The concept of Baseball Daily (rant)

Our innovative Baseball Daily game- players cards change based on their real life performance

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The concept of Baseball Daily (rant)

PostThu Aug 03, 2023 6:12 pm

Well, I like what I envision the concept of Baseball Daily to be...however the game falls way short of the concept. It's nowhere as popular as it was even a year ago. It's easy to see why. I won't play it again after the tournament ends. Consider one example:

In actual real life baseball, pitcher Bryan Woo is one of 324 pitchers who has faced at least 90 right handed hitters. His OPS against is the very best of those 324 at .380 - HE'S ARGUABLY THE BEST RIGHT HANDED PITCHER IN MLB vs. RIGHT HANDED HITTERS!

Bryan Woo is one of 176 pitchers who have faced at least 90 left handed hitters. His OPS against is dead last, 176 out of 176 at 1.224 HE'S ARGUABLY THE WORST RIGHT HANDED PITCHER IN MLB vs. LEFT HANDED HITTERS!

Bryan Woo is every bit a 9R pitcher. Yet Baseball Daily rates him even. If you look at his card in a neutral park it's actually even slightly better vs lefties. I've read defenses that Baseball Daily uses some secret formula of past performance meshed in with current performance with an emphasis on most recent games. C'mon, Bryan Woo is a rookie. There's no past performance to factor in. This Strat offering is a borderline scam. There's no reward for any actual baseball knowledge. If you draft players based upon their L/R ratings, you're likely to not get what you think you're getting. You basically have to click through and view the quite possibly has no actual resemblance to the season it purports to represent or to the actual way it's labeled. Bryan Woo is hardly the only example.

Again, this could be so good...I love the concept. I like that BD makes me learn about players I normally wouldn't follow and check box scores I'd likely never check. I've learned a lot (in spite of the garbage cards foisted upon us) Rant over.

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Re: The concept of Baseball Daily (rant)

PostSat Aug 05, 2023 1:33 pm

Everything you say is correct for the most part. However I still find it a fun game, but you do have to read the cards as opposed to just checking the stats.

But I do agree that the game could,and should be greatly improved.

One last point, just because Brian Woo has been awful against lefties and great against righties does not mean that he will continue that way. He has those numbers in less than a third of a season and it is unlikely that his splits will continue to be so vastly different.


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Re: The concept of Baseball Daily (rant)

PostFri Sep 15, 2023 1:54 pm

Cory Seager is having an historically great season vs RHP for a SS: .355/.431/.718 - 1.149 OPS. (and in 273 AB's vs RH's so a full season's worth)

His card vs. RH's does not come close to reflecting (and he is the 10th highest priced SS) that (not to mention he has MORE extra base hits vs LHP on his card with 200 points less SLG vs LH's) and there are a plethora of cards where this is the case. The game was supposed to parallel the current season but it seems as if it is much more a base of the previous season with a sprinkling of the current one thrown in.

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