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wild pitch

PostSun May 26, 2024 12:43 pm

3 wild pitches in one inning, in fact in only 2 batters time i think, occurred

I am not privy or aware of all potential dice rolls, chart rulings, card icons, defensive ratings, etc, except for the pitcher's "WP" rating (as it's not a "passed ball", I don't think the catcher's rating comes into play ?)

thus, I can't figure out how all these 3 WP occurred

Would some kind soul (a) explain them, and more so (b) give me any rundown/link on how a WP can occur ? (all factors possible, etc.)

thanx for any feedback / assistance ;- )

BFW (not to be confused with my brother lol, "BFD" haha)


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Re: wild pitch

PostSun May 26, 2024 8:57 pm

A wild pitch can occur in a couple of ways. The first is described below (from the s-o-m rules)

Follow these rules whenever there is at least one runner on base:
When rolling the three 6-sided dice to get a result from the players’ cards, or when using the Bunt or Hit and Run charts, roll a 20-sided die at the same time. A. If the 20-sided die roll is 3-20, continue with the normal reading of the three dice (if you will need the 20-sided die again to resolve this play, you must re-roll it.).
B. If the 20-sided die roll is 1, a wild pitch may occur. Refer to the pitcher’s wild-pitch rating and roll the 20-sided die again. If the number rolled is less than or equal to the wild-pitch rating, a wild pitch occurs and all baserunners advance one base.

The other way a wild pitch can occur is on the catcher's x-chart. While it is on the catcher's x-chart, the probability of a wp is 20% no matter the catcher's fielding rating.

So, with runners on there is a 5% chance that you will need to reference the pitcher's wild pitch rating. There is also a 3/216 chance that the result will be catch-x and then a 20% chance that you get a wild pitch on the x-chart. So that's about a 0.3% of getting a wild pitch because of a catch-x.

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