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Re: Best of the 90s—season 1--week 3 update

PostSat Apr 15, 2023 4:53 pm

Games played: 81

In the east, the Yankees (MFL536) had a great week going 17-4 propelling them to a league best record of 51-30. The Yankees rattled off a very impressive 14 game winning streak, winning each game by an average of 4 runs. Only two of the wins were by 1 run during the streak. The Yankees took the lead in the east and now have a 7 game lead over the Braves (YCBill). The Braves went 6-15 during the week. Burley Norseman and his Astros closed in on .500 and now have a record of 40-41 after going 12-9--they are 11 games off the pace. Fench33 and the Expos had a good week going 13-8 and are now 36-45.

In the central, Generationm1 and the Athletics continue to lead the division. The Athletics went 9-12 for the week but still maintained a healthy 11 game lead over JJB92 and the Giants. The Giants went 12-9 picking up 3 games. Bigdinkent and his Rangers were 10-11 for the week and now have a record of 36-45. The Reds (Nol15736) went 9-12 for the week and now trail the Athletics by 15 games.

The Seattle Mariners (NewGuy1912) maintained a 5 game lead in the division. The Mariners were 10-11 for the week. The Cardinals (Manillacone) had an excellent week going 14-7 and are now tied with pdbaileyfl and his Indians club--both have records of 41-40. The Twins had a tough week going 5-16 and are now 27-54, 19 games behind the Mariners.

Draft results: A one round draft was held--each team had a predetermined amount of funds ranging from 22 million (Twins) to $1.5 million (East division). After the draft, for teams with sufficient funds, additional players could be picked up. Here's a look at players who will be eligible for the second half of the season.

Twins-$22 million: Cal Ripken Jr. will be joining the Twins--Cal was the first pick of the draft. Also added to the Twins roster were starting pitchers Alex Fernandez and Rick Reed, outfielders Shannon Stewart and Joe Carter and super utility man BJ Surhoff. The Twins will look very different in the second half of the season.

Rangers 6 million: Texas added Dave Steib to their starting rotation.

Expos: $1.5 million : Have not added any players

Reds: $ 2 million: Added Mike Greenwell to help bolster their offense

Astros: $1.5 million: Added Mark Loretta to the roster--Mark looks like he will be taking over as the starting shortstop

Giants: $6 million: Added Kirk McCaskill during the draft and Armando Benitez to handle closer duties

Cardinals: $15 million: Have not added any players

Indians: $7 million: Added Bret Saberhagen and Ray Durham

Mariners: $6 million: Added Carlos Delgado

Braves: $1.5 million: Added Craig Lefferts

Athletics: $2 million: Added Kevin Gross

Yankees: $1.5 million: Added Garrett Anderson

Mid-season MVP for each team:

Yankees: While Bernie Williams is having an outstanding season (.344/.408/.502), Jimmy Key is 11-7 and has an ERA of 2.77/WHIP of 1.06.

Braves: Ryan Klesko has delivered .315/.382/.576 and has 12 home runs/37 runs batted in.

Astros: Jason Giambi continues to mash---.353/.464/.644--Jason has 17 homers and 65 runs batted in.

Expos: Pedro Martinez has delivered 4 shutouts and 5 games where only 1 run was allowed. Pedro is 9-7 with a WHIP of 1.10.

Athletics: Jose Canseco has blasted 21 home runs and driven in 53 runs while delivering a .271/.391/.546 along with 5 stolen bases.

Giants: Barry Bonds has lived up to his salary---.376/.463/.634 along with 16 stolen bases.

Rangers: Juan Gonzalez has 29 home runs and 80 runs batted in. Juan is at .296/.358/.623

Reds: Barry Larkin has 18 doubles, 16 home runs and 44 runs batted in--he's at .299/.365/.518.

Mariners: Ken Griffey Jr. has 26 home runs, 14 stolen bases and is at .277/.351/.561

Cardinals: Ray Lankford has 14 home runs and 52 runs batted in--he's at .316/.403/.576

Indians: Brian Giles continues to impress--he's at .332/.391.668 to lead the offense. Brian has 17 doubles and 25 home runs.

Twins: Kirby Puckett is at .296/.358/.445--Kirby has 28 doubles to lead the Twins offense.


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Re: Best of the 90s—season 1--week 4 update/draft talk

PostSat Apr 22, 2023 12:37 pm

Games played: 102

In the east, the Yankees (MFL536) continues to lead the pack extending their lead to 9 games. During the week, the Yankees went 12-9 and are now 63-39. The Braves (YCBill) are now 54-49 after going 10-11 for the week. Burley Norseman and his Astros reached .500 after going 11-10 for the week--they are now at 51-51, 12 games behind the Yankees.
Fench33 and the Expos went 10-11 for the week and are now at 46-56, 17 games behind the Yankees.

In the central, Generationm1 and the Athletics had an outstanding week going 17-4--they now have the league best record of 66-36. The division lead is a robust 17 games over the Giants (JJB92). The Giants are now 49-53 after going 10-11 for the week. Bigdinkent and his Rangers went 11-10 for the week and now have a record of 47-55, 19 games off the pace.. The Reds (Nol15736) went 8-13 for the week and now have a record of 43-59.

The Seattle Mariners (NewGuy1912) now have a record of 56-46 after going 10-11 for the second consecutive week. The Cardinals (Manillacone) went 11-10 and continued their second place tie with with pdbaileyfl and his Indians club--both have records of 52-50. The Twins (Drabb9529) had another tough week going 6-15--and are now 33-69, 23 games behind the Mariners.

Surprises on the upside and disappointments for each team

While it's doubtful that anyone would be surprised that Barry Bonds is having a great season, each team has some players who have been a pleasant surprise. Others have underperformed--here's a player in each category for each team.

Yankees: Melido Perez has contributed a 10-4 record, a WHIP of 1.20 and an ERA of 3.45. Right handed hitters are hitting just .199 versus Melido and only 7 of the 330 hitters have hit home runs.

Luis Gonzalez, acquired in a trade with the Astros, is only hitting .215/.305/.398 for the Yankees. While a slight improvement of his .185/.252/.314 results with the Astros, both performances have been a disappointment.

Braves: Rafael Belliard has appeared in 98 of the 102 games---he's only committed 6 errors and has contributed 25 doubles in 359 at bats. In his best year, Rafael hit 9 doubles so he's found a power source from somewhere.

David Justice has struggled this season--he's currently at .227/.299/.408. David has hit 17 home runs but only has 3 doubles.

Astros: John Smiley was acquired in an in-season trade with the Reds. John is 7-1 with an ERA of 3.47/WHIP of 1.20. With the Reds, John was 4-6 with a ERA of 6.25/WHIP of 1.58.

Mike Hampton--who was traded for John Smiley---was 0-5 with an ERA of 8.44/WHIP of 2.18 in 6 starts.

Expos: David Segui leads the team with 23 doubles and has only committed 3 errors in 99 games. David is hitting .262/.319/.399.

Tim Wallach was released after 52 games with the Expos--Tim's slash line was .234/.295/.351. Tim only had 3 home runs in 204 plate appearances.

Athletics: Geronimo Berroa has a slash line of .369/.411/.710. Geronimo has launched 15 home runs/50 runs batted in during the 66 games he has appeared.

Dave Stewart struggled all season--he was released after going 6-14 with a ERA of 7.99/WHIP of 1.85 in 24 starts.

Giants: Steve Decker has appeared in 57 games with 196 plate appearances. Steve's slash line is .319/.357/.546 with 11 home runs.

Rob Thompson has not had a good season. His slash line is .193/.250/.311 in 171 plate appearances.

Rangers: Tom Goodwin has been a contributor---.278/.325/.328 with 32 stolen bases. He has driven in 44 runs, more than Ivan Rodriguez who has 30 runs batted in.

Bobby Witt went 1-7 in 22 games---his ERA was 5.79/WHIP of 1.59 with only 56 strike outs in 98 innings before being released.

Reds: Willie Greene leads the team with 21 home runs in 324 plate appearances. Willie has a .233/317/.476 slash line.

Rob Dibble has appeared in 52 games and pitched 99 innings. His ERA is 4.27 with a WHIP of 1.19. Rob has allowed 15 home runs and has blown 5 saves while being successful 6 times..

Mariners: Erik Hanson has been impressive---he is 16-4 with a WHIP of 1.16/ERA 3.11.

Tino Martinez has 326 plate appearances but has a slash line of .237/.334/.418. Tino did hit 12 home runs before taking a backseat to Carlos Delgado who was the mid-season pickup.

Cardinals: Mark Petkovsek has appeared in 22 games--he's 11-5 with an ERA of 3.33/WHIP of 1.20.

Bob Tewksbury has had a tough season--he's 8-12 with an ERA of 4.41/WHIP of 1.41

Indians: Dave Burba leads the team with 9 wins--he's 9-7. Dave has an ERA of 3.82/WHIP of 1.25.

Eric Plunk was released after allowing 11 home runs in 50 innings--his ERA was 7.92/WHIP of 1.98

Twins:Shane Mack has had a good season--he's at .298/.363/.523 with 20 home runs and a team best 47 runs batted in.

Scott Erickson had a tough season before being released--Scott was 1-9 with a 5.30 ERA/1.56 WHIP.


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Re: Best of the 90s—season 1--week 5--surprise and disappoin

PostSat Apr 29, 2023 12:02 pm

Games played: 123

In the east, the Yankees (MFL536) extended their lead to 12 games over the Braves (YCBill). They Yankees are a league best 76-47 after going 13-8 over the past week. The Braves are 64-59 going 10-11 during the week. Burley Norseman and his Astros also went 10-11 for the week and are now 1 game under .500 at 61-62, 15 games off the pace. Making it three teams in the division going 10-11 for the week, Fench33 and his Expos are now 56-67, 20 games from the top spot.

In the central, Generationm1 and the Athletics cooled off going 9-12. They still have a healthy 14 game lead over the Giants (JJB92). The Athletics are now 75-48. The Giants went 12-9 for the week and are at 61-62. Bigdinkent and his Rangers went 13-8 during the week and are at 60-63, 15 games off the pace.. The Reds (Nol15736) went 9-12 for the week and now have a record of 52-71.

The Seattle Mariners (NewGuy1912) continued their division lead--the Mariners went 11-10 and are now 67-56, two games better than the Cleveland Indians (PDBaileyfl). The Indians had a good week going 13-8--the Indians are now 65-58. The Cardinals (Manillacone) went 8-13 and are 60-63. The Twins (Drabb9529) went 8-13 and are now 41-82, 26 games behind the Mariners.

Team data points of interest

Yankees: Best team ERA in league at 3.82. Second in league in complete games with 36. The Yankees have the fewest errors (60) but lead the league in passed balls with 23. Their longest winning streak was 14 games and longest losing streak is 5 games.

Braves: The Braves lead the league in complete games with 54 and interestingly, the fewest saves at 20. The Braves have the best WHIP at 1.26. The longest winning streak is 7 games which is also the longest losing streak.

Astros: The Astros are second in the league in walks with 506. The Astros have allowed the fewest walks in the league. The Astros have had 2 6 game winning streaks and one 6 game losing streak.

Expos: The Expos lead the league in hitting triples with 40. Despite having Ugeth Urbina and John Wetteland, the Expos have more blown saves than saves. The Expos have lost 120 games to injuries. Their best winning streak is 5 games and the longest losing streak was 7 games.

Athletics: Interestingly, the Athletics have the fewest hits in the league but have the second most runs scored. Three players--Mark McGwire, Jose Conseco and Rickey Henderson--have 70 or more walks. The Athletics lead the league in saves with 48. They have had two 8 game winning streaks and two 4 game losing streaks.

Giants: The Giants offense has been impressive all season--they lead the league in hits, doubles, runs scored, average (.293) and on base percentage. (.352). The Giants also lead the league in double plays turned. Their longest winning streak is 5 games (twice) and longest losing streak is 6 games.

Rangers: The Rangers do well in extra inning games---6-3. The Rangers are in the middle of the pack in almost all offensive categories and are close to .500 for the season. The longest winning streak was 5 games and the longest losing streak has been 5 games--they have done that three times.

Reds: The Reds pitchers have allowed the most hits in the league. They have the fewest triples in the league with 12 but the second most home runs with 191. Their longest winning streak is 5 games and the longest losing streak is 7.

Mariners: The Mariners lead the league in strikeouts at 7.6 per game. This isn't a team stat but Randy Johnson has gone 2-11 since game 45 and has lost 5 games in a row. Longest winning streak is 6 which is also the longest losing streak.

Indians: The Indians lead the league in outfield assists with 42. They have the fewest passed balls with 3. The Indians lead the league in stolen bases with 130 and have the most home runs with 198. The Indians best winning streak was 9 (which just ended with last nights game 3) and longest losing streak is 6.

Cardinals: The Cardinals have the fewest double plays turned and have allowed the most hits. The Cardinals have avoided the running game with the fewest stolen bases and fewest caught stealing. The Cardinals longest winning streak is 5 and longest losing streak is 6.

Twins: It's been a tough season---second in the league in games lost to injuries. The Twins lead the league in errors (96), have allowed the most stolen bases, have the fewest complete games and have not had a shutout this season. The Twins have won 3 in a row 3 times and their longest losing streak is 10 games.


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Re: Best of the 90s—season 1--week 6--team stats of interest

PostSat May 06, 2023 11:14 am

Games played: 144

In the east, the Yankees (MFL536) saw their lead shrink by 5 games going from a 12 game lead over the Braves (YCBill) to a 7 game lead. They Yankees are 81-63 going 5-16 for the week. The Yankees lost 9 in row during the week.
The Braves are now 74-70 after going 10-11 for the second consecutive week. Burley Norseman and his Astros went 12-9 during the week and are now 73-71, 8 games behind the Yankees. The Expos (Fench33) had a good week going 13-8---they are now 69-75.

In the central, Generationm1 and the Athletics now have the best record in the league after going 14-7. The Athletics are now 89-55. The Giants went 13-8 for the week and are now at 74-70, 15 games off the pace. Bigdinkent and his Rangers went 11-10 for the week and lurking in the wild card race with a record of 71-73. The Reds (Nol15736) had a tough week going 4-17--the Reds are now 56-88.

The Seattle Mariners (NewGuy1912) had a good week going 16-5 which included a 9 game winning streak. The Mariners now have the second best record in the league at 83-61. The Cleveland Indians (PDBaileyfl) went 12-9 for the week and are now at 77-67, 6 games behind the Mariners. The Cardinals (Manillacone) were 9-12 for the week and are now at 69-75, 14 games behind the division lead. The Twins (Drabb9529) went 7-14 for the week and are now 48-96 for the season.

Wild card race: The Indians have a 3 game lead over the Braves and Giants. The Astros are 4 games behind while the Rangers are 6 games from reaching the playoffs.

A look back at the mid-season draft

Yankees: Garret Anderson has been a contributor----Garret has had 247 plate appearances----his slash line is .326/.356/.517. Garret has 11 doubles, 10 home runs and driven in 34 runs.

Braves: Craig Lefferts---Craig has contributed 3 saves in the 5 innings he has pitched.

Astros: Mark Loretta was the mid-season addition----his slash line is .250/.301/.321. Mark has only made 2 errors. Burley must not have been too happy with Mark---Mark Grudzielanek was acquired in a deadline detail, presumably to play shortstop.

Expos: Todd Stottlemyre has gone 6-4--his ERA is 5.33 and his WHIP is 1.67.

The Athletics added Kevin Gross---Kevin has gone 10-5--the most wins of any pitcher added at the midseason point. Kevin has an ERA of 3.78/WHIP of 1.30.

The Giants added two players--Kirk McCaskill and Armando Benitez---Kirk has gone 6-3---ERA of 4.32/WHIP of 1.49. Armando has pitched 21 innings, saving two games and blowing 2 saves. His ERA os 4.57/WHIP of 1.57.

The Rangers added Dave Steib to their rotation---Dave is 5-7 with an ERA of 4.39/WHIP of 1.48. Dave has allowed 19 home runs in 106 innings.

The Reds added Mike Greenwell to their offense---Mike is at .297/.347/.414 with 11 doubles/6 home runs.

The Mariners addition of Carlos Delgado has been huge---Carlos is at .329/.403/.689--Carlos has launched 20 home runs and driven in 58 runs.

The Indians added Bret Saberhagen---Bret is 3-3 but has put up excellent numbers---ERA is 3.78/WHIP of 1.11.

The Cardinals added two players--Mike Piazza and Ramon Martinez. Mike has contributed .293/.322/.563 with 13 home runs and 32 runs batted in. Ramon is 2-4 with an ERA of 4.33/1.65 WHIP.

The Twins added Cal Ripken Jr., Alex Fernandez, Rick Reed, BJ Surhoff, Shannon Stewart and Joe Carter---here's a break down of performance

Cal: .257/.294/.383---5 doubles/6 home runs in 193 plate appearances.
Joe Carter: .257/.281/.416---13 doubles/7 home runs in 232 plate appearances
BJ: .261/.314/.416----5 doubles/5 home runs in 152 plate appearances
Shannon: .222/.332/.349--5 doubles/6 home runs in 224 plate appearances---Shannon was part of a large trade with the Astros

Alex--5-5--ERA 3.24/WHIP of 1.30--Alex was traded to the Astros
Rick Reed: 3-4---4.64 ERA/WHIP 1.29

Trade details of the 11 player exchange between the Astros and Twins

Going from Astros to Twins

Doug Drabek
Todd Jones
Mike Stanley
Sean Berry
FP Santangelo
Thomas Howard

Twins to Astros
Alex Fernandez
Jeff Reardon
Brian Harper
Shane Mack
Shannon Stewart


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Re: Best of the 90s—season 1--week 7-update on draft/wild ca

PostFri May 12, 2023 6:45 pm

Games played: 162

In the east, the Yankees (MFL536) won the division with a record of 89-73—run differential of +79. The Yankees went 8-10 over the last week. The Astros—led by BurleyNorseman, made a late season push going 13-5 in the final 18 games. The Astros finished at 86-76 (+60), three games from both the playoffs and wild card. The Braves (YCBIll) finished at 83-79 (+8) going 9-9 in the final 18 games. The Expos (Fench33) finished the season at 75-87 (-33) going 6-12 in the past week. The Expos finished 14 games off the pace.

In the central, Generationm1 and the Athletics tied for the best record in the league going 9-9 for the week and 98-64 overall (+121). The Athletics won the division by 13 games over the Giants (JJB92). The Giants went 11-7 to finish the season at 85-77. The Giants had a run differential of +108, third best in the league. However, a record of 5-11 in extra inning games and 15-25 in run one games doomed the Giants. The Rangers (Bigdinkent)went 12-6 during the week to finish at 83-79 (+17). The Reds (Nol15736) had a tough week going 4-14 finishing at 60-102 (-164).

In the west, the Seattle Mariners (NewGuy1912) put together an amazing 24 (!!!) game winning streak, losing only the last 3 games. The Mariners went 15-3 over the last 18 games. After being swept by the second place Indians, the Mariners lead was down to one game. They then rattled off an amazing 24 consecutive victories. The Mariners finished with a record of 98-64-tied for league best and a league best +135 run differential. The Mariners won 50 games within the division and 48 outside of the division. The Indians went 12-6 to close out the season and finished at 89-73 (+33). The Indians won the wild card finishing 3 games better than the Astros. The Cardinals (Manillacone) went 5-13, finishing at 74-88 (-77). The Twins went 4-14 and finished the season at 52-110, 46 games off the pace. The Twins had a run differential of -287.

Playoff matchups: Mariners vs Yankees and Athletics vs the Indians.

New team assignments for season 2:

Yankees: Manillacone
Astros: YCBill
Braves: BurleyNorseman
Expos: PBDaileyfl

Manllacone and PBDailey head from the west to the east to compete in this division.

Athletics: Nol15736
Giants: Biddinkent
Rangers: JJB92
Reds: Generationm1

Interestingly, the owners in the central remain the same but each will manage a different team.

Mariners: Drabb9529
Indians: Fench33
Cardinals: MFL536
Twins: NewGuy1912

Fench33 and MFL536 move from the East to the West.

League leaders:

Batting average

Barry Bonds .359 Giants
Rusty Greer: .351 Rangers
Wade Boggs: .350 Yankees

Runs scored:

Barry Bonds 140
Wade Boggs 121
Alex Rodriguez 121 Mariners


Jason Giambi 61 Astros
Rusty Greer 57
Kirby Puckett 53 Twins

Home Runs:

Ken Griffey Jr. 62 Mariners
Juan Gonzalez 48 Rangers
Mark McGwire 45 Athletics

Runs Batted In

Ken Griffey Jr. 142
Juan Gonzalez 138
Manny Ramirez 128 Indians


Jason Giambi 138
Jeff Bagwell 130 Astros
Barry Bonds 120

Strike Outs

Manny Ramirez 176
Albert Belle 174 Indians
Jay Buhner 162 Mariners

Stolen bases

Kenny Lofton 97 Indians
Otis Nixon 58 Braves
Rickey Henderson 55 Athletics

Hitting streak

Kevin Mitchell 27 Giants
Barry Bonds 25
Dante Bichette 24 Reds

Slugging percentage

Ken Griffey Jr. ..628
Barry Bonds .624
Juan Gonzales .614



Erik Hanson 23 Mariners
Jimmy Key 22 Yankees
Kevin Brown 21 Rangers


Tom Glavine 22 Braves
Greg Maddux 19 Braves
Jose Rijo 19 Reds
Darryl Kile 19 Reds
Mike Hampton 19 (Reds/Astros)
Bob Tewksbury 19 Cardinals


Dennis Eckersley 2.41 Athletics
Dennis Martinez 2.91 Expos
Erik Hanson 3.24

Complete Games

Greg Maddux 29
John Smoltz 20
Tom Glavine 19


Dennis Eckersley 51
Jose Mesa 47 Indians
Bobby Ayala 40 Mariners


Jimmy Key 3
Erik Hanson 3
Randy Johnson 3 Mariners
Armando Reynosa 3 Mariners


Randy Johnson 399
Pedro Martinez 286 Expos
David Cone 269


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Re: Best of the 90s—v1--season wrap--need replacement owner

PostFri May 19, 2023 10:30 am

A look back at season 1----here's a summary of the good and the not so good for each team

Yankees: The starting rotation combined to win 68 games—led by Jimmy Key (22)—David Cone and Melido Perez both contributed 14 wins while Andy Petite won 18 games. Wade Boggs paced the offense .350/.443/.507. Three players had 200 or more hits---Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams and Wade Boggs. Paul O’Neil drove in 109 runs

Steve Sax had a tough year---.199/.252/.265 in 490 plate appearances.

Houston: After 30 games, the Astros were 9-21—ended season at 86-76. They went 77-55 the rest of the way. Fourteen players were acquired via trade---including Jason Giambi .333/.476/.613. Jason hit 61 doubles. Ken Caminiti contributed 44 doubles and a slash line of .295/.336/.443. Interestingly, noted doubles machine Craig Biggio only hit 21 doubles in 724 plate appearances.

Mike Stanley—one of the in-season acquisitions---.216/.321/.352 in 259 plate appearances. Ricky Gutierrez .211/.280/.285 with 9 errors in 264 plate appearances

Atlanta: Complete games-77. The big 4 of Greg (19), John (19), Tom (14) and Steve (15_ won 67 games—just one short of the Yankees 4 primary starters. Rafael Belliard hit 41 doubles in 605 plate appearances. Otis Nixon swiped 58 bases. Chipper Jones hit 29 home runs and walked 100 times.

David Justice never got untracked---..221/.303/.408 in 592 plate appearances. David did get 27 home runs. Javy Lopez .212/.256/.356 although he did hit 23 home runs.

Montreal: Dennis Martinez—not Pedro---had the best ERA on the team. El Presidente had an ERA of 2.91 and led the team with 16 wins. Larry Walker delivered 26 home runs and a slash line of .299/335/.500. Darren Fletcher hit 22 home runs and the position delivered 33 home runs—Chris Widger formed the other half of the platoon.

Mike Lansing had a tough season----.218/.260/.304 and 19 errors . Mike had 646 plate appearances.

Oakland: Mike Moore led the team with a 17-10 record---Carlos Reyes went 13-7 with an ERA of 3.69. On the offensive side, Mark McGwire launched 45 home runs. Overall, his slash line was .254/.423/.595. Jose Canseco hit 39 home runs and tied with Mark with 108 runs batted in. Matt Stairs hit 30 home runs and a slash line of .266/.334/.494.

San Francisco: Led the league in hitting---.293….slugging…..471…..OPS .825. Barry Bonds had an MVP type year---.359/.461/.624. Barry added 32 stolen bases. Steve Decker contributed 28 home runs and 75 runs batted in. Kevin Mitchell overcame injuries .338/.294/.634 with 30 home runs. Saloman Torres went 16-8 with an ERA of 3.38/WHIP of 1.23.Mel Rojas—a late season acquisition—contributed 11 saves in 16 innings pitched.

Robby Thompson had a slash line of .187/.243/.301 in 176 plate appearances.

Texas: Kenny Rogers started off at 3-8 but finished the year with a record of 12-9 by going 9-1. Kevin Brown pitched like a true ace----21 wins, ERA 3.50/WHIP 1.24. Jeff Russell saved 33 games (2.72/1.23). On the offensive side, Juan Gonzalez hit 48 home runs and was complemented by Dean Palmer with 39 home runs. Rusty Greer hit 57 doubles and 8 triples to go with 19 home runs. Rusty was at .351/.411/.566 for the season.

Bobby Witt did not have a good season---he was 1-7 in 98 innings and allowed 20 home runs. Bobby was at 5.79/1.59. Rick Heiling also had a tough season---2-4 but had an ERA of 7.39/1.51 in 39 innings.

Cincinnati: The Reds brought the power---9 players reached double digits in home runs with 8 of them hitting 20 or more home runs. Eduardo Perez led the onslaught of power with 33 and Willie Greene contributed 30 to the cause. Dante Bichette led the team in runs batted in with 79 which suggests a lot of home runs were solo.

Pitching was a challenge for the Reds all season long---both Jose Rijo and Darryl Kile had 19 losses and Tom Browning had 17 losses. Jeff Shaw saved 21 games but blew 9 saves.

Seattle: The Mariners led the league in team ERA at 3.86. The teams stars were bright---Ken Griffey 62 home runs/142 runs batted in and a slash line of .297/.379/.628 and added 24 stolen bases. Alex Rodriguez delivered .300/.379/.513---he launched 39 home runs and 107 RBI. Randy Johnson overcame a 2-11 stretch to finish 17-13 in 293 innings with 399 strike outs.

This is a bit of a stretch since the Mariners had a very good year but Dan Wilson only hit .236/.279/.309.

Cleveland: The Indians put up an impressive offensive display---they led the league with 254 home runs and stolen bases with 179. Four pitchers—Albie Lopez (14), Rick Sutcliffe (13), Dave Burba (11) and Chad Ogea (10) put up double digit wins. Offensively, Sandy Alomar Jr. launched 26 home runs--.312/.356/.548. Jim Thome hit 39 home runs (.286/.411/.581), Albert Belle hit 45 home runs (.246/.282/.508), Brian Giles had 38 home runs (.300/.373/.579) and Manny Ramirez connected for 43 home runs (.298/.373/.563).

Charles Nagy struggled all year---he went 6-8 but had an ERA of 5.71/WHIP of 1.40 in 99 innings.

St. Louis: The 4 headed outfielders had decent years---Ray Lankford—30 home runs (.266/.357/.514), Jim Edmonds rebounded from a slow start hitting 33 home runs (.251/.308/.488), Brian Jordan---29 doubles/21 home runs (.267/.316/.435) and Bernard Gilkey (32 doubles, .273/.351/.385).

Luis Alicea had a tough year---.189/.296/.274 with 19 errors. Greg Colbrunn never got untracked---.090/.145/.103 in just 78 at bats. Bob Tewksbury allowed 351 hits in 280 innings pitched and lost 19 games.

Minnesota: Kirby Puckett was a shining star--.290/.355/.447) with 53 doubles.

It was a tough year for the Twins --they finished last in runs scored (630---266 less than league leading San Francisco) and last in runs allowed with 917---245 more than the league leading Seattle Mariners. Brad Radke and Kevin Tapani each lost 14 games while contributing 14 wins between the two of them. Rick Aguilera lost 10 games and had 9 blown saves—his ERA was 5.29/WHIP of 1.30.


The Mariners defeated the Yankees 4-1. The games were much closer than that—the last 4 games were one run games. The Mariners closed the Yankees out with an extra inning win.

The Athletics also defeated the Indians 4-1. The Athletics averaged just under 7 runs a game during the 5 game series. The Athletics launched 13 home runs in the 5 game series.

This set up a finals match up featuring the team with the best pitching based on ERA versus one of the top offensive teams in the league.

We need a replacement owner for the Yankees. If interested, please add your name to this thread. I will send you the roster sheet---please PM me your e-mail. Thanks!
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Re: Best of the 90s—v1-season wrap---and need replacement ow

PostFri May 19, 2023 12:20 pm

I've been reading the weekly updates and found them interesting. I'd like to give the Yankees a shot---can you send me the spreadsheet detailing the players?


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Re: Best of the 90s—v1-season wrap---and need replacement ow

PostFri May 19, 2023 12:31 pm

I've been reading the weekly updates and found them interesting. I'd like to give the Yankees a shot---can you send me the spreadsheet detailing the players?

Well--that was surprisingly quick---welcome aboard Kaiser--please PM me your e-mail--I will send you the roster file and the code for the league.


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Re: Best of the 90s---Season 1 update/wrap up of regular sea

PostFri May 19, 2023 1:18 pm

I sent my e-mail via a message----looking forward to the new season!


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Re: Best of the 90s---Season 1 update/wrap up of regular sea

PostSat May 27, 2023 5:32 pm

Here is the wrap up of season one----

East division winner: Yankees
Central division winner: Athletics
West division winner: Mariners
Wild card winner: Indians (west)

Playoff summary:

Mariners defeated Yankees 4-1—four of 5 games settled by one run

Athletics defeated Indians 4-1—Athletics scored 34 runs in the series—Indians scored 27


Season series—tied at 6 games each

Game 1: Athletics 10-5—(Pete Harnisch over Randy Johnson)

Game 2: Mariners defeat Athletics 8-3 (Reynoso over Moore)

Game 3: Athletics over Mariners 11-7 (Eckersley over Nelson)

Game 4: Mariners 9 Athletics 5 (Moyer over Reyes)

Game 5: Athletics 5 Mariners 2 (Harnisch over Nelson)

Game 6: Mariners 10 Athletics 4 (Abbott over Moore)

Game 7: Mariners 8 Athletics 1 (Hanson over Gross)

Season 2--rosters reverted to original player assignments--the following trades were made before the season started

Yankees: Traded Joe Girardi for Rich Becker (Twins)

Mike Stanley and Greg Cadaret to Cardinals for Felix Jose and Greg Colbrunn

Expos: Traded Mike Lansing, Tim Scott and Henry Rodriguez to Rangers for Will Clark

Braves:: Traded Steve Avery, Terry Pendleton, Ron Gant , Mark Wohlers and Mark Lemke to Twins for Chuck Knoblauch, Brad Radke, Jeff Reardon and Denny Hocking

The format for the update is: Season 1 summary/new owner/team they controlled in season 1/current record/player(s) off to good start/player struggling after 15 games.


Yankees—Won East 89-73—lost in first round of playoffs Now lead by: KaiserWill4 (took over from Manillacone who led the Cardinals)


Hot start: David Cone 3-1–28 IP, 35 ks

Not so hot: Danny Tartabull .189/.254/.283

Astros—86-76 season 1 Now lead by YCBill (Braves season 1)


Greg Swindell 4-0 1.42 era .88 whip

Craig Biggio .163/.328/.245

Expos— 75-87 season 1 Now lead by PBDailey (Indians season 1


Will Clark .352/.444/.537
Tim Wallach .177/.241/.235

Braves—83-79 season 1 Now lead by Burley Norseman (Astros season 1


Tom Glavine ERA of 1.10/ WHIP 1.16 in 32 innings pitched but only 1-3
David Justice .121/.203/.276 in 64 plate appearances


Reds—60-102 season 1 Now lead by Generationm1 (Athletics—lost Championship


Tom Browning/Pete Schourek/Jack Armstrong are a collective 5-0—Pete and Jack have allowed 4 runs in 20 innings

Chris Sabo—.196/.263/.373 in 56 plate appearances

Athletics-98-64 season 1 Now lead by Nol15736- (Reds season 1)


Mike Bordick—.327/.377/.406 in 59 pas

Mike Moore—0-3 7.33/2.04

Mark McGwire is on worst year based on injury reveal

Rangers 83-79 season 1 Now lead by JJB92 (Giants season 1)


Kevin Brown1-0 30 innings pitched—3 walks——30 k’s 2.70 ERA/.83 whip

Mike Lansing—.196/.255/.353 in 55 at bats

Giants 85-77 season 1 Now lead by Bigdinkent (Rangers season 1)


Glenallen Hill .409/.480/.955 3 doubles/3 home runs in 25 pa's

Saloman Torres 1-1 7.10 ERA 1.58 whip in 12 innings

Twins 52-110 season 1 Now lead by NewGuy1912 (Won championship)


Steve Avery, Kevin Tapani, John Dopson and Todd Stottlemyre are a collective 7-1. Eras of 1.41 1.17 4.50 and 2.84

Marty Cordova and Pedro Munoz are a collective 4-19 with one home run between them

Mariners 98-64 season 1 Now lead by Drabb9529 (Twins season 1)

Tino Martinez has launched 8 home runs in 70 pas. .303/343/.787

Erik Hanson who led season 1 in wins is 1-2 with a 6.17 era 1.37 whip

Indians/Guardians 89-73 season 1 (lost in first round of playoffs) Now lead by Fench33


Brian Giles has hit 7 home runs in 62 pas. .393/.444/.893

Pitching has been a challenge for the guardians. Rick Sutcliffe has an era of 7.08 whip of 1.97. despite those numbers, Rick is 3-0

Cardinals 74-88 season 1 Now lead by MFL536

The Cardinals have scored 57 runs---Brian Jordan and Mike Stanley have driven in 26 of those runs. Both Brian and Mike have 3 doubles and 3 home runs.

Bob Tewskberry, Jose Deleon and Joe Magrane are a collective 0-6 and Lee smith already has 3 blown saves

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