 BB-17 .403/.503/.800 OPS-1.303
RH--2b- 8.5 3b-0.0 HR-4.6 BB-15 .394/.484/.636 OPS-1.120
1992 Dave Winfield TOR Bats-R BAL-1L RF-4(0)e3 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.8 3b-0.8 HR-7.4 BB-16 .326/.426/.625 OPS-1.051
RH--2b- 6.5 3b-0.5 HR-5.2 BB-14 .311/.400/.557 OPS-.957
1979 Current Winfield, Dave Bats-R BAL-3L rf-1(-4)e8 cf-3e8
LH--2b- 3.75 3b-2.6 HR-13.9 BB-19 .418/.525/.993 OPS-1.518
RH--2b- 4.45 3b-2.4 HR-8.25 BB-10 .362/.427/.712 OPS-1.139
1984 & 1988 are both better Yankee cards.
1992 is a Blue Jay card………..

1984 Claudell Washington ATL Bats-L BAL-1L RF-3(-2)e10 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 8.5 3b-0.0 HR-3.5 BB-16 .374/.472/.582 OPS-1.055
RH--2b- 4.2 3b-0.5 HR-7.2 BB-14 .282/.381/.570 OPS-.951
1982Current Washington, Claudell Bats-L BAL-E rf-3(-2)e15
LH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-3.5 BB-13 .266/.368/.379 OPS-.747
RH--2b- 5.2 3b-1.5 HR-3.8 BB-4 .248/.290/.440 OPS-.730
Best season for Claudell…………..

1984 Jeffrey Leonard SF Bats-R BAL-4L LF-1(-2)e10, CF/RF-1(-2)e10 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 6.0 3b-0.6 HR-10.0 BB-5 .428/.455/.789 OPS-1.244
RH--2b- 5.7 3b-0.0 HR-4.6 BB-11 .309/.380/.510 OPS-.889
1987 Current Leonard, Jeffrey Bats-R BAL-1R lf-2(-2)e11
LH--2b- 10.2 3b-0 HR-3.9 BB-0 .312/.319/.517 OPS-.836
RH--2b- 5.6 3b-1.75 HR-5 BB-0 .329/.335/.554 OPS-.889
Great line vs LHP, plus great defense.

1985 Tim Raines MON Bats-S BAL-2R LF-2(+2)e2 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 0.3 3b-2.5 HR-5.0 BB-12 .364/.440/.577 OPS-1.018
RH--2b- 6.9 3b-3.9 HR-0.9 BB-15 .472/.550/.659 OPS-1.209
1986 Current Raines, Tim Bats-S BAL-1R lf-1(+1)e7
LH--2b- 4.5 3b-1.6 HR-2.5 BB-12 .387/.461/.547 OPS-1.008
RH--2b- 7.5 3b-3 HR-0.75 BB-15 .443/.525/.614 OPS-1.139
1987 Current Raines, Tim Bats-S BAL-4L lf-1(+1)e5
LH--2b- 10.25 3b-4 HR-3 BB-8 .527/.567/.803 OPS-1.370
RH--2b- 5.6 3b-1 HR-4.4 BB-16 .333/.438/.562 OPS-1.000
1985 Raines would be his best vs RHP, defense would make it cheaper, might be a bargain.

1986 Phil Bradley SEA Bats-R BAL-E LF/CF-2(+1)e1 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 0.9 3b-0.8 HR-2.8 BB-19 .409/.529/.534 OPS-1.063
RH--2b- 6.1 3b-1.0 HR-1.1 BB-18 .368/.491/.499 OPS-.990
1984 Current Bradley, Phil Bats-R BAL-6R cf-2(+1)e4 lf-2e4 rf-2e4
LH--2b- 2 3b-2.7 HR-0 BB-9 .144/.231/.221 OPS-.452
RH--2b- 2.4 3b-1.25 HR-0 BB-13 .459/.534/.511 OPS-1.045
1986 is balanced, would be an improvement for Bradley………….

1987 Dale Murphy ATL Bats-R BAL-2L RF-1(-2)e8 INJ Risk- In Game
LH--2b- 4.0 3b-0.0 HR-12.0 BB-31 .377/.567/.910 OPS-1.477
RH--2b- 3.9 3b-0.0 HR-9.4 BB-16 .323/.436/.680 OPS-1.116
1982 Current Murphy, Dale Bats-R BAL-5L cf-1(-3)e10 lf-1e10 rf-1e10
LH--2b- 2.2 3b-0.45 HR-12.9 BB-21 .442/.556/.928 OPS-1.484
RH--2b- 2.7 3b-0 HR-7.8 BB-19 .256/.394/.552 OPS-.946
1983 Current Murphy, Dale Bats-R BAL-5R cf-1(-3)e7 / lf-1e7 / rf-1e7
LH--2b- 4.8 3b-0 HR-3.5 BB-10 .230/.301/.386 OPS-.687
RH--2b- 2.6 3b-1.05 HR-10.2 BB-20 .392/.510/.798 OPS-1.308
1984 Current Murphy, Dale Bats-R BAL-3L cf-1(-3)e5
LH--2b- 6.25 3b-0.6 HR-14.2 BB-12 .361/.438/.888 OPS-1.326
RH--2b- 5 3b-2.4 HR-6.7 BB-12 .314/.396/.628 OPS-1.024
Murphy as a RF, good power……………..

1988 Kevin McReynolds NYM Bats-R BAL-E LF-1(-3)e5, CF-3(-3)e5 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 6.8 3b-1.7 HR-11.0 BB-0 .292/.306/.700 OPS-1.006
RH--2b- 5.5 3b-0.0 HR-6.8 BB-9 .366/.431/.633 OPS-1.004
1990 Kevin McReynolds NYM Bats-R BAL-4R LF-2(-1)e3 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 5.4 3b-0.0 HR-1.8 BB-19 .209/.348/.328 OPS-.676
RH--2b- 2.8 3b-0.3 HR-10.2 BB-13 .358/.436/.715 OPS-1.150
1984 Current McReynolds, Kevin Bats-R BAL-E cf-1(0)e5
LH--2b- 4.5 3b-1.75 HR-8.4 BB-7 .271/.319/.600 OPS-.919
RH--2b- 5.55 3b-1.8 HR-4 BB-1 .326/.332/.523 OPS-.855
More power for McReynolds, vs LH in 1988, vs RH in 1990……………

1990 Vince Coleman STL Bats-S BAL-E LF/RF-3(0)e7 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 8.6 3b-3.9 HR-3.5 BB-1 .272/.285/.523 OPS-.808
RH--2b- 0.0 3b-2.6 HR-0.6 BB-8 .363/.416/.434 OPS-.850
1987 Current Coleman, Vince Bats-S BAL-1L lf-3(-1)e11
LH--2b- 2 3b-5.5 HR-2.5 BB-17 .275/.396/.503 OPS-.899
RH--2b- 0 3b-0.5 HR-0 BB-10 .340/.407/.350 OPS-.757
Not much of an improvement……………

1990 David Justice ATL Bats-L BAL-5L 1b-4e27, RF-3(0)e11 INJ Risk-15 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 7.2 3b-0.0 HR-12.4 BB-16 .447/.529/.929 OPS-1.458
RH--2b- 4.2 3b-0.8 HR-9.4 BB-17 .239/.359/.612 OPS-.970
1994 David Justice ATL Bats-L BAL-2R RF-3(-1)e18 INJ Risk-15(2)
LH--2b- 4.0 3b-1.1 HR-3.6 BB-27 .327/.502/.539 OPS-1.041
RH--2b- 2.2 3b-0.0 HR-9.4 BB-21 .372/.500/.726 OPS-1.226
1991 Current Justice, David Bats-L BAL-1R rf-3(-1)e11
LH--2b- 3.7 3b-0.25 HR-7 BB-5 .299/.344/.549 OPS-.893
RH--2b- 9.55 3b-0 HR-8.25 BB-23 .273/.441/.686 OPS-1.127
That 1990 card with its balance towards LHP would be a very nice improvement to the set. Not many cards like that.
1994 is better than current cards as well.

1993 Al Martin PIT Bats-L BAL-5R LF/RF-3(0)e9, CF-4(0)e9 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 6.5 3b-1.4 HR-2.3 BB-11 .114/.205/.279 OPS-.483
RH--2b- 6.1 3b-2.8 HR-7.3 BB-4 .343/.368/.664 OPS-1.032
2001 Current Martin, Al Bats- L BAL- 5R lf-4(+1)e9 / cf-4e9
LH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-0 BB-10 .000/.111/.000 OPS-.111
RH--2b- 4.6 3b-0.6 HR-1.7 BB-13 .215/.324/.332 OPS-.656
Pirates LF, good platoon line vs RHP

1994 Dante Bichette COL Bats-R BAL-9L RF-3(-3)e3 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 23.3 3b-1.3 HR-15.1 BB-0 .500/.510/1.172 OPS-1.682
RH--2b- 4.3 3b-0.0 HR-5.8 BB-0 .271/.284/.474 OPS-.758
1995 Current Bichette, Dante Bats- R BAL- 1L lf-4(-3)e4 / rf-4e4
LH--2b- 6.35 3b-0.75 HR-15.25 BB-0 .362/.374/ .868 OPS-1.242
RH--2b- 8.7 3b-0 HR-8.4 BB-0 .396/.407/.716 OPS-1.123
Check out 1994 in a platoon situation; he kills LHP.

1997 Moises Alou FLA Bats-R BAL-4L LF/RF-2(-1)e3, CF-3(-1)e3 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 11.8 3b-3.5 HR-7.5 BB-18 .431/.536/.899 OPS-1.436
RH--2b- 3.3 3b-0.8 HR-5.8 BB-13 .310/.406/.547 OPS-.953
1998 Moises Alou HOU Bats-R BAL-2R LF-2(-1)e5, CF-3(-1)e5 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 7.5 3b-0.0 HR-6.5 BB-22 .326/.475/.647 OPS-1.122
RH--2b- 5.1 3b-1.4 HR-11.2 BB-13 .395/.479/.841 OPS-1.320
2004 Moises Alou CHC Bats-R BAL-2R LF-4(+1)e9 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4.9 3b-3.0 HR-3.3 BB-8 .298/.350/.503 OPS-.853
RH--2b- 6.1 3b-0.0 HR-9.7 BB-15 .304/.401/.682 OPS-1.083
1994 Current Alou, Moises Bats-R BAL-E lf-1(-3)e5 / rf-2e5
LH--2b- 9.7 3b-0 HR-7.3 BB-2 .469/.483/.770 OPS-1.253
RH--2b- 8.75 3b-2.25 HR-8.6 BB-10 .419/.478/.822 OPS-1.300
Other options for Alou, including a Cubs card……………….

1999 Rondell White MON Bats-R BAL-5L LF-2(+2)e14, CF-3(+2)e14 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 5.7 3b-2.5 HR-11.1 BB-2 .473/.502/.903 OPS-1.405
RH--2b- 3.9 3b-1.5 HR-4.1 BB-2 .337/.374/.525 OPS-.899
1994 Current White, Rondell Bats-R BAL-1R lf-2(+2)e15 / cf-3e15
LH--2b- 22.5 3b-0 HR-0 BB-7 .256/.345/.493 OPS-.838
RH--2b- 8.7 3b-2.4 HR-4 BB-12 .314/.429/.598 OPS-1.027
Another good platoon option vs LHP……………..

2001 Larry Walker COL Bats-L BAL-3L RF-1(-4)e5 INJ Risk-15(2)
LH--2b- 11.0 3b-0.0 HR-13.0 BB-11 .471/.555/1.021 OPS-1.576
RH--2b- 5.6 3b-0.8 HR-7.5 BB-22 .419/.569/.789 OPS-1.358
1997 Current Walker, Larry Bats-L BAL-5R rf-1(-4)e2 / 1b-4e25 / cf-3e2
LH--2b- 13 3b-0 HR-5.1 BB-12 .345/.448/.655 OPS-1.103
RH--2b- 8.65 3b-0.75 HR-15 BB-11 .480/.557/1.079 OPS-1.636
This Walker is better vs LHP, comes close to mirroring what the ’97 card does to RHP.

2001 Manny Ramirez BOS Bats-R BAL-2L LF-3(-1)e3 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.4 3b-0.0 HR-13.5 BB-19 .427/.544/.937 OPS-1.481
RH--2b- 7.1 3b-0.6 HR-12.5 BB-11 .337/.423/.824 OPS-1.248
2002 Manny Ramirez BOS Bats-R BAL-4L LF/RF-4(0)e12 INJ Risk-15(3)
LH--2b- 19.0 3b-0.0 HR-12.8 BB-18 .572/.659/1.238 OPS-1.897
RH--2b- 5.2 3b-0.0 HR-11.8 BB-18 .426/.537.890 OPS-1.428
1999 Current Ramirez, Manny Bats-R BAL- 2L rf-3(-2)e8
LH--2b- 8.5 3b-1 HR-9.8 BB-18 .481/.592/.951 OPS-1.543
RH--2b- 5.25 3b-0.3 HR-12.75 BB-22 .358/.519/.902 OPS-1.421
2000 Current Ramirez, Manny Bats-R BAL-2L rf-3(-2)e4
LH--2b- 15.2 3b-0 HR-9.6 BB-32 .540/.681/1.127 OPS-1.808
RH--2b- 6.45 3b-0.6 HR-12.75 BB-21 .411/.531/.945 OPS-1.476
2001 has a nice balance and nice power.
2002 absolutely destroys LHP, might be a good platoon option for high caps……………..

2001 Reggie Sanders ARI Bats-R BAL-2L RF-3(0)e1 INJ Risk-15(2)
LH--2b- 2.9 3b-0.9 HR-18.0 BB-8 .229/.300/.828 OPS-1.128
RH--2b- 4.1 3b-0.5 HR-8.8 BB-10 .277/.357/.605 OPS-.962
1995 Current Sanders, Reggie Bats-R BAL-3L rf-1(-3)e6 cf-3e6
LH--2b- 4.85 3b-2.7 HR-12.25 BB-21 .491/.604/1.051 OPS-1.655
RH--2b- 9.85 3b-1.5 HR-8.4 BB-16 .347/.462/.774 OPS-1.236
Check out the HR vs LHP……….

2001 Trot Nixon BOS Bats-L BAL-5R RF/CF-2(-1)e9 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 0.0 3b-3.0 HR-1.8 BB-16 .161/.308/.289 OPS-.597
RH--2b- 6.5 3b-0.3 HR-9.6 BB-18 .337/.466/.748 OPS-1.213
2003 Current Nixon, Trot Bats-L BAL-7R rf-2(-1)e5
LH--2b- 2.5 3b-1.4 HR-4.75 BB-10 .180/.271/.383 OPS-.654
RH--2b- 4.9 3b-0.8 HR-13 BB-18 .413/.521/.930 OPS-1.451
Not really an improvement, but better injury rating……….

2001 Magglio Ordonez CWS Bats-R BAL-3L RF-2(-1)e5 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.3 3b-1.0 HR-11.8 BB-14 .367/.461/.829 OPS-1.290
RH--2b- 7.9 3b-0.0 HR-5.1 BB-12 .334/.420/.580 OPS-1.000
2002 Magglio Ordonez CWS Bats-R BAL-E RF-2(-1)e4 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 14.4 3b-0.6 HR-9.8 BB-7 .309/.373/.768 OPS-1.141
RH--2b- 8.5 3b-0.0 HR-8.3 BB-9 .381/.450/.729 OPS-1.179
2007 Current Ordonez, Magglio Bats-R BAL-3L rf-3(-1)e1
LH--2b- 13.1 3b-0 HR-9.4 BB-24 .554/.657/1.052 OPS-1.709
RH--2b- 11.3 3b-0 HR-5.9 BB-12 .434/.502/.739 OPS-1.241
This gives Ordonez a White Sox card, either card would help the White Sox exp group.

2001 Shawn Green LA Bats-L BAL-1R RF-2(-2)e6, 1b-4e25 INJ Risk-In Game
LH—3.9 3b- 1.8 HR-8.6 BB-9 .332/.400/.674 OPS-1.074
RH—2b-4.0 3b-0.0 HR-13.3 BB-10 .332/.406/.787 OPS-1.193
2002 Shawn Green LA Bats-L BAL-1R RF-2(-3)e2 INJ Risk-3
LH—9.8 3b-0.0 HR-10.4 BB-10 .285/.365/.713 OPS-1.077
RH--2.4 3b-0.0 HR-11.8 BB-15 .340/.444/.754 OPS-1.198
1999 Current Green, Shawn TOR Bats-L BAL-2R RF-1(-3)e1
LH—2b-9.9 0 3b-7.1 HR-12 .316/.418/.655 OPS-1.073
RH—2b-8 3b-0 HR-12.5 7 .378/.442/.847 OPS-1.289
2001 6th in MVP vote, 2002 5th in MVP Vote. This is not an improvement, but if you want a Green LA card, either is ok.

2002 Bobby Abreu PHI Bats-L BAL-2R RF-3(-1)e5, CF-3(-1)e5 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 14.1 3b-0.0 HR-0.0 BB-22 .368/.503/.534 OPS-1.037
RH--2b- 9.1 3b-2.3 HR-5.9 BB-22 .377/.510/.745 OPS-1.254
1999 Current Abreu, Bobby Bats-L BAL-3R rf-2(-3)e3
LH--2b- 8 3b-0 HR-0 BB-26 .349/.512/.448 OPS-.960
RH--2b- 5.4 3b-4.1 HR-5.9 BB-22 .425/.548/.794 OPS-1.342
More balanced Abreu……..

2005 Jonny Gomes TB Bats-R BAL-1R LF/RF-4(0)e14 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 1.5 3b-0.0 HR-8.5 BB-11 .331/.449/.635 OPS-1.084
RH--2b- 1.4 3b-3.9 HR-9.2 BB-14 .302/.444/.730 OPS-1.175
2007 Current Gomes, Jonny Bats-R BAL-4L rf-4(0)e6 / lf-4e6
LH--2b- 4 3b-1.3 HR-7.5 BB-9 .368/.444/.675 OPS-1.119
RH--2b- 6.05 3b-0.3 HR-6.75 BB-12 .168/.292/.461 OPS-.753
Balanced Gomes, good power……….

2015 Nelson Cruz SEA Bats-R BAL-4L RF-4(-1)e8 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.0 3b-0.6 HR-13.8 BB-10 .482/.540/.977 OPS-1.516
RH--2b- 1.0 3b-0.0 HR-11.5 BB-9 .333/.401/.699 OPS-1.100
2011 Current Cruz, Nelson Bats-R BAL-5L rf-3(-3)e9 / lf-3e9
LH--2b- 6.35 3b-0 HR-15.75 BB-8 .349/.404/.891 OPS-1.295
RH--2b- 6.8 3b-0.15 HR-6.8 BB-5 .225/.269/.495 OPS-.764
Check out the power in that 2015 Mariners card.
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PostThu Jun 04, 2020 8:47 am

Not that it would be that much of an upgrade but Shawn Green needs a Dodger card, some of his best years.


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PostThu Jun 04, 2020 11:10 am

coachprbb wrote:Not that it would be that much of an upgrade but Shawn Green needs a Dodger card, some of his best years.

not an upgrade, but added him to list

Big Willie

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PostThu Jun 04, 2020 4:01 pm

1974 Willie Stargell, Pirates, LHB, LF 3(-4 )e11 1B 4e15 .301 25 96 .407 Career bests in BB & OBP. Near career bests in H, 2B, BA, OPS & OPS+. Led NL in OPS and OPS+. Besides having less power than other Stargell cards, this is a different type of Stargell card, as it is about the only Stargell card that hits lefties as well as righties. It was the last year that Stargell was a 3 in LF. Being rated at first base is a nice bonus.


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PostThu Jun 04, 2020 4:51 pm

Big Willie wrote:1974 Willie Stargell, Pirates, LHB, LF 3(-4 )e11 1B 4e15 .301 25 96 .407 Career bests in BB & OBP. Near career bests in H, 2B, BA, OPS & OPS+. Led NL in OPS and OPS+. Besides having less power than other Stargell cards, this is a different type of Stargell card, as it is about the only Stargell card that hits lefties as well as righties. It was the last year that Stargell was a 3 in LF. Being rated at first base is a nice bonus.

One of my favorite players.....1974 IS balanced, but he's just doesn't look that good.
1974 Willie Stargell PIT Bats-L BAL-1R LF-3(-4)e11, 1b-4e15 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-7.9 3b-0.3 HR-7.0 BB-9 .331/.406/.638 OPS-1.044
RH—2b-9.5 3b-0.9 HR-7.0 BB-19 .342/.476/.717 OPS-1.193
1971 Stargell, Willie PIT Bats-L BAL-6R LF-3(-4)e6
LH—2b-8.2 3b-0 HR-10.2 BB-9 .233/.318/637 OPS-.955
RH—2b-3.3 3b-0 HR-20 BB-18 .408/.523/1.135 OPS-1.658
1973 Stargell, Willie PIT Bats-L BAL-3R LF-4(-4)e8
LH—2b-10.2 3b-0 HR-12.5 BB-12 .309/.392/.811 OPS-1.203
RH—3b-12.1 3b-0.9 HR-16.3 BB-13 .368/.450/1.036 OPS-1.486


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Center Fielders

1972 Dusty Baker, RHB, Braves, CF 2(-1) .321 17 76 Career highs in BA, OBP, OPS & OPS+. Near career high in SLG. Finished 3rd in N.L. in BA.

1984 Chili Davis, Giants, bats both, CF, RF 2(-1)e13 .315 21 81 .368 .507 .875 Near career highs in a number of major offensive categories. Davis was a 5 tool player while with the Giants, but when leg injuries slowed him down, went to the AL as a DH. Belted 350 HRs during his career and has just one lousy card.

2000 Carl Everett, Red Sox, bats both, CF 2(-2)e8 .300 34 108 .373 .587 .959 career highs in 3B, HR, RBI, SLG, TB. Near career highs in R, 2B, BA, BB, OBP, OPS & OPS+. Everett's 1999 was a little better offensively, but that card has a bad injury number, so 2000 it is!

1970 Cito Gaston, Padres, RHB CF 2(-2)e10 .318 29 93 .364 .543 .907 Career highs in EVERY major and minor offensive category. Talent starved Padres badly need another good player.

1984 Dan Gladden, Giants, RHB, CF 2(0)e6 .351 4 31 .408 .447 Career highs in BA, OBP, SLG, OPS & OPS+. Near career high in SB. Would make a good lead off man.

1970 Ken Henderson, Switch hitting OFer, Giants .294 17 88 .394 .460 .854 Career highs in R, 2B, BA, BB, OBP, SB & OPS. Near career high in H, HR RBI, SLG & OPS+. 2(-2)e12 at all 3 OF positions.

1974 Ken Henderson, White Sox CF 2(-2) .292 20 95 .360 .467 .827 Career highs in G, H, 2B, HR, RBI, SLG & OPS+. Near career high in 3B & OPS. Led AL in games (all 162) and AL CFers in PO. Henderson was a fine OFer and hitter who was slowed by knee problems throughout his career. He has just one lousy card.

2000 Andruw Jones, RHB, Braves, CF 1(-3)e2 .303 36 104 .366 .541 .907 21 SBs. Career highs in HITS, BA, OBP, TB, PA and 2nd career highs for SLG, OPS & OPS+. Gold Glove winner. A true 5 tool player. In game injury only.

2000 Andruw Jones, ATL, Bats-R, 2R Balance, CF-1(-3)e2, Steal: *2-4,11/-(18-12), In Game INJ Only
LH—2b-0.0, 3b-0.6, HR-2.5, BB-16, 364/476/462, .938 OPS
RH—2b-6.5,3b-1.5, HR-9.2, BB-6, 362/415/737, 1.152 OPS
Current 2005 Jones, 8.05m, Bats-R, 2R Balance, CF-1(-4)e2, 3 Game INJ Risk
LH—2b-4.3, 3b-0, HR-11, BB-11, 242/354/647, 1.001 OPS
RH--2b-1.5, 3b-0.9, HR-14.9, BB-9, 276/370/785, 1.155 OPS

While the current 2005 Jones has more power and slightly higher OPS, the 2000 card is more usable, as it is a far higher BA and higher OBP, which will keep the line moving and the rallies alive more than the 2005 all or nothing card.

1968 Willie Mays, Giants .289 23 79 .372 .488. At 37 years of age, father time had begun to take his toll on the great Say Hey Kid, but even at his advanced age in the year of the pitcher, Mays put up good enough numbers to rank among the league leaders in most offensive categories. Mays played in 148 games and won his last Gold Glove. While technically not an improvement over his other cards, wouldn't it be great to have this very good and lower priced Mays card to play CF for the Giants in expansion franchise leagues?

1974 Rick Monday, Cubs CF 1(-1) Bats L .294 20 58 .375 .467 .842. Monday had a fine 19 year big league career with the A's, Cubs and Dodgers and this was his career high BA as a regular at a time when hitting .294 meant that you were a good hitter. The Cubs are woefully short on good lefty sticks and Monday hit .313 vs lefties that year and .285 against righties. This card would be an improvement over Monday's 1975 card, where he hit just .267. The Cubs are in need of good lefty bats in franchise league play, and Monday would help.

1983 Lloyd Moseby Blue Jays, CF 2(-1) e8 Bats L 1R .315 18 81 .376 .499 .875 27 SBs Career highs in Hits, DO, BA, OPB, OPS, OPS+. A good lefty bat alternative for the Blue Jays in CF in franchise leagues.

Corner OFers

1986 Jesse Barfield, Blue Jays, RF 1(-5) e3, CF 2(-5) e3 .289 40 108 .368 .559 .927 Career highs in BA, DO, HR, RBI, SLG, OPS & 2nd best career high in OBP. Won a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger. Barfield was a good player for many years, and hit 40 HRs in a season in the pre-steroid era.

1979 Gary Mathews, RHB, Braves, RF 3(0)e8 .304 27 90 .363 .502 .865 Career highs in H, 2B, HR, RBI, BA, SLG, TB, OPS & OPS+. Near career highs in R & SB. In game injury only. This card would be a big improvement over Matthews' other cards.

1971 Tony Oliva RF, Twins, 5R .337 22 81 .369 .546 .915 Led A.L. in BA & SLG. Career highs in BA, OPS+. Near career highs in SLG, OPS & OBP. Oliva was headed for the HOF until knee injuries robbed him of his speed and made him a DH. Oliva is the only player in MLB history to win the batting title in his first two seasons. Oliva was an All Star right fielder in his first 8 big league seasons, even winning a gold glove. In a pitching dominated era, in his first 8 seasons before injuring his knee, he won 3 batting titles, finished second once, third 3 times and eighth once. Some may say that Oliva already has 3 cards, but why not give him what would arguably be his best card, one that destroys RHP?

2013 Yasiel Puig, RF, Dodgers, RHB, .319 19 42 .391 .534 .925. Career highs in BA, OBP, SLG, OPS & OPS+. RF 2(-5)e9. Yeah, I know, we just got a Puig card added by SOM in ATG9, but this card is much better.

1976 Bill Robinson OF, 3B, 1B, Pirates, 3L .303 21 64 .329 .534 .864 Career highs in SLG, OPS & OPs+. Near career highs in BA & OBP. A career journeyman and late bloomer, Robinson found a home with the Pirates, and was a valuable member of the team for 7+ seasons, playing multiple positions. 1 ATG card.


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PostFri Jun 05, 2020 8:52 pm

We have Adam Comorosky 50 cent 1927 year for some reason. only 18 games played. Three years later in 1930, he batted .313/.317/.529 over 152 games. Thats with 47 doubles, 23 triples and 12 homers cover 119 RBIs. Lots of OF out there but is better served with that year in SOM immortalization.


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PostFri Jun 05, 2020 10:11 pm

kev wrote:We have Adam Comorosky 50 cent 1927 year for some reason. only 18 games played. Three years later in 1930, he batted .313/.317/.529 over 152 games. Thats with 47 doubles, 23 triples and 12 homers cover 119 RBIs. Lots of OF out there but is better served with that year in SOM immortalization.

Kev, you transposed a couple of numbers on 1930 Comorsky's OBP. His corrected slash line is below:
1930 Adam Comorosky, Pirates, LF, CF, RHB .313/.371/.529

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