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PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2020 3:16 pm
by andycummings65
1972 Dusty Baker ATL Bats-R BAL-E CF-2(-1)e5 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-9.2 3b-0.0 HR-6.0 BB-14 .353/.449/.649 OPS-1.098
RH—2b-6.6 3b-0.6 HR-5.1 BB-9 .398/.459/.635 OPS-1.094
1979 Current Baker, Dusty Bats-R BAL-2L lf-3(-1)e3
LH—2b-4 3b-0.3 HR-7.3 BB-9 .406/.456/.671 OPS-1.127
RH—2b-6.3 3b-0 HR-7.2 BB-13 .276/.363/.569 OPS-.932
1977 Current Baker, Dusty Bats-R BAL-2R lf-3(-2)e3 / rf-3e3
LH—2b-0.8 3b-0 HR-7.8 BB-14 .274/.382/.535 OPS-.917
RH—2b-5.6 3b-0 HR-9.2 BB-10 .359/.431/.705 OPS-1.136
Similar batting stance, he's a CF, but he's a 2, may not get a lot of use.

1984 Chili Davis SF Bat-S BAL-3R RF/CF-2(-1)e13, LF-3(-1)e13 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-9.5 3b-0.0 HR-1.5 BB-4 .252/.280/.387 OPS-.666
RH—2b-2.2 3b-2.3 HR-8.0 BB-6 .386/.420/.687 OPS-1.108
1986 Current Davis, Chili Bats-S BAL-4R rf-2(-1)e10 cf-3e10
LH—2b-0 3b-0.6 HR-4 BB-1 .191/.198/.314 OPS-.512
RH—2b-8.2 3b-0.4 HR-2.3 BB-18 .347/.456/.521 OPS-.977
A little better........

2000 Carl Everett BOS Bats-S BAL-E CF-2(-2)e8 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-9.3 3b-0.0 HR-3.0 BB-5 .413/.456/.595 OPS-1.052
RH—2b-5.8 3b-1.2 HR-14.0 BB-9 .301/.379/.823 OPS-1.202
1998 Current Everett, Carl Bats-S BAL-2R cf-2(-2)e6 / rf-2e6
LH—2b-4.3 3b-0 HR-5 BB-0 .278/.285/.458 OPS-.743
RH—2b-9.4 3b-1.2 HR-3.8 BB-10 .335/.402/.572 OPS-.974
That'd be a fun card to add, might get use in lower caps

1970 Cito Gaston SD Bats-R BAL-2L CF-2(-2)e10 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH—2b-1.6 3b-4.0 HR-10.5 BB-8 .411/.460/.826 OPS-1.286
RH—2b-5.3 3b-1.8 HR-6.5 BB-5 .363/.398/.641 OPS-1.039
1971 Current Gaston, Cito Bats-R BAL-4L cf-2(-2)e8 lf-2e8 rf-2e8
LH—2b-2.6 3b-2.9 HR-11.8 BB-1 .275/.288/.688 OPS-.976
RH—2b-0.5 3b-2.8 HR-3.5 BB-2 .194/.217/.352 OPS-.569
Much improved

1984 Dan Gladden SF Bats-R BAL-2L CF-2(0)e6 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-4.7 3b-2.0 HR-2.6 BB-16 .492/.572/.674 OPS-1.246
RH—2b-5.4 3b-0.3 HR-1.6 BB-9 .437/.489/.546 OPS-1.035
1987 Current Gladden, Dan Bats-R BAL-1L lf-2(0)e6 cf-3e6
LH—2b-8.3 3b-0 HR-2.5 BB-4 .245/.280/.398 OPS-.678
RH—2b-2.3 3b-0.8 HR-0.6 BB-9 .222/.294/.280 OPS-.574
He's an improvement, though I'm not a big fan of adding outliers to a career, and this is definitely that.

1970 Ken Henderson SF Bats-S BAL-2L CF/LF/RF-2(-2)e12 INJ Risk-3
LH—2b-10.9 3b-1.5 HR-1.4 BB-16 .407/.506/.608 OPS-1.113
RH—2b-6.0 3b-0.0 HR-4.1 BB-17 .284/.410/.487 OPS-.897
1974 Ken Henderson SF Bats-S BAL-2L CF-2(-2)e6 INJ Risk-0
LH—2b-6.0 3b-1.8 HR-1.6 BB-11 .331/.406/.480 OPS-.885
RH—2b-7.6 3b-0.3 HR-6.3 BB-10 .309/.380/.587 OPS-.966
1977 Current Henderson, Ken Bats-S BAL-3R rf-2(-2)e6 / cf-2e6 / lf-2e6
LH—2b-7.3 3b-0 HR-3.7 BB-0 .107/.132/.282 OPS-.414
RH—2b-4.8 3b-0 HR-0.8 BB-7 .293/.358/.366 OPS-.724
A couple of better cards, the fact that '70 plays all OF spots and hits better makes it the better of the two.

1968 Willie Mays SF Bats-R BAL-E CF/RF-1(-3)e9, 1b-4e30 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-0.0 3b-1.8 HR-11.8 BB-26 .275/.456/.754 OPS-1.210
RH—2b-5.9 3b-1.0 HR-6.2 BB-12 .373/.449/.652 OPS-1.101
1965 Current Mays, Willie Bats-R BAL-3R cf-1(-5)e7 / rf-1e7 / lf-1e7
LH—2b-0 3b-0.6 HR-13.3 BB-18 .366/.471/.821 OPS-1.292
RH—2b-4.3 3b-0.3 HR-17.5 BB-13 .429/.498/1.032 OPS-1.530
1962 Current Mays, Willie Bats-R BAL-2L cf-1(-5)e4
LH—2b-6.8 3b-0.2 HR-17.8 BB-14 .431/510/1.080 OPS-1.590
RH—2b-6.8 3b-1 HR-14.2 BB-12 .378/.453/.919 OPS-1.372
1955 Current Mays, Willie Bats-R BAL-1L cf-1(-4)e8
LH—2b-0 3b-4.2 HR-12.8 BB-20 .417/.536/.958 OPS-1.494
RH—2b-2.4 3b-3.2 HR-13.8 BB-9 .383/.446/.898 OPS-1.344
1954 Current Mays, Willie Bats-R BAL-1R cf-1(-5)e7
LH—2b-1.7 3b-3.5 HR-11.8 BB-20 .391/.509/.895 OPS-1.404
RH—2b-8.8 3b-3.7 HR-9.5 BB-5 .451/.481/.889 OPS-1.370
1957 Current Mays, Willie Bats-R BAL-3L cf-1(-5)e10
LH—2b-8.8 3b-6.5 HR-13.3 BB-23 .438/.557/1.161 OPS-1.718
RH—2b-3.1 3b-5.5 HR-7 10 .427/.480/.785 OPS-1.265
It would be his cheapest card, would put Mays in exp Set.

1974 Rick Monday CHC Bats-L BAL-1L CF-1(-1)e6 INJ Risk-3
LH—2b-4.50 3b-3.0 HR-4.5 BB-0 .361/.367/.585 OPS-.952
RH—2b-1.80 3b-1.3 HR-5.4 BB-20 .304/.439/.540 OPS-.979
1975 Current Monday, Rick Bats-L BAL-3L cf-1(-2)e14
LH—2b-8.5 3b-0.8 HR-4.8 BB-14 .385/.464/.643 OPS-1.107
RH—2b-5.8 3b-0.6 HR-4.5 BB-19 .222/.359/.452 OPS-.811
A slight improvement because it's balanced.

1983 Lloyd Moseby TOR Bats-L BAL-1R CF-1(0)e10 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-7.8 3b-2.3 HR-2.8 BB-5 .322/.366/.520 OPS-.886
RH—2b-6.0 3b-1.3 HR-5.4 BB-10 .365/.435/.622 OPS-1.057
1985 Current Moseby, Lloyd Bats-L BAL-1R cf-1(0)e10 INJ Risk-3
LH—2b-4.2 3b-0 HR-3.1 BB-11 .271/.352/.412 OPS-.764
RH—2b-5.0 3b-2.9 HR-2.8 BB-17 .274/.395/.486 OPS-.881

1986 Jesse Barfield TOR Bats-R BAL-1R RF-1(-5)e3, CF-2(-5)e3 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b-6.0 3b-0.0 HR-8.0 BB-19 .296/.439/.645 OPS-1.084
RH--2b-6.6 3b-0.5 HR-10.4 BB-10 .320/.402/.728 OPs-1.130
1985 Current Barfield, Jesse Bats-R BAL-E rf-1(-4)e4 cf-2e4 INJ Risk-3
LH—2b-10.3 3b-1.2 HR-5 BB-11 .369/.445/.661 OPS-1.106
RH—2b-5 3b-3.2 HR-7.3 BB-14 .326/.426/.688 OPS-1.114
1987 Current Barfield, Jesse Bats-R BAL-3L rf-1(-5)e3 cf-2e3 INJ Risk-3
LH—2b-4.8 3b-1.5 HR-6.6 BB-12 .329/.410/.619 OPS-1.029
RH—2b-2.9 3b-0 HR-5.8 BB-7 .236/.293/.439 OPS-.732
Power numbers are a little better than '85, but trade-off for poorer batting and OBP.

1979 Gary Matthews ATL Bats-R BAL-1R RF-3(0)e8 INJ Risk-In Game
LH—2b-11.1 3b-0.2 HR-4.5 BB-4 .332/.356/.572 OPS-.929
RH—4.4 3b-1.0 HR-7.0 BB-11 .351/.417/.633 OPS-1.050
1984 Current Matthews, Gary Bats-R BAL-1L lf-4(0)e15 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-1.7 3b-0 HR-4.3 BB-14 .382/.468/.537 OPS-1.005
RH—3.5 3b-0.4 HR-2.4 BB-35 .309/.539/.467 OPS-1.006
More hitting, less OBP, better Defense

1971 Tony Oliva MIN Bats-L BAL-4R RF-2(-2)e10 INJ Risk-15 (2 Rating) ADDED TO SET
LH—2b-4.2 3b-0.0 HR-9.8 BB-0 .321/.328/.636 OPS-.963
RH—11.3 3b-1.5 HR-7.5 BB-0 .510/.515/.854 OPS-1.369
1969 Current Oliva, Tony Bats-L BAL-1R rf-1(-2)e7 INJ Risk-In Game
LH—2b-4.2 3b-1.3 HR-5.8 BB-0 .347/.353/.572 OPS-.925
RH—10.4 3b-0.3 HR-4.9 BB-1 .373/.385/.615 OPS-1.000
1965 Current Oliva, Tony Bats-L BAL-6R rf-2(-2)e14 cf-3e14 INJ Risk-3
LH—2b-5.8 3b-1.8 HR-1.2 BB-8 .191/.266/.323 OPS_.589
RH—10.8 3b-0.6 HR-4.4 BB-5 .443/.479/.693 OPS-1.172
1964 Current Oliva, Tony Bats-L BAL-5R rf-3(-2)e6 / cf-4e6 INJ Risk-In Game
LH—2b-3.9 3b-0 HR-3.5 BB-0 .312/.325/.446 OPS-.771
RH—10.3 3b-3.0 HR-8.8 BB-0 .423/.433/.825 OPS-1.258
Would be his best card, look great, other than Injury........

2013 Yasiel Puig LA Bats-R BAL-1L RF-2(-5)e9, LF-3(-5)e9, CF-4(-4)e9 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-3.1 3b-1.5 HR-8.8 BB-10 .435/.519/.788 OPS-1.307
RH—5.8 3b-0.3 HR-7.1 BB-7 .393/.466/.684 OPS-1.150
2017 Current Puig, Yasiel Bats-R BAL-6R rf-1(-5)e1 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-1.8 3b-0 HR-3 BB-22 .105/.296/.232 OPS-.528
RH—4.5 3b-0.3 HR-10.8 BB-10 .331/.400/.716 OPS-1.116
Would be a little better, kind of a hitting outlier for a guy who always hits .260

1976 Bill Robinson PIT Bats-R BAL-3L LF/CF/RF-2(0)e2, CF-3(0)e2, 1b-4e13, 3b-4e44 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-6.8 3b-1.5 HR-9.6 BB-0 .421/.426/.782 OPS-1.208
RH—7.4 3b-0.2 HR-9.6 BB-0 .272/.279/.613 OPS-.892
1979 Current Robinson, Bill H. Bats-R BAL-6L lf-2(0)e6 rf-3e6 1b-4e14 cf-4e6 3b-4e37 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-LH—2b-4.2 3b-4 HR-13 BB-0 .331/.338/.810 OPS-1.148
RH—2b-3 3b-0.3 HR-6 BB-0 .166/.174/.368 OPS-.542
A better Bill........


PostPosted: Fri Jan 08, 2021 2:55 pm
by lexomatic
BDWard wrote:Center Fielders

1983 Lloyd Moseby Blue Jays, CF 2(-1) e8 Bats L 1R .315 18 81 .376 .499 .875 27 SBs Career highs in Hits, DO, BA, OPB, OPS, OPS+. A good lefty bat alternative for the Blue Jays in CF in franchise leagues.

Corner OFers

1986 Jesse Barfield, Blue Jays, RF 1(-5) e3, CF 2(-5) e3 .289 40 108 .368 .559 .927 Career highs in BA, DO, HR, RBI, SLG, OPS & 2nd best career high in OBP. Won a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger. Barfield was a good player for many years, and hit 40 HRs in a season in the pre-steroid era.

I support these and the White mention from earlier
1991 Devon White TOR Bats-S BAL-2L CF-1(-3)e1 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 9.5 3b-1.3 HR-4.7 BB-5 .333/.376/.592 OPS-.968
RH--2b- 5.5 3b-2.8 HR-1.7 BB-8 .284/.350/.449 OPS-.800
1989 Current White, Devon Bats-S BAL-E cf-1(-3)e6
LH--2b- 3 3b-3 HR-2 BB-2 .234/.256/.377 OPS-.633
RH--2b- 0 3b-3.6 HR-2.4 BB-0 .232/.239/.366 OPS-.605
White was a better player than his scrub card represents. Much better offensively and defensively a great card.


PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2021 8:42 pm
by andycummings65
kev wrote:We have Adam Comorosky 50 cent 1927 year for some reason. only 18 games played. Three years later in 1930, he batted .313/.317/.529 over 152 games. Thats with 47 doubles, 23 triples and 12 homers cover 119 RBIs. Lots of OF out there but is better served with that year in SOM immortalization.

1930 Adam Comorosky, PIT, Bats-R, 2R BAL, LF/RF-3(+1)e12, CF-4(+1)e12, 3 Game INJ Risk
LH--2b-8 3b-6 HR-3.6 BB-10 .268/.343/.586, OPS-.928
RH--2b-10.8 3b-6.5 HR-1.5 BB-8 .368/.420/.653, OPS-1.073
Some nice XBH.....he has a .50 card currently


PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 12:43 pm
by ratioman2
That 1990 Justice find is a really interesting find Andy. Those lefty lefty mashers are valuable. Curious what his fielding is 1997, when he had career highs in OPS and OPS+.


PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2021 2:23 pm
by kev
Before nominations, is it possible to take a peak at Jessie Burkett 1895/1986 years?


PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2021 2:37 pm
by andycummings65
kev wrote:Before nominations, is it possible to take a peak at Jessie Burkett 1895/1986 years?

I think I’ve done them before. Give me a little while to check. I think you’ll find his defense is not good.

He’s a LF-4(+1)e25 both seasons. I’ll try to get his stats up this afternoon.


PostPosted: Tue Feb 09, 2021 10:29 pm
by muellerinwesttn
Has anyone suggested 2006 Carlos Beltran? He finished with a 70.1 career WAR, was a darned good all around player, and has two mediocre cards in SOM. It was probably his best offensive year and he won a gold glove too. Maybe it would be a big improvement on his other two cards.


PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2021 10:38 pm
by andycummings65
muellerinwesttn wrote:Has anyone suggested 2006 Carlos Beltran? He finished with a 70.1 career WAR, was a darned good all around player, and has two mediocre cards in SOM. It was probably his best offensive year and he won a gold glove too. Maybe it would be a big improvement on his other two cards.

2006 Carlos Beltran, NYM, Bats-S, 4R BAL, CF-1(-3)e2, Steal: *7/-(19-11), 3 Game INJ Risk ADDED TO SET
LH--2b-10.7 3b-0 HR-6.5 BB-18 .210/.356/.553, OPS-.909
Rh--2b-6.2 3b-0 HR-15.1 BB-24 .304/.472/.932, OPS-1.403
Current 2007 Carlos Beltran, NYM, 1L BAL, CF-1)(-3)e6, Steal: *4,5/-(19-12), 3 Game INJ Risk
LH--2b-2.1 3b-0 HR-10.4 BB-16 .324/.430/.690, OPS-1.120
RH--2b-7.1 3b-0.8 HR-8.8 BB-9 .255/.324/.612, OPS-.936
Current 2003 Carlos Beltran, KC, 1L BAL, CF-1(-1)e6, Steal: *2-5/-(19-13), 15 Game INJ Risk
LH--2b-0 3b-4.1 HR-5.2 BB-19 .355/.474/.624, OPS-1.098
RH--2b-0 3b-2.3 HR-6.1 BB-14 .300/.397/.545, OPS-.942
That's a nice line vs RHP


PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2021 11:47 pm
by Verbal Warrior
I would LOVE another Winfield card. Let's make 1984 happen! :P


PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2021 1:06 pm
by Radagast Brown
More Rube(s) please. Wait, I see you have that covered, and of course you do....